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From New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Douglas, comes a new standalone!Three of them, one of her, and a remote cabin in the woods. Let the hot, winter nights ensue...Tiernan de Haas doesn't care about anything anymore. The only child of a film producer and his starlet wife, she's grown up

Author Penelope Douglas

Pages 485

Publisher Independently Published

Published Date 2020-01-13

ISBN 1660089050 9781660089055

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Jennalyn clow's profile image

jennalyn_clow shared a tip "Extra spicy"

bookwormjammie shared a tip "Wow… i need to talk about it cause damnnnnn"

Adriana M's profile image

adriana_m_258 shared a tip "...very interesting but such a good plot"

Melanie 's profile image

melaniee shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️ 3/3 🔥"

Julie 's profile image

julie_1536 shared a tip "Could not put this book down!"

Nat 's profile image

nat.aliee shared a tip "READ. IT. NOW."

Cheyanne Willms's profile image

cheyanne_willms shared a tip "Well written. Loved the love triangle"

desire_oseitutu shared a tip "This book has me questioning who I am and i love it !!"

ashley_4116 shared a tip "Didn’t love it,but also didn’t hate it"

mia_7082 shared a tip "i’m reading the shatter me series. you?"

Sara Pretty Weasel's profile image

sara_pretty_weasel shared a tip "Read this book so fast! Loved the plot and the spice 🔥🔥"

Lucy Hatcher's profile image

lucy_hatcher shared a tip "Spicy and a great read! Penelope Douglas really knows how to write a book! I couldn't put it down!"

Kimberly 's profile image

_5746 shared a tip "I kept saying wtf the whole time but I enjoyed it lol #romance #agegap #steamy #taboo"

jo_cooper shared a tip "It was like a fever dream. The ending was amazing! The bonus scene made me want to read the book all over. Definitely in my top 5"

Christine Smith 's profile image

smithcj shared a tip "Loved this book. Don’t get me wrong some parts were unrealistic and a little weird but other than that a really good read"

Kim Brianna's profile image

kim_brianna shared a tip "I really liked it but their relationships was weird but it’s good. LOL"

Lan-Phuong Zelenka's profile image

lan-phuong_zelenka shared a tip "Roller coaster ride. Book is soooooo bad but sooooo good at the same time. Page turner lol"

elisa_giusti shared a tip "This book. Had me thinking about it for months after"

kathi_5659 shared a tip "Just a good book and unexpected!"

brandy_medrano shared a tip "Very good…very 🔥"

Chrystal Heinz's profile image

chrystal_heinz shared a tip "Wow what a book!!"

Emma 's profile image

emma_2996 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS BOOK MORE THAN MYSLEF. seriously BEST book I've read in a WHILE."

willow 's profile image

nataliarendon shared a tip "definitely now what i’m used to but it’s so good i got hooked!"

Alexandra Beltran's profile image

alexandra_beltran_613 shared a tip "I love that they can still have family movie nights even though they have a love and hate relationship 😏🙃"

Victoria Watts's profile image

victoria_watts_3621 shared a tip "Great story, fell into the characters and in to another life. Would recommend!"

Jenna Aliers's profile image

jenna_aliers shared a tip "I don’t have an all time fav cause I love so many but my latest fav is Drive by Kate Stewart ☺️"

Ibriz♕ 's profile image

ibriz shared a tip "I’m just finished The Newspaper Nanny and absolutely loved it! but very different from this"

joelyn_onyekachi shared a tip "Me too! Read the untouchables it’s a bit darker but still good"

Olivia Vose's profile image

olivia_vose_7561 shared a tip "What a page turner! Read it in one sitting because I had to see what happened. I couldn't help myself"

cory_acklin shared a tip "Loved this book."

LiNa Zheng's profile image

lina_zheng shared a tip "🌶🌶🌶"

Leviah Nixon's profile image

leviah_nixon shared a tip "It’s the best cook for a weekend trip💖"

Claudia Nowak's profile image

claudia_nowak shared a tip "Left me speechless and wanting more. Many plot twist. But not for everyone with the relationships."

Chimene Kirkpatrick's profile image

chimene_kirkpatrick shared a tip "🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶5/5 spicy, but the relationship dynamics were a little uncomfortable for me"

Addie Wozniak's profile image

addie_wozniak shared a tip "again absolutely loved it"

Marissa Shamblin's profile image

marissa_shamblin shared a tip "Finished it in two days. The ending mad me furious but then Penelope Douglas makes up for it."

Kayla Wala's profile image

kayla_wala shared a tip "This book was just amazing . It was steamy and really touched the heart . You will not regret it ."

Cassidy Crawford's profile image

cassidy_crawford shared a tip "i loved the ending."

megan_mcnett shared a tip "This was my first Penelope Douglass book and I read it on one day 😅 sooo good!"

jocelyn_andrews_11 shared a tip "My favorite book! Must read!!!"

Madelyn Watson's profile image

madelyn_watson shared a tip "Super spicy"

Maggie Hokanson's profile image

maggieslibraryyx shared a tip "Kaleb 🥰❤️‍🩹"

Jamie Johnson's profile image

jamie_johnson_9502 shared a tip "Kaleb supremacy idgaf 😎"

tori_best_3890 shared a tip "I definitely say it is!"

jordan_schwiesow shared a tip "so good"

Cydney Marsh's profile image

cyddmarsh shared a tip "This is the best book I’ve ever read."

trevena_morcos shared a tip "The plot the twists and super nice way of writing the point of view was third person overall such a nice book"

Rae 's profile image

gray_m shared a tip "Thank you ! I added it to my reading lisT"

Taylor Hart's profile image

hearttaylorhart shared a tip "Absolutely loved! The spice was there, but also the tears were too 🥲"

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