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We all keep secrets. Even from ourselves. 'A thrilling, heart-in-throat ride' STEPHEN FRY'An absolute jaw-dropper' LUCY FOLEY'Elegant, sinister, stylish' CHRIS WHITAKER'Grips from start to finish' HARRIET TYCE* * * * *YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE MAIDENS.The Maidens are Cambridge University's most ex

Author Alex Michaelides

Pages 337

Publisher Orion Publishing Group, Limited

Published Date 2021

ISBN 1409181677 9781409181675

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Google 3.5


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "Although the ending is not a favorite, it’s still a solid read. Loved the audiobook."

Shantalle 🥰's profile image

shantalle shared a tip "read this before the silent patient and wow wow wow amazing novel"

Courtney W's profile image

cw_5986 shared a tip "Unfortunately wasn’t a big fan. I really enjoyed Silent Patient. This was boring in comparison."

Jamie Page's profile image

bookiej shared a tip "Tries too hard. Couldn’t top the silent patient"

love_book shared a tip "Very exciting and scary. Leaves you wondering more than the silent patient. Loved it 9/10"

Brandi Always Reading's profile image

brandi_always_reading shared a tip "Another unexpected twist by Alex Michaelides. #MC_dealing_with_grief #unexpected_twist #Cambridge #Greek_tragedies"

hallie_a shared a tip "Unpredictable ending! I liked this more than The Silent Patient"

Danielle Lawless 's profile image

danielle_lawless_6741 shared a tip "I loved that I could not guess the ending and the twist left me speechless!"

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "finished 3.14 — 4/5"

Kate Weldon's profile image

kate_weldon_5685 shared a tip "I really love the Murder in Time series, by Julie McElwain!"

Jamie Blakely's profile image

jamie_blakely shared a tip "This book was ok… The ending was mediocre so I’m going to give it a 7/10."

Bijou Angeli's profile image

blacnbleu shared a tip "The audiobook is stellar! It was riveting! #readthisbook #pageturner"

Jess Cook's profile image

jess_cook_6130 shared a tip "Great novel by the amazing author of The Silent Patient! Has a great storyline and keeps you guessing until the end!"

Kyra D'Ignazio's profile image

kyra_dignazio shared a tip "Crazy plot twist !"

Carli Walker's profile image

carli_walker shared a tip "Has anyone read it yet??? Is it as good as the Silent Patient?"

dana_lancaster shared a tip "Very suspenseful!"

Maia 's profile image

maia_chretien shared a tip "This book really throws you for a loop, and has a genuinely shocking and unpredictable ending."

veronica_pohlert shared a tip "Weird ending…"

Maria 's profile image

nanan shared a tip "Psychology, Ancient Greeks, mystery, plot twist"

chelsea_trevino shared a tip "Story dragged"

Rianna Danesi's profile image

rianna_danesi shared a tip "I liked The Silent Patient more. Although, both books were really good. I enjoyed reading them a lot 👍"

ana_rebizant shared a tip "Plot twist!"

Rachel Barnes's profile image

rachel_barnes_4667 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. Could not put it down."

Erika Lynn's profile image

shelf.inspiration shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨"

Alyssa Carnes's profile image

myss_alyss shared a tip "WHAT"

Kalena Medina's profile image

kalena_medina shared a tip "Loved the academic setting and slight tie-in Greek myths. Implausible yet compelling enough I dashed through it."

Anelise Coelho's profile image

anelise_coelho shared a tip "Plot twist"

Angela Annette's profile image

angela_annette shared a tip "Wow! Totally unexpected ending!"

margali.m shared a tip "AMAZING BOOK i mean like at this point anything by Alex is going to be my number one. He is one amazing author."

Hommy Rolon's profile image

hommydontplaydat shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs yea I really enjoyed the twist on this one!"

Tatiana 's profile image

tatiana_311 shared a tip "perfection… just perfection…"

Annie Murray's profile image

annie_murray shared a tip "Lots of twists and turns with an unexpected ending."

kirstin_larson shared a tip "I thought the silent patient was better but this was still good."

Jenny Vokral's profile image

jenny_vokral shared a tip "Exciting with a crazy twist!"

Jeannine Renee's profile image

jeannine_renee shared a tip "Kept guessing throughout the book but had an unexpected twist! I’m still shocked."

Kaylee Conta's profile image

kaylee_conta shared a tip "Slow at first but still has you sitting on the edge 3.9/5"

Iesha Cole's profile image

iesha_cole shared a tip "I loved this book till the very last page …."

laura_1920 shared a tip "Loved this book. The ending was twisty"

kelly_faries shared a tip "Still reading it but yes so far I really like it."

kresta smith's profile image

kresta_smith shared a tip "Currently reading this and so far it’s great!"

kresta smith's profile image

kresta_smith shared a tip "A huge twist at the end. Definitely recommend"

tricia_shay shared a tip "The Paris Apartment was one of my latest favs!"

