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Relive the sensuality, the romance and the drama of Fifty Shades Freed through the thoughts, reflections and dreams of Christian Grey. Look for FREED: Fifty Shades as Told by Christian, available for pre-order now.MORE THAN 150 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE Now in hardcover, with a silk ribbon marke

Author E. L. James

Pages 514

Publisher Doubleday, a division of Random House, Incorporated

Published Date 2013-01-29

ISBN 0385537670 9780385537674

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Elizabeth Sanders's profile image

elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "I give this book 5stars. I love this series. I love the characters. I have read this book 7 or 8 times it never gets old"

Jennifer Wilson's profile image

jennifer_wilson shared a tip "Time-killing ****🤣"

Jody Gardner's profile image

jody_gardner shared a tip "No I don't recommend it lmao"

Jennifer Fritz's profile image

jennifer_fritz shared a tip "Simply trash, not worth the paper it's printed on"

Sherri Maserang's profile image

sherri_maserang shared a tip "Worth the read #romance"

Erin Schock's profile image

erin_schock shared a tip "The writing is garbage."

KHKH shared a tip "The worst! The terrible writing made me uncomfortable & embarrassed, not the subject matter."

olivia stevens's profile image

olivia_stevens_5329 shared a tip "first book that actually had so much **** in it. i read all of the books and i love them all in my own way."

stephanie_carpentier shared a tip "Steamy.."

najah pratt's profile image

najah_pratt shared a tip "This was a good read 😍"

riana- shared a tip "lol dangit I did not read this book and can’t undo it."

Selena Carranza's profile image

selena_carranza shared a tip "Huhyeahhhh"

Ayalvis Abreu's profile image

ayalvis_abreu shared a tip "No: i need something to read. Do you?"

tamara_carnes shared a tip "It's been so long since I read it....I couldn't say"

Norma Crites-Pearlstein's profile image

norma_crites-pearlstein shared a tip "I sure have!"

Estefi Maldonado's profile image

estefi_maldonado shared a tip "The story of Ana and Christian"

Lhaya Athill's profile image

lhaya_athill shared a tip "Its my favorite book series"

maddy_howe_8976 shared a tip "#swag"

taylor_roach_206 shared a tip "I think everyone knows what this is about so 18+"

alyssa osbourne's profile image

alyssa_osbourne shared a tip "I didn’t have a favorite part. I loved the entire book!"

Valerie Cruz's profile image

valerie_cruz_1066 shared a tip "I really like the The Marked man series by Jay Crownover and the Boston Underworld series by A. Zavarelli"

Jasmine Thrush's profile image

jasmine_thrush shared a tip "The beginning would've had to be my favorite part. How they met..."

kelsey_ehler shared a tip "I’ve never seen sex the same way since reading!"

Livis Rodriguez-Arias's profile image

livis_rodriguez-ari shared a tip "Is one of the best books to read and let your imagination fly"

Kaylee Frederick's profile image

kaylee_frederick_4298 shared a tip "Hi there! I just started the addicted series and so far it's good!"

Alexandria Rosten's profile image

alexandria_rosten shared a tip "they have the 3 books out from Christians point of view but other than that I dont think so."

Melissa Hoch's profile image

melissa_hoch shared a tip "Oh, good question....I haven't given it much thought honestly. My immediate awnser is NO. I liked it."

Melissa Hoch's profile image

melissa_hoch shared a tip "You?"

Maddy 's profile image

maddy_9570 shared a tip "Steamy"

Marla Marzolf's profile image

marla_marzolf shared a tip "Lovedddd"

Deborah Smith's profile image

deborah_smith_2308 shared a tip "Very good story line loved reading it"

jennifer_yockey shared a tip "You’re welcome 😁"

Devin Nickell's profile image

devin_nickell shared a tip "Bleh"

Avery Adcock's profile image

avery_adcock shared a tip "Definitely! El James has some of most well written pieces. This book can be a little dark but nothing to bad."

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