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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • There's a new mystery to solve at Bayview High, and there's a whole new set of rules. The highly anticipated sequel to One of Us Is Lying! Come on, Bayview, you know you've missed this.A ton of copycat gossip apps have popped up since Simon died, but in the year since

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Author Karen M. McManus

Pages 384

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2020-01-07

ISBN 0525707980 9780525707981


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "I liked this book. It was entertaining. Not as good as the first but still fun."

Ashton DiRienzo (They/Them)'s profile image

withered_roze shared a tip "An amazing sequel to an amazing book!"

Tya Smith's profile image

tya_smith shared a tip "I love this book and can't stop drop reading it and recommended it"

Rach :)'s profile image

rach_05 shared a tip "8.5/10 it was really good but the first book was just a little bit better"

Morgan 's profile image

morgan___ shared a tip "5/5 Stars"

Cat 's profile image

grace_4566 shared a tip "3⭐️: I really enjoyed the ending"

Bobby Hannafey's profile image

bobbyhannafey shared a tip "SUSPENSEFUL and EXCITING!"

Lauren Fowler's profile image

lauren_fowler_6427 shared a tip "Not nearly as good as the first book. It didn’t start getting good until the very end :("

Mia 's profile image

mia_4062 shared a tip "Good 2nd addition book had a hint of romance and great new characters."

Kayla Dobbin's profile image

kayla_sanders_6491 shared a tip "Just as good as the first book, however I was a little disappointed in the cliff hanger ending!"

Erin 's profile image

erin_6781 shared a tip "So good"

Juliana 's profile image

juliana_4431 shared a tip "I couldn’t put this book down hands down a great read!"

shaelyn_osborn shared a tip "Loved One of us is Lying. Sequel fell short for me."

Mady Walz's profile image

mady_walz shared a tip "So good, not quite what I expected, but it was sooo good 😊"

lilah hennawi's profile image

lilah_hennawi shared a tip "very very very well written"

AMAYRANI GOMEZ's profile image

ani.orwhatever_ shared a tip "One if the best mystery books iv read so far. I really recommend!"

mischa_7790 shared a tip "just bought it!"

mia_6659 shared a tip "amazing!! i’ve never been one for mysteries but this is a must read."

Sahithi 's profile image

sahithi shared a tip "Sequel to "One of Us Is Lying""

christa_nelson_6552 shared a tip "I don’t remember ! 😁. I loved the first one so much and just dove right into this one"

Jade Thirlwall's profile image

jade_thirlwall shared a tip "so good! much better than the first. ugh. maeve being more prominent in this book is all i needed"

emerald_jordan shared a tip "Super interesting and started my love for anything Karen M. McManus writes."

Kendall Ruhland's profile image

kendall_ruhland shared a tip "def one of my favs… perfect amount of mystery, romance, and coming of age story’s. also loved the multiple povs"

Mommy !'s profile image

mommy_ shared a tip "please do, it’s really good!"

Julia Templeton's profile image

julia_templeton shared a tip "Idkkk all of it was great"

Kodi VR's profile image

kodi_vr shared a tip "Great book!"

avery_miller_6236 shared a tip "Loved this sequel!"

Kayla Rice's profile image

kayla_rice_2777 shared a tip "I know you remember"

Gayatri Amin's profile image

gayatri_amin shared a tip "The romance 😍 and when the sacrifice happened"

Rae <3's profile image

sunflowerraindrop shared a tip "Left alot to be desired tbh,,"

Kierra Jenkins's profile image

kierra_jenkins shared a tip "The rest of Karen M. McManus books probably"

carolina_hassun shared a tip "MUST-READ"

ava_salas shared a tip "If you love breakfast club and mystery. This is the book!"

Diamond Painting's profile image

diamond_painting shared a tip "It’s very addicting and my all time most favorite book"

Bri Deopere's profile image

bri_deopere shared a tip "Follow up to One of Us Is Lying. More mysteries to solve!"

💮Jules💮 's profile image

julie_lewis_2596 shared a tip "I wasn't expecting this book to be as good as it was."

Lyssaaa 's profile image

lyssaaa shared a tip "Of course but make sure to read “ one of us is lying” first because this book is a sequel:)"

Collin Fiebig's profile image

c_fiebig shared a tip "My favorite book right now is The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller!"

Hanji Zoe's profile image

hanji_zoe shared a tip "Take notes as you read, it makes the end all the more better."

Erica Stevens's profile image

erica_stevens_1757 shared a tip "Decent but the first one was better. Not a huge fan of the ending"

Amanda Castillo's profile image

amanda_castillo shared a tip "I wasn’t sure what McManus was going to be able to do with a second book but i almost like this one more than the first!"

Ranae Burris's profile image

ranae_burris shared a tip "I think I might like this one more than I like the original"

jordan_5766 shared a tip "the ******* plot twist"

Sherilyn Blackford's profile image

sherilyn_blackford shared a tip "Yes, it takes a little bit to get into but it held my attention to the last page!"

Sara Groninga's profile image

sara_groninga shared a tip "So good! Every twist and turn was amazing. Every little connection and hint. Loved every word!!"

kaceydillax shared a tip "it has a bigger twist than the first book!!"

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Joedi Manning's profile image

joedi_manning shared a tip "Read this after one of us is lying"

julie_allison_6443 shared a tip "All of her books are AWESOME"

kate_fussell shared a tip "The plot twist gave me chills. Loved the romance too!"

jen_dutra shared a tip "Almost as good as the first one."

Meredith Bevins's profile image

meredith_bevins shared a tip "So engaging! A perfect follow up to the first book"

Amy Lombardi's profile image

amy_lombardi shared a tip "It's been a while since I read it, so I'm not really sure."

jennifer_wilson_3663 shared a tip "Thrilling, captivating, a lot of red herrings."

Claire Keyser's profile image

claire_keyser shared a tip "Loved it but definitely like the first one better!! #murdermystery #books"

Sarah Rapisarda's profile image

sarah_rapisarda shared a tip "Well written (series!) and kept me guessing!"

Var 's profile image

var shared a tip "Yeahh, if you liked the first one “one of us is lying” you’ll like this one."

Alexa Mushlin's profile image

alexa_mushlin shared a tip "Of course!"

Michel Ramírez's profile image

michel_ramrez shared a tip "Great book, she kept me on the edge"

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