Paige Gould's profile image

paige_gould shared a tip "9/10"

Mariah Henry's profile image

mariah_henry shared a tip "That ending THOUGH"

Kaitlin 's profile image

keightlynns shared a tip "It was so surprising and the twist really got me. I loved the way this book kept you looking in the opposite direction"

daphne_robinson shared a tip "Twists and turns, quick read"

Destri Andorf's profile image

destri_andorf shared a tip "If you like the silent patient, you might like this book too."

ashley_miller_5067 shared a tip "I read it in about 2 days. Was so good!"

Nathan Johnson's profile image

nathan_johnson_8720 shared a tip "This is going to be your next favorite book!"

April Wiley's profile image

april2368 shared a tip "Not the ending I was expecting!"

angela_hoehner shared a tip "Totally did not see that coming!!! Really great read."

Sue Herbert's profile image

sue_herbert shared a tip "Loved this book!"

leslie_6679 shared a tip "Got an ARC and it was brilliant. Can’t wait to read the next one"

Courtney Buxton's profile image

courtney_buxton shared a tip "Absolutely loved it! It makes me want to revisit the Silent patient again"

Liza Ryan's profile image

liza_ryan_2898 shared a tip "Brilliant!"

Silvana Gatto's profile image

silvana_gatto shared a tip "Alex Michaelides has done it again! Constantly at the edge of my seat, all of my guesses proven wrong, such a good read!"

Amber Lee's profile image

amber_lee_3932 shared a tip "Oh, I wanted to love it but I didn't!! The silent patient was just too good and this did not love up to the hype for me!!"

Brooks Zuege's profile image

brooks_zuege shared a tip "Such a good book that keeps you compelled and the ending WONT let you down!"

ankit_ahuja_384 shared a tip "Loved it - this author has invented a new genre, the therapy mystery!!"

Beth Norris's profile image

beth_norris shared a tip "Great twist!"

Brittani Orellana's profile image

brittani_orellana shared a tip "I love how the author always has twists and turns in his books that take you directions you never saw coming!"

anny ko's profile image

anny_ko shared a tip "Was unsure who dunit right until the end!"

Lauren Parker's profile image

lauren_parker_2589 shared a tip "Great narrative style and storytelling! Michaelides is a master of the plot twist!"

miranda_amey shared a tip "Great read with an excellent twist I did not see coming"

lily_king_8425 shared a tip "So good"

Erin DuBois's profile image

erin_dubois shared a tip "The ending is crazy! Must read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

elizabeth_hinckley shared a tip "Loved it. Great book"

Martha hall's profile image

martha_hall_2047 shared a tip "Totally enthralled and a great thrilling read"

Emma Olsen's profile image

emma_olsen shared a tip "Everything"

Victoria pisano's profile image

victoria_pisano_244 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing read! Nail biter till the end!"

bonnie_johnson_6101 shared a tip "By the author of The Silent Patient."

Kylie Rae's profile image

kylie_rae_6236 shared a tip "This was personally a favorite of mine. It’s a great psychological thriller"

Shima Escobar's profile image

shima_escobar shared a tip "As always, until the end. Loved it"

Miranda Breedyk's profile image

miranda_breedyk_2376 shared a tip "Read this, after his first novel “The Silent Patient”. Trust me."

Ellen Clark-Ellison's profile image

ellen_clark-ellison shared a tip "I couldn't put it down, and the ending was totally unexpected."

Enj Park's profile image

enj_park shared a tip "one of the best book I've read"

sara_orange shared a tip "Currently reading! Haven’t seen too many reviews on this one; has anyone read it yet?"

Aristeo Ruiz's profile image

aristeo_ruiz shared a tip "Suspenseful and CRAZY. Very easy and fun read"

sofia_738 shared a tip "Great book :) Ending was incredible"

Ella Moore's profile image

ella_moore_4169 shared a tip "Page turner, hard to put down. Looked forward to reading it every night."

flowerbombjen shared a tip "I’m currently reading, 😙"

Shayla Ferguson's profile image

shayla_ferguson shared a tip "Twists and turns"

Latasha Bortin's profile image

latasha_bortin shared a tip "The amazing unforeseen twist in Alex’s books make it impossible to put down!!"

Terrica LaFour's profile image

terrica_lafour shared a tip "Fantastic"

amanda_warren_7628 shared a tip "Dang. Very well written, kept my interest. I liked reading it during the day, I'm a wimp 😁"

lisa_marie_baskin shared a tip "Slow start but interesting read"

Alexandra Schaeffer 's profile image

alexandra_schaeffer shared a tip "Love this author so much! Can’t wait to see what else he writes"

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