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The sitcom is centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon's equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, mechanical engineer Howard

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-09-24

Last Air Date 2019-05-16

Seasons 12

Episodes 279


TMDB 7.7


Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "One of the few really clever comedies left on network tv"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "This is truly one of those shows where when nothing else is on, your content with watching re-runs."

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Who doesn't know a Sheldon??"

Matthew Unterreiner's profile image

Quilee shared a tip "The first show that at least tries to cater to my people... they miss the mark on exactly who we are, but still a fun watch!"

marsha_brunswick shared a tip "The best!"

cyber_auron shared a tip "Love this show"

Ivette Baez's profile image

ivette_baez shared a tip "Hysterical show!"

Beverly Vriesema's profile image

wkdcateyesoh1 shared a tip "Definitely hilarious"

chris_wessells shared a tip "One of my all time favorite TV shows."

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "I am a mix of many of these characters"

Heather Weitoish's profile image

heather_weitoish84 shared a tip "Great show very funny"

kay_binder shared a tip "I enjoy this show"

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "Your favorite nerd ensemble."

Elizabeth Lowe's profile image

elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "I am sheldon I act like him so much"

pookerbug13 shared a tip "One of my favs"

S Fischer's profile image

s_fischer shared a tip "haven’t seen it all but from what I have, it’s really good"

sapphire_yau shared a tip "This show was so funny"

Cathie Krzywon's profile image

cathie_krzywon shared a tip "Best comedy since Seinfeld"

Keslake Raymond's profile image

keslake_raymond shared a tip "Sanford actual final episode I want to watch it"

Keslake Raymond's profile image

keslake_raymond shared a tip "Funny show I haven't seen the last episode yet"

Frank Sims's profile image

frank_sims shared a tip "Yes, i am a software engineer so i completely feel like ive lived a lot of these moments LOL"

Jennifer Blimka's profile image

jennifer_blimka shared a tip "I really wish this was on Hulu or Netflix!"

Charles Sparks's profile image

charles_sparks_1260 shared a tip "Great"

Howard Decker's profile image

howard_decker shared a tip "All of them. They are better in reruns."

Ben 's profile image

ben_5315 shared a tip "Didn't get there yet, working on it lol"

Little Angels's profile image

little_angels shared a tip "You'll grow to love it lol."

Sean Wolfe's profile image

sean_wolfe shared a tip "This is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched i was really upset to see it end"

Buckeye_Unicorn shared a tip "Funny"

Sarah Geyer's profile image

sarah_geyer shared a tip "This is a Fun sitcom!"

Sreekanth K's profile image

sreekanth_k shared a tip "Yasss,... amazing acting skills"

linda_thimpson shared a tip "8 hilarious seasons that make you laugh."

Wayne Cahill's profile image

wayne_cahill shared a tip "I love then all. Each one makes me laugh"

Betsy Sazo's profile image

betsy_sazo shared a tip "I am obsessed with this show. Bought all the seasons! You have good taste ☺️"

Ashley Cranmer's profile image

ashley_cranmer shared a tip "Great show! Crave only has seasons 1-8, not all of them."

Lou Middleton's profile image

lou_middleton shared a tip "Wow!! Hard to pick"

Isabelle Touhey's profile image

isabelle_touhey shared a tip "10+"

Tanisha Hammond's profile image

tanisha_hammond shared a tip ""

tina_5108 shared a tip "I haven't seen the last season"

Diane Orange 's profile image

diane_orange shared a tip "Be prepared to laugh in massive amounts."

idk give me a name's profile image

idk_give_me_a_name shared a tip "It would be cool"

Jaden Murphy's profile image

jaden_murphy_9424 shared a tip "Sheldon he always makes me laugh"

annette_rivera shared a tip "Cleverly written show with insanely great acting."

Leilani Nielsen's profile image

leilani_nielsen shared a tip "Yes!"

Vanessa  Chavez's profile image

vanessa_chavez_7194 shared a tip "totally. it’s hilarious"

Tammi Tuthill's profile image

woodwind shared a tip "Nerds navigating thru life"

Cynthia Lopez's profile image

clopez shared a tip "Nerdy show but addicting! Love Shelton’s sarcasm!"

Aaron Laforge's profile image

aaron_laforge shared a tip "I loved it just sad that it had to end"

Carol Hudson's profile image

carol_hudson shared a tip "Could watch this every night and never tire of it! Brilliant writers!"

Jennifer Sharp's profile image

jennifer_sharp shared a tip "Love!! Hilarious!! Highly recommend."

teresa_bronson shared a tip "There are so many great ones."

Zoheb Chirammal's profile image

zoheb_chirammal shared a tip "I loved the one where Sheldon's sister visits him. Howard was just hilarious in that episode."

cyndi tornetta's profile image

cyndi_tornetta shared a tip "Penny"

Mitch Turitz's profile image

mitch_turitz shared a tip "Best comedy series ever. I was sorry to see it end."

Mitch Turitz's profile image

mitch_turitz shared a tip "#sheldon"

Matthew Martin's profile image

matthew_martin_4638 shared a tip "Not just one. Every episode had a favorite part."

Lisa Lewis's profile image

lisa_lewis_1098 shared a tip "Amy and Sheldon"

Meghan Thompson's profile image

meghan_thompson shared a tip "I love Sheldon. How about you?"

