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From the Academy Award®-winning actor, an unconventional memoir filled with raucous stories, outlaw wisdom, and lessons learned the hard way about living with greater satisfaction.I've been in this life for fifty years, been trying to work out its riddle for forty-two, and been keeping diaries of cl

Author Matthew McConaughey

Pages 304

Publisher Headline

Published Date 2020-10-20

ISBN 1472280857 9781472280855


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Jackie.Davidson shared a tip "This was a fun audiobook, and a thoughtful, introspective look into his life and life philosophy."

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william_crawford shared a tip "Just finished it. Awesome book"

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susie_saska_taylor shared a tip "Amazing! I laughed, I cried, I read it twice in a week. Such an inspiring memoir!"

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gina_leone shared a tip "Excellent- part celebrity memoir part positive thinking. Always looking up"

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lesa_riczo shared a tip "Cadence, storytelling & down to earth values."

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tamara_dillard shared a tip "If you haven't read this yet, you are missing something. I was surprised of how good it was!! #alrightalrightalright"

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marla_ezzell_warren shared a tip "The audio version is absolutely fantastic!"

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brandi_lamoureux shared a tip "Laugh out loud good!he is a weird dude, but a great storyteller. I adored this book"

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jenna_hatfield_5338 shared a tip "My first book of 2021 and I love it"

believe shared a tip "Love love love this book! It has you smiling, laughing and learning along the way! Just brilliant"

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amitanshu_jha shared a tip "Keep Livin"

Amitanshu Jha's profile image

amitanshu_jha shared a tip "Open and honest #autobiography"

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jennie_damron shared a tip "I liked learning more about the actor I admire."

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heather_techlin shared a tip "Love this book!"

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angie_keel_schnick shared a tip "So interesting. I felt like I was part of his story. Never a dull moment!"

Kelsie Zollinger Hasleton's profile image

kelsie_zollinger_ha shared a tip "A little goofy for my taste but appreciated the authenticity"

antonio_corbo shared a tip "Was an incredible story of solid decision making and genuine curiosity."

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jaime_shriner shared a tip "I listened to this one. Loved that he was the narrator. Fun and interesting storytime with Matthew in his lovely voice."

jenny_7032 shared a tip "This is particularly good On Audible as he reads it"

summer_wheat shared a tip "Gave me a brand new perspective on life. Really recommend this to people in their 20s to encourage them on this new perspective."

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big_ern shared a tip "Loved it! Mathew is the man! I can listen to him talk all day long!"

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jessica_jones_832 shared a tip "He is such a great actor and it was interesting to learn how he got where he is today."

marilyn_jordan shared a tip "Everythinf"

heather_walton_6307 shared a tip "Funny, enlightening, entertaining, motivational. My first biography and definitely added to my love of Matthew"

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tanya_giroux shared a tip "He is a master storyteller! Loved it"

charlie_lucente shared a tip "Loved this book. Fantastic backdrop of mcconaugheys road to fame but also what makes him awesome."

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nicole_ballard shared a tip "The audiobook is so good, as Matthew is the narrater."

beth_kennedy_5381 shared a tip "It wasn’t bad, but I just couldn’t get into it."

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tracee_vega shared a tip "Fantastic book. This is definitely one to listen to"

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samantha_jean shared a tip "This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!"

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vanessa_694 shared a tip "I liked this book because they way he tells his life. And they raw way he describes everything i love it."

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duke_grand shared a tip "I do not appreciate autobiographies, butnI really enjoyed this! I definitely would recommend."

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jessica_dickens shared a tip "Highly recommend listening to this instead of reading it"

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lenstr shared a tip "I have this as a audio book narrated by Matthew and I have to say, it’s amazing!!!"

carol_3760 shared a tip "McConaughey’s life interesting to the very end!"

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madison_hagar shared a tip "If you like Matthew McConaughey, you’ll like it. If you don’t like him, you won’t like it." 's profile image shared a tip "I thought the audiobook that is narrated by Matthew, himself, just put a little more icing on the cake!"

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amy_higgins_1385 shared a tip "I honestly liked hearing about his travels and how the made him who he is, it really made me realize how relative he is."

Sina Charles's profile image

sina_charles shared a tip "A funny book that’s brutally honest and inspiring. I love the mindset of Matthew and will definitely read this book again."

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rachel_breeding shared a tip "I enjoyed reading about McConaughy through his own experiences and things."

dina_giddio shared a tip "Read it back-to-back with Willie Nelson’s ME AND SISTER BOBBIE."

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branden_currie shared a tip "This man has lived an insane life and his ability to translate it into words is poetic and incredible"

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sean_brock shared a tip "Great read"

bookiej shared a tip "Loved the audio version, he reads it! His life is so interesting."

Marco Mossel's profile image

marco_mossel shared a tip "Everything written by Robert Greene."

melinda_abel shared a tip "I did this book as an audiobook and loved it. McConaughey is the narrator and makes it fun."

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erica_agee shared a tip "This was fantastic! Listened to the audio version, even better that he was the narrarator."

lisa_2706 shared a tip "Humor"

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samantha_holden_9124 shared a tip "Loved it!!"

kellie_lewis_2089 shared a tip "Did this on audio and it’s fantastic"

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lane_freeman shared a tip "Very well written and filled with little nuggets of wisdom"

Wendy DiCarlo's profile image

wendy_dicarlo shared a tip "Great book! You understand the author in a new light! Listen to the audio he is the narrator , loved it! #matthewmcconaughey"

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sarah_hillyer shared a tip "Wonderful book....full of life lessons."

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ashley_borgfjord shared a tip "Loved this 😍"

lacie_5974 shared a tip "A great perspective with great narration."

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bill_bradbury_6570 shared a tip "What an amazing story and storyteller."

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carra_greer shared a tip "Absolute gold. Endearing. A guidebook for finding adventure and infinite possibilities."

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livia_lauro shared a tip "Relatable"

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heidi_orth shared a tip "Great read. Very inspiring!#books"

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abbi_rockett shared a tip "I love that he narrates his own audiobook. It feels like a having a conversation with a friend."

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taylor_fitzgerald_8493 shared a tip "Gives an interesting and inspiring perspective on life and"

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deleted_user_1613751393200 shared a tip "Loving, full of laughter, good down to earth smarts all around great read and outlook"

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april_buchheim shared a tip "I love this as it is truth and inspirational."

Nicole Webber's profile image

nicole_webber shared a tip "It was a great read! Better yet audiobook as he narrates his own book. It's funny and inspiring."

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sarah_walton_2771 shared a tip "Absolutely a great read. Couldn't put it down. Hes had quite the life and he's a great story teller."

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judy_mcmahon shared a tip "Learned so much about his life and interests"

Sarilyn Guzman's profile image

sarilyn_guzman shared a tip "Amazing! I love MC and he is great at reading this. Fun book and fun to listen to"

stephanie_9020 shared a tip "I listened to the book in audiobooks read by Matthew McConaughey. He is a great story teller!"

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jeana_rae_conn shared a tip "Definitely listen to the audible version. He narrates and it's fantastic!"

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holly_rasmussen_7305 shared a tip "Insightful!"

rachel_tietjen shared a tip "Easy reading. Light on advice. BASICALLY do what you want and don't get caught."

alexandra_budavich shared a tip "Such a wild read! Hard to believe it’s a true story."

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stephanie_villarin shared a tip "Audiobook is soooooo much better than the book itself"

Vebronia Iskander's profile image

vebronia_iskander shared a tip "Overall great storytelling skills. He is very direct and organized with his thoughts."

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