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Twelve-year-old Artemis is a millionaire, a genius-and above all, a criminal mastermind. But Artemis doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. These aren't the fairies of the bedtime stories-they're dangerous!

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Author Eoin Colfer

Pages 304

Publisher Disney Electronic Content

Published Date 2009-08-07

ISBN 1423132173 9781423132172


Google 4.5


Serena Penner's profile image

serena_penner shared a tip "I have the whole series. I began reading it to my then pre teen son. We both really loved it!"

Jessica Miller's profile image

jeecabug1 shared a tip "This series is perfect for those looking to invest in fantasy for the first time. It hooked me and I have loved it since."

sophie_2308 shared a tip "Me to"

michelle_7941 shared a tip "I'm still looking. I've started the Pet Whisperer PI series, but I'm not too impressed yet."

Victoria Davis's profile image

victoria_davis_670 shared a tip "Do you mean that is like Artemis fowl?"

Aubrey Rice's profile image

aubrey_rice shared a tip "I'm currently reading keeper of the lost cities by Shannon Messenger it's really good and keeps you captivated"

Isaiah Desrosiers's profile image

isaiah_desrosiers shared a tip "Not really? I do mostly read sci fi and fantasy. Hitchhikers Guide is pretty decent."

federico gonzalez's profile image

federico_gonzalez_3119 shared a tip "A favorite from the artemis fowl series or in general?"

Megan Seibert's profile image

megan_seibert shared a tip "Great world building!"

May-by 's profile image

may-by shared a tip "Yea! It's called charlie thorn and the lost city"

Lili and Mckenzie's profile image

lili_and_mckenzie shared a tip "It is amazing. Read the whole series. Amazing writing techniques, humor and action"

Dany Gemme's profile image

dany_gemme shared a tip "Read this when i was younger, perfect read for 10-15 years old !"

Jessie McKinney's profile image

jessie_mckinney shared a tip "I like that Artemis starts off as a criminal mastermind and gets redeemed"

Connor Rapkin's profile image

connor_rapkin shared a tip "Not yet"

Sneha Subramaniam's profile image

cyberpest9117 shared a tip "I loved the storyline and progression... Also a big fan of the genre..."

Bryan Long's profile image

bryan_long_741 shared a tip "It's a movie on Disney+ too!"

gil_trevino shared a tip "Me too, although, I haven’t read all of the books in the series."

Roarie Willow's profile image

roarie_willow shared a tip "Yes!"

hannah_5308 shared a tip "Just finished The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan and recently finished the fablehaven series. Stuck for a new book right now."

Leslie Dennis's profile image

leslie_dennis shared a tip "It’s fun! Lots of mystery and puzzles and gizmos."

Molly Dumler's profile image

molly_dumler shared a tip "I read the first few. But need to re read them again. But gave my books away to a friend."

Shannon Pettitt's profile image

shannon_pettitt shared a tip "My daughter has only read this book by this author so far. She liked this book"

Alena Reed's profile image

alena_reed_222 shared a tip "I had read it so long ago I don’t quite remember unfortunately. But I remember the entire series to be quite satisfying,"

Jaycen Patricia's profile image

blue._.jay shared a tip "Very creative and so much fun to read!"

Jessica Lee's profile image

jessica_lee_6946 shared a tip "I only watched the movie"

Catherine Martin's profile image

catherine_martin_8635 shared a tip "SO underrated😭😭"

nicholas_gruzwalski shared a tip "Wheel of Time"

Royal Cobalt's profile image

royal_cobalt shared a tip "Definitely worth it"

Eirene Samuel's profile image

eirene_samuel shared a tip "Definitely. I liked the whole series"

chloe 's profile image

chloe_7953 shared a tip "I think it was the end of the book that I liked the most"

Brandon Mancini's profile image

brandon_mancini shared a tip "I say so, I loved the whole series. I highly recommend it if you love fantasy type books!"

patricia_odonnell shared a tip "#middle school read"

Brianna Gunnink's profile image

brianna_gunnink shared a tip "Honestly the first. Colder did an awesome job creating a magical society."

sarah_jaber_7694 shared a tip "It would be worth it if you love Fantasy!"

Juliane Deurbrouck's profile image

juliane_deurbrouck shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites as a kid! Such a beautiful and unique world!"

AlexisHere 's profile image

alexishere shared a tip "Absolutely:3 it's an enjoyable book for all ages and it's very fun. Definitely in my top 5 favorite series"

Rowan Miller's profile image

rowan_miller shared a tip "Right now I'm reading The Inheritance Games"

Jacqueline Elliott's profile image

jacqueline_elliott shared a tip "Currently reading Good Omens and loving it!"

Sir Rambler's profile image

sir_rambler shared a tip "Yes"

Brittany Clark's profile image

brittany_clark_8807 shared a tip "yea it's a great series for kids or adults👍🏻"

Amber Perkins's profile image

amber_perkins_3903 shared a tip "Hard to choose. Probably harry potter since I'm in the middle of reading that now."

William Howard's profile image

william_howard_1046 shared a tip "We read this one in circle time when I was in the first or second grade."

Teneya Schmidt's profile image

teneya_schmidt shared a tip "This book was fantastic! My 8 year old is reading the graphic novel version and loves it as well!"

felicity_b._harrison shared a tip "Love this series, such a good read for probs middle schoolers"

meagen_geller shared a tip "If you’re looking for youth appropriate - The Red Pyramid!"

Kaitlyn 's profile image

kaitlyn_7269 shared a tip "The Divergent series"

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