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“This funny and fresh take on a classic tale manages to comment on gender roles, racial disparities, and white privilege all while creeping me all the way out. So good.”—Zakiya Dalila Harris, author of The Other Black GirlSteel Magnolias meets Dracula in this New York Times best-selling horror novel

Author Grady Hendrix

Pages 408

Publisher Quirk Books

Published Date 2020-04-07

ISBN 168369144X 9781683691440

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sarah_brown_5943 shared a tip "Also the rape plotlines are WAY too much, voyeuristic shock scenes that don't mean anything."

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megan_bender_8292 shared a tip "So good. I didn’t want to put it down!"

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brandi_always_reading shared a tip "Slow read. Lots of character growth. Some pretty gory parts. There is a scene with rats that could give anyone nightmares."

Charles Moore's profile image

charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "What an enjoyable read. An interesting take on Vampires and housewives. Funny and exciting."

Erin Doucette's profile image

erin_doucette shared a tip "Enjoyed this! It wasn’t what I expected, but I still think about it and recommend it. Very good."

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#horror #supernatural #vampires #thrillers #90s"

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kolika_simmons shared a tip "Terrifying. Infuriating. Visceral. Hilarious. I loved every character."

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jamie_evans_3884 shared a tip "I thoroughly enjoyed this book"

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erin_eddington shared a tip "This was a fun new take on vampires."

mady_thompson_3573 shared a tip "Super different book but a cute revamp of the old school stereotype of southern moms"

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bianca_marie_967 shared a tip "An absolute must read that keeps the tension and turns going until the very end! 10/10"

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LosAngalex shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

LosAngalex 's profile image

LosAngalex shared a tip "Done 6/4"

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lauren_posey shared a tip "This is the second book I’ve read by this author and now I’m completely addicted. This book is awesome."

Valerie Leach's profile image

valerie_leach shared a tip "I enjoyed this book, however, I found it slow and wanted something a little more from it."

savanna_bailey shared a tip "Boring, characters sucked"

Connie Beach's profile image

connie_beach_9506 shared a tip "A fun read"

cyndi_elliott shared a tip "It’s so twisted it was hard to put fown"

Jasmine Mills's profile image

jasmine_mills shared a tip "I wasn't sure what I was expecting from this book but it is such an empowering story and a great read."

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meagan_souza shared a tip "So good but definitely disturbing. Check trigger warnings before going in."

Maudie Bro's profile image

maudie_bro shared a tip "Very good book! Loved it!"

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sarah_burke_8474 shared a tip "10/10"

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amber_sanchez_5310 shared a tip "Loved every second of this book. # book club goals"

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gayan_hutchinson shared a tip "This book was so inventive amd also very funny."

Erika Grover's profile image

erika_grover shared a tip "LOVED IT"

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SpeedyGonzaLiz shared a tip "A wonderful and unique story. At first, I thought it was going to fall into the white savior trope, but hang in there!"

Nadia McKernan's profile image

nadia_mckernan shared a tip "Such a fun read"

Erin Gray's profile image

erin_gray_7709 shared a tip "I loved this book! There is so much more to this book than what the title tells you. Highly recommend!"

Renae Burks's profile image

renae_burks shared a tip "Such a great read. Easy to read, hard to put down. Dracula meets the 90s South. It is such a fun catchy read."

Sarah Goebler's profile image

sarah_goebler shared a tip "Fun read, but definitely check trigger warnings before hand."

tristin_hanson shared a tip "I loved this book !!! Funny , scary , and chilling"

Shelly Robinson's profile image

shelly_robinson shared a tip "Light hearted without being mindless fluff. Can't wait to try another of his books."

Cat Baker's profile image

catherine_baker_2446 shared a tip "The best book that I’ve read in a good while. #gradyhendrix is a master of building suspense and character investment."

Rebecca McFarling's profile image

rebecca_mcfarling shared a tip "Nice twist on a classic vampire tale."

s.jay_dunbar shared a tip "Twists and turns and southern geniality. It reveals a new perspective on crime, both the contributors, bystanders, and victims."

Virginia Scarre's profile image

virginia_scarre shared a tip "Soooo good! Another of his novels, “ My Best Friend’s Exorcism” is even better!"

kaitlyn_descant shared a tip "Funny, but very willing to explore the darker themes of Vampires and of things such as gaslighting and emotional neglect!"

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renae_davis shared a tip "This was awesome! Couldnt put it down and when I did couldnt stop thinking about it#supernatural #thrillers #horror"

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kat_kleeberger shared a tip "First time reading this author but I thought it was a good read."

A.C Rooks's profile image

a.c_rooks shared a tip "This book is PHENOMENAL. So captivating. I could not put it down!"

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rebecca_barron_3337 shared a tip "Funny! 9/10"

Bailey Ford's profile image

bailey_ford_7688 shared a tip "Amazing read!!"

