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Get ready for Samantha Shannon's new novel, A Day of Fallen Night, coming in January 2023!The New York Times bestselling "epic feminist fantasy perfect for fans of Game of Thrones" (Bustle).NAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY:AMAZON (Top 100 Editors Picks and Science Fiction and Fantasy) * CHICAGO PUBL

Author Samantha Shannon

Pages 848

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Published Date 2019-02-26

ISBN 163557028X 9781635570281

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Google 3.5


Karlee Gong's profile image

karlee_gong shared a tip "Highly recommend! Amazingly complex world with great characters. #diverse #wlw #lgbtq #feminist"

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stumpy_stumpy shared a tip "I'm just not a fan of same sex romance. 40yo male"

Tina Turner's profile image

tina_turner_3663 shared a tip "I’m currently reading this and I’m loving it so far! What are your thoughts on it? No spoilers!"

Maddie Talerico's profile image

maddie_talerico shared a tip "Amazing book!! Very long read though so I can’t say I “couldn’t put it down” but I most definitely did not want to!"

allison_laud shared a tip "Amazing plot and character development"

Lily 's profile image

lily_7456 shared a tip "wow. it’s amazing. an epic feminist fantasy"

Elvish and Ghoul's profile image

kaylienoel shared a tip "A heavy standalone novel worth the read! Amazing world building, strong character development, and dragons; need I say more?"

serenity 💜's profile image

serenity_taylor_5853 shared a tip "lesbians with swords are my favorite"

Sydney Wiggins's profile image

sydney_wiggins_7578 shared a tip "i enjoyed the TOG series"

Ruth  Nakamura's profile image

ruth_nakamura shared a tip "Yay!"

Valley Mom's profile image

valley_mom shared a tip "Excited to dive into this 800 page book"

Sophia Fister's profile image

sophia_fister shared a tip "Loved the world building in this book. Definitely one of my favorites"

Dakota 's profile image

eva_nine shared a tip "I didn't actually read it, likewise just made me pick several books I liked, and I ran out of ones I already read 😅 sorry"

DreeAnna Cowan's profile image

dreeanna_cowan shared a tip "Great female lead characters! A nice long contained epic"

Molly Kleinman's profile image

molly_kleinman shared a tip "just finished it! anyone want to come and scream about it with me? i desperately need to"

Rose Not's profile image

rose_not shared a tip "pretty good"

Samantha Montgomery's profile image

samantha_montgomery_8465 shared a tip "This book was beautiful and powerful. The world it creates is so captivating. I just wish there were more of it!"

m4ggie shared a tip "this book deserves the same hype as the bible"

Sarah Murphy's profile image

sarah_murphy_5479 shared a tip "Great story telling, LGBTQ characters, amazing world."

Adrian 's profile image

stiinkyratt shared a tip "Only around 100 pages in and I’m already loving it, the world building is amazing so far"

egg 's profile image

ForTheHonorOfGaySkull shared a tip "magic, dragons, and tough women? oh yes count me in"

Addie Longberry's profile image

addie_longberry shared a tip "Loved!!!"

Tristan Groves's profile image

tristan_groves shared a tip "Best book to read for the adult that has outgrown harry potter. So well written and just amazing!!"

Emma Petersson's profile image

emma_petersson shared a tip "Feminist high fantasy that has rich and compelling characters"

Gianna S's profile image

gianna_s shared a tip "Fantastic read, high fantasy, female leads, LGBT inclusive"

Dana Wolf's profile image

dana_wolf shared a tip "Dragons, gays, magic, and court politics? What isn’t there to love?"

rickay_harman shared a tip "Do you have goodreads?"

Alan 's profile image

DangerZone shared a tip "#lgbt #lesbian #wlw #favorite #dragons #epic_fantasy"

Paola Martinez's profile image

pawiwowi shared a tip "Absolutely loved it!! Such a good time. 10/10"

Krispy 's profile image

Glowybookworm shared a tip "A gripping tale that has many wonderful elements in it I enjoyed it very much."

Logan Davis's profile image

logan_davis_3883 shared a tip "Unique magic system and interesting world and characters. Very good. 3.5 or 4/5"

shelly blomker's profile image

shelly_blomker shared a tip "An over 800 page high epic fantasy book. A very interesting story. Good and bad things happen. You'll love the ending."

jenn_wing shared a tip "THIS IS SO GOOD!!"

Jessica Collins's profile image

jessica_collins_6079 shared a tip "#lgbtq #epic #fantasy"

Eric 's profile image

eric_4732 shared a tip "Atmosphere and story telling was incredible, it pulls you in and doesn't let you go until it's over."

fay fay's profile image

sasusaku shared a tip "It ends with us and the kiss quotient ! :)"

Camryn Klosterman's profile image

camryn_klosterman shared a tip "So incredibly intelligent, the most well developed world and characters that I have ever had the privilege of reading about."

Marissa Berger's profile image

marissa_brgr shared a tip "I ♥️ Fantasies. 📚"

Jillian Nelson's profile image

jillian_nelson_552 shared a tip "I love the depth that went into the range of characters - the women especially were powerful, while also being flawed."

asmaa_m shared a tip "Frankenstein in Baghdad is a pretty cool retelling of Shelly’s Frankenstein but in contemporary Iraq in the early 2000s!"

Melissa Shaum's profile image

melissa_shaum shared a tip "I recently started the zodiac academy and like that so far!"

Allyson Cervantes's profile image

allyson_cervantes shared a tip "Such a great read! I feel like it has good potential to be a miniseries/ tv series one day."

Ava Martin's profile image

ava_martin_5133 shared a tip "SO GOOD"

sundus_ahmed_5222 shared a tip "I start Furyborn and my loving it so far!"

Duane Munair's profile image

duane_munair shared a tip "A long WorldBuilder but worth it."

Weebnspace 's profile image

weebnspace shared a tip "Very big but amazing also very fruity"

Morgan McDougal's profile image

morgan_mcdougal shared a tip "MY NEW ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK. Love the critiques on culture and religion. Literally getting this tattooed on me"

Makoto 's profile image

makoto_4976 shared a tip "VERY VERY GOOD ❤️ i got sucked in by my friend ,, and i loved this book a lot (especially Tané)"

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