Rachel Forman's profile image

rachel_forman shared a tip "I have yet to watch the show full way through so I have not seen all the episodes"

Emily Taylor's profile image

emily_taylor_3653 shared a tip "Very funny with lots of episodes and seasons!㋛︎"

Nicole Buckley 's profile image

nicole_buckley_8337 shared a tip "Sheldon and Leonard make me laugh during every episode! I loved the episode where they were playing pictionary!"

Valerie Akin's profile image

valerie_akin shared a tip "I love Sheldon and Amy. I honestly love the entire cast!"

katelyn_harris_2356 shared a tip "Definitely penny"

Braeden Lewis's profile image

braeden_lewis shared a tip "All of them"

ramiyah_todd shared a tip "This show has 12 season and they are funny and entertaining!!"

Sandy Oswald's profile image

sandy_oswald shared a tip "Never missed an episode"

Jaday Buckley's profile image

jaday_buckley shared a tip "Oh Sheldon"

Laura Harris's profile image

laura_harris_8748 shared a tip "Don't really have one specific there all good"

Avery Catherine's profile image

avery_catherine_1136 shared a tip "I was never able to watch all of the seasons, but 1-4 were great!"

Naman Narang's profile image

naman_narang shared a tip "This show is a lifeline, I wish it was still running"

Angel Noe's profile image

angel_noe shared a tip "Sheldon! ❤️"

Donna Hardesty's profile image

donna_hardesty shared a tip "Epic love it"

hussaei_shakhn shared a tip "I like it so much"

Roman Abbas's profile image

roman_abbas shared a tip "One of my all-time favourite shows!"

Jason Theodoroff's profile image

jason_theodoroff shared a tip "Sheldon for president"

Stacey Rosseel's profile image

stacey_rosseel shared a tip "One of my favourites"

jennifer_hunter_5485 shared a tip "Great show!"

crystalin shared a tip "Personally I love the show Bates Motel on Netflix, I finished it all and it was fantastic!"

Rejereca 's profile image

rejereca shared a tip "My fav character is Sheldon 😁"

jack pronol's profile image

jack_pronol shared a tip "The best sitcom comedy in my entire life"

Autumn Putnam's profile image

autumn_putnam shared a tip "Couldn't stop laughing."

sue_aderhold shared a tip "Absolutely! Very funny. One of my favorites."

Malala Yousafzai's profile image

malala shared a tip "[Source:]"

Kaela K's profile image

kaela_k shared a tip "Raj. U?"

Lori Way-Casullo's profile image

lori_way-casullo shared a tip "Joey"

Jennifer Salembier's profile image

jennifer_salembier shared a tip "Love this show"

Norm Keillor's profile image

norm_keillor shared a tip "The finale"

judy_trogadis shared a tip "Have seen all episodes many times"

alfie305 's profile image

alfie305 shared a tip "Sheldon and Amy of course 🤨"

Rathin Parekh's profile image

rathin_parekh shared a tip "This is one such show, where you can't hate anyone, but my fav fav would be Sheldon and penny"

jamie_croft shared a tip "Believe it or not I think Howie is hilarious"

Annalise Vito's profile image

annalise_vito shared a tip "Sheldon always cracks me up"

Caryn Olshansky's profile image

caryn_olshansky shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite shows!"

mastermax922 shared a tip "LOVE this show. Definately my favorite show in a long ass time"

Samantha 's profile image

samantha_7030 shared a tip "I haven’t gotten to the end yet, but i hope it’s good!"

judith_walton shared a tip "I have all 12 seasons on DVD."

ZackvPlayz 's profile image

zackvplayz shared a tip "Repic movie"

Tracy Jackson's profile image

tracy_jackson_2825 shared a tip "Funny"

Heather Ross's profile image

heather_ross_8082 shared a tip "Amy Farrah Fowler: no doubt!"

KHADEIJAH MANKA's profile image

khadeijah_manka shared a tip "Favorite show"

Sawyer Husted's profile image

sawyer_husted shared a tip "funny"

Luis Maldonado's profile image

luis_maldonado_979 shared a tip "The best"

Malin Freeman's profile image

malin_freeman shared a tip "Always good for a few laughs. Miss this show."

Cole Morrow's profile image

cole_morrow shared a tip "8/10"

Samantha Ten Napel's profile image

samantha_ten_napel_3374 shared a tip "Of course Amy"

Lysanne Thibault's profile image

lysanne_thibault shared a tip "It is 😱😍 I've started Young Sheldon too and I'm up to date, higly recommand it! Is there another one? 👀"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1615302615151 shared a tip "Hilarious !"

Epic_ Ender1's profile image

epic__ender1 shared a tip "Funny and something you could binge watch with some snack all night"

brian_lawrence_1818 shared a tip "Have you seen Silicon Valley?!?"

Samantha Ball's profile image

samantha_ball_4464 shared a tip "This is the funniest thing ever!!!"

kat_cribb shared a tip "Light hearted & hilarious"

Erin 's profile image

erin_4128 shared a tip "I enjoy it the humor may not be for some but I'm very fond of this show especially all of Sheldon's quirks"

Valeria Ali's profile image

valeria_ali shared a tip "You are going to find it a very funny show if you like science and geek about it! The characters are super fun too."

Christina Dee's profile image

christina_dee shared a tip "Very much"

Nolan Wolff's profile image

nolan_wolff shared a tip "It was very funny."

warren_hagy shared a tip "Funny"

Lissette Aguirre's profile image

lissette_aguirre shared a tip "Hilarious"

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