Betsy Putnam's profile image

betsy_putnam shared a tip "Southern ladies and their knee pads ✨🍑✨"

Cody Rose's profile image

cody_rose shared a tip "@kristen_kellar This looks fun"

Cody Rose's profile image

cody_rose shared a tip "@kristen_kellar after reading the comments you may not be into it 😬"

ckjadams 's profile image

ckjadams shared a tip "Its like a vampire was set loose on an episode of desperate housewives."

taylor_liggett shared a tip "???"

Anella Cartmill's profile image

anella_cartmill shared a tip "Different. Funny. Creepy. Suspensful in that *you know whats going to happen, but you dont know when* kind of way."

Kacie Quiterio's profile image

kacie_quiterio shared a tip "Slow build.. could have been shorte"

susan_mabry shared a tip "Great spooky read right before Halloween!"

Lauren Headrick's profile image

lauren_headrick shared a tip "Great and thrilling!!!! I listened to this via audiobook. Very scary reminded me of scary campfire stories"

angela_klouchek shared a tip "Actual horror"

cristi_wood shared a tip "Yes#"

John Meadows's profile image

john_meadows shared a tip "Grady Hendrix has quickly become my favorite horror author. So good!"

Alex Pellikaan's profile image

alex_pellikaan_8694 shared a tip "This book got me into the horror genre. Vampires are actually scary in this."

Danielle Arceneaux's profile image

danielle_arceneaux_429 shared a tip "Very relatable for millennial moms. Good humor. Easy to enjoy. Give it a try!"

Kayleigh McKee's profile image

kayleigh_mckee shared a tip "SO good! Grady hendrix just gets authentic horror."

ananda_kendall shared a tip "Such a fun read! My fav might be The brain that changes itself. I keep going back to it."

Brianna Treusch's profile image

brianna_treusch shared a tip "I think so! I really enjoyed it. It's a real rollercoaster"

Zi Howard's profile image

zi_howard shared a tip "It's quickly become one of my favorites!! The imagery and story arc is wonderful!!"

Amy Albers's profile image

amy_albers shared a tip "It was detailed, gory, and a great read!"

Claire Foley's profile image

claire_foley shared a tip "Loved this book. Couldn't put it down"

Megan McKee's profile image

megan_mckee_742 shared a tip "I couldn't put it down!! Finished in three days!"

macy_mcdonald_5807 shared a tip "Every time I thought I had it figured out, there was more."

Marco Barrera's profile image

marco_barrera shared a tip "This book will hypnotize you and keep you on the edge of your seat"

Heidi Gonzalez's profile image

heidi_gonzalez_9661 shared a tip "Creepy - great read"

WWFix 's profile image

wwfix shared a tip "Funny and well written, with lots of interesting friendships, while still being very suspenseful and scary."

erin_allen_5099 shared a tip "Seriously my favorite author right now — fabulous read! #yougoladies #bookclub #southernersunite"

Danielle Cabrera's profile image

danielle_cabrera_5864 shared a tip "It was a fun read and not your typical vampire book"

Allyssia Keeling's profile image

allyssia_keeling shared a tip "Great weekend read"

shannon_felli shared a tip "This book is so good! I couldn’t put it down! #horror #spooky #crime_and_mystery"

tarynne_kinghorn shared a tip "The perfect October read!! Really really enjoyed this one"

Katie Salmans's profile image

katie_salmans shared a tip "Weird but so good!"

Robin Nancarrow's profile image

robin_nancarrow shared a tip "Fun, easy read that made you feel like you were really there with the characters and that they could really be your neighbors"

Madison Morris's profile image

madison_morris_1701 shared a tip "This was a very good book a little slow but it's still very very good!"

phantimbo boto's profile image

phantimbo_boto shared a tip "A total page turner. I ended up finishing it in one day because I just couldn't put it down."

Kimberly Trine's profile image

kimberly_trine shared a tip "Unpredictable and tense at times, a good thriller!"

stephanie_mercado_7050 shared a tip "Loved everything about this book. The mothers are bad ass."

W MARTIN's profile image

w_martin shared a tip "Going to look for more from this author. Really enjoyed it!"

sabrina_merrill shared a tip "This book was funny, frustrating, and relatable in ways I was not expecting. I got so invested that I finished it in one night."

athena_hooks shared a tip "⭐️⭐️"

Abigail 's profile image

abigail_minner_ shared a tip "Really amazing book. Not your typical vampire story. Truly horrific and terrifying"

Raine Lipscher's profile image

raine_lipscher shared a tip "One of my favorite books I’ve read this year!!!! So so good - chilling and suspenseful"

Sarah Roy's profile image

sarah_roy_5439 shared a tip "Funny, thrilling and just simply entertaining"

Katie Spencer's profile image

katie_spencer_4470 shared a tip "Good easy read"

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