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Broad City follows two women throughout their daily lives in New York City, making the smallest and mundane events hysterical and disturbing to watch all at the same time.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-01-22

Last Air Date 2019-03-28

Seasons 5

Episodes 50


TMDB 7.5


Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "One of my all time faves. Love their portrayal of the mess that is your early 20s. I laugh out loud each episode"

hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Such a fun and quirky show!"

Avidan Baral's profile image

avidan shared a tip "#hottake: best show on Comedy Central."

Jess 's profile image

jessica_7565 shared a tip "Definitely one of the funniest & most relatable shows I’ve ever watched. I binge it all the time"

somechick73 .'s profile image

lylathewicked shared a tip "Yas queen."

Rachel 's profile image

rachel_6526 shared a tip "Another tale of two best friends who do dope ****. We all aspire to have a bond like these heroins."

sarah_malekyar shared a tip "Soooo good. Every episode is a gem."

Misty Williams's profile image

misty_williams_6380 shared a tip "Underappreciated hilarity. This is witty comedy. These two ladies are a great team. #comedy #worthy #watchit"

Elisa Machlitt's profile image

elisa_machlitt shared a tip "New girl!!!"

Isaiah 's profile image

isaiah_1689 shared a tip "This show was amazing until the last season..."

Troy Zaher's profile image

troy_zaher shared a tip "So funny"

Katie Burris's profile image

katie_burris_8095 shared a tip "Probably the first season"

Valerie Wolf's profile image

valerie_wolf shared a tip "This show is sooooo funny! I think it is one of (probably the best) funny shows ever created!"

emily_2939 shared a tip "Easily my favorite comedy show! 10/10 recommend!"

Sarah Lupis's profile image

sarah_lupis shared a tip "Pen15 was pretty good!"

zag_7501 shared a tip "One of my favorites that's kinda similar to "Broad City" is #Dollface on Hulu. I ❤ it!"

Destiny Morrell's profile image

destiny_morrell shared a tip "Personally i think this show is a riot, i recommend"

Blair Benites's profile image

blair_benites shared a tip "I lalalalalalalove this show. So relatable 🥰 me in my 20s"

Rosie 's profile image

rosie_panache shared a tip "Absolutely. Hilarious!"

Lilly Asche's profile image

lilly_asche shared a tip "It is by far one of my favorite shows. If you like this I recommend I’m sorry or fleabag."

Laura MacIntosh's profile image

laura_macintosh shared a tip "Absolutely!"

jacqueline_puoci shared a tip "I love the hilarious and weird friendship ilana and abbi have. Reminds me of my best friend and I"

Ariana Leilani's profile image

ariana_leilani shared a tip "I'm really into the show "Younger" right now! Love the New York publishing theme."

madeline_luna shared a tip "Yes! So funny!"

lilyana_blehm shared a tip "Hilarious. This show had me rolling and if you need a new comfort show this is it. 6 seasons whole seasons of laughs"

Michelle Ortega's profile image

michelle_ortega_7302 shared a tip "I watch this over and over, nwvwr gets old!!"

Michelle Ortega's profile image

michelle_ortega_7302 shared a tip "Never gets old!"

shawna_6694 shared a tip "Hilarious 20 somethings going on ah to be young and irresponsible"

erica_dennis shared a tip "LOVE THIS SHOW!"

casey_heenan_spino shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

emily_kidd_3908 shared a tip "All over hilarious show. As a older 20 something this is extremely relatable as it is entertaining."

Julia Whitman's profile image

julia_whitman shared a tip "One of the best shows out there!"

Riccardo the guinea pig's profile image

riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "The show is hilarious honestly one my favorite comedy shows like key & Peele."

Kasey Reed's profile image

kasey_reed_6875 shared a tip "LOOOOOOVE♡♡♡♡♡"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1597000340433 shared a tip "Hilarious Show! Currently on season 2"

Evan Teicher's profile image

evxxoo shared a tip "2 20-something’s crazy *** amazing jewish girl besties take on nyc"

Jess Kubitz's profile image

jess_kubitz shared a tip "Best to watch with you best friend!"

Brianna Reid's profile image

brianna_reid shared a tip "Liiiiiiterally *ilana voice* the best show ever. Talk about a show I can watch over and over and freaking over. YAAAAS KWEEN!"

Zach David's profile image

zach_david shared a tip "YAS KWEEN"

Ashley Merk's profile image

ashley_merk shared a tip "The characters are hilarious and real!"

M Peacock's profile image

m_peacock shared a tip "Love this. Never stops being funny. This is my go to to watch when we have a flight."

Damion McManus's profile image

damion_mcmanus shared a tip "This show is absolutely amazing and sorta tear jerking. Great watch! #girlpower #jewish #jewess"

mari_2835 shared a tip "I loveeeeee this show!!"

billy_de_barbarac shared a tip "Funniest stoner show ever. #stoner_comedy"

Aubrey Folck's profile image

aubrey_folck shared a tip "Each episode brings something new. The show is so unexpected yet relatable!"

Arianne Burtaine's profile image

arianne_burtaine shared a tip "I am already rewatching episodes of this Seinfeld like show about friendship and nothing."

Joyce DeAndrea's profile image

joyce_deandrea shared a tip "My go to show for a good laugh."

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