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Annie is a fat young woman who wants to change her life — but not her body. Annie is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent, and a perfectionist boss.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-03-15

Last Air Date 2021-05-07

Seasons 3

Episodes 22


TMDB 6.5


Meredith 's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "A quick 3hr binge on Hulu. Love Aidy Bryant and soundtrack is 🔥"

Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "A brilliant comedy! Aidy Bryant is a genius!"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Aidy was nominated for lead actress but Shrill wasn’t nominated for best show??"

Juanita Brown's profile image

juanita_brown_2834 shared a tip "Pretty boring while also being over the top ridiculous. I tried to get into it, but after three episodes, I'm over it."

Heather Merrill's profile image

heather_merrill_6612 shared a tip "Very funny show, down to earth main character"

Amanda Marchant McLain's profile image

amanda_marchant_mclain shared a tip "So good! I ate them up quick."

Kim Blanchard's profile image

kim_blanchard shared a tip "Wow can I relate to this woman. Empowering, humbling, funny and cute. I would be friends with this woman."

Jennifer Smythe's profile image

jennifer_sied shared a tip "This is one of the best body positivity shows out there, beat only by Dietland."

Heather Sink's profile image

heather_sink shared a tip "I watched it, but I felt like I HAD to watch it. It did not make me really laugh."

Karlie 's profile image

kcmarckx shared a tip "I really loved this show, I'm bummed that it was cancelled. Make up your own ending I guess lol"

Heather Smith's profile image

heather_smith_4667 shared a tip "Season 2 coming soon to Hulu. I cant wait! Aidy Bryant is hilarious."

Carl Walker's profile image

carl_walker_4083 shared a tip "It's great peek into the world of a big woman"

Hope 's profile image

Hope420 shared a tip "Very very inspiring"

Nikki L Brady's profile image

nikalynn shared a tip "Super cute show!"

El Di's profile image

el_di shared a tip "this is more Drama / comedy . I Liked It !"

Rachel Nicole's profile image

rachel_nicole_2834 shared a tip "Just light, fun & quirky"

mandy_lucas_7445 shared a tip "Pov"

cynthia_k_1459 shared a tip "Laugh out loud. Not the best acting, but definitely binge-worthy."

Tricha Misner's profile image

tricha_misner shared a tip "Hilarious and so good!"

Amy Smith's profile image

amy_smith_4751 shared a tip "Love !"

Laura Pierce's profile image

laura_pierce shared a tip "Shrill is unexpexted, well-written, ao funny and, at times, quite touching. I highly recommend! #comedy #offbeat"

diane_willinghan shared a tip "This tends to be a bit dark and sad."

Regina Trolman DeMelo's profile image

regina_trolman_demelo shared a tip "My Saturday night/ Sunday morning binge. Very light and easy going."

magen_beyer shared a tip "Love this"

Elisha Stam's profile image

elisha_stam shared a tip "So thoughtful and funny. We need more genuine shows like this"

shauna_jackson shared a tip "Representation. Fresh. Funny as hell!"

Em Fehr's profile image

em_fehr shared a tip "Season 2 was so addicting I watched it in a day"

Ashling Fielding's profile image

ashling_fielding shared a tip "SO great"

Sara Marie's profile image

sara_marie shared a tip "Yes! I really liked it. Empowering and funny!"

kat_macleod shared a tip "LOVED"

Stuart Taft's profile image

stuart_taft shared a tip "Fantastic!"

shawn_greenhill shared a tip "So unexpected, well done, funny, quirky and moving."

shawn_greenhill shared a tip "Amazing! Watch this - thank me later 🙂"

Breanna Fourie's profile image

breanna_fourie shared a tip "Funny romcom"

Heather Martin's profile image

heather_martin_7329 shared a tip "Love her!!"

Ola Potocka's profile image

ola_potocka shared a tip "Love this, not sure if there is a new season"

Meggan Rose's profile image

meggan_rose shared a tip "I love seeing plus size people included and this is an amazing show"

Jennifer Sheppard's profile image

swestiej shared a tip "Wonderful show! So funny and very relatable! ❤️"

Caitlin Stacy's profile image

caitlin_stacy shared a tip "Binged and LOVED IT! Can’t wait to watch the final season!"

cecelia_schwartz shared a tip "This is an empowering TV series on Hulu!"

Bre S's profile image

Bomb_Azz_Ladee shared a tip "I could relate to it"

Kayla Ramos's profile image

kayla_ramos_530 shared a tip "The main character is portrayed poorly. I honestly couldn’t stand her."

Sherri Fuller's profile image

sherri_fuller shared a tip "Love"

angela_nicholson shared a tip "Thought it was a great comedy, hoping for more seasons to be released"

Susan Keating's profile image

susan_keating shared a tip "Refreshing ~ great binge watch"

Moses Ayala's profile image

moses_ayala shared a tip "Very different"

Ashlee Day's profile image

ashlee_day shared a tip "So sad this show has had its last season but really loved it from start to finish"

Crystal Daigneault's profile image

crystal_daigneault shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show, very funny and relevant"

megan_ybarra shared a tip "This show is amazing! I’m heartbroken that it has ended. I want MORE!!!"

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