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REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLEROVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE THE PAPER PALACE IS: “Filled with secrets, love, lies and a summer beach house. What more could you ask?”—Parade “A deeply emotional love story…the unraveling of secrets, lies and a very complex love t

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Author Miranda Cowley Heller

Pages 400

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2021-07-06

ISBN 0593329821 9780593329825


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Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "I would give this one 3 stars. It was ok and a quick read but not my favorite."

Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "A really solid Reese pick!! I devoured this in days. Check the trigger warnings though"

Bethany Gill's profile image

bethany_gill shared a tip "Heartbreaking. This novel is so full of beauty and tragedy. Extremely well written 9/10"

Danielle Henry's profile image

danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Good book with a full storyline in a beautiful setting but the ending just kind of landed with an ooph."

Brenna Luevano's profile image

brenna_luevano shared a tip "This one did not sit well with me. The author is talented to make me feel uncomfortable, but could not get on board with the plot"

Emily G.'s profile image

emgonz0 shared a tip "7/10, i enjoyed reading different timelines but it did feel somewhat inconclusive to me?"

Donna Q's profile image

d_m shared a tip "Almost made my DNF pile but a little time and the right day…. Glad I gave it a second chance."

Lorleanne Hamlyn's profile image

lorleanne_hamlyn shared a tip "I absolutely love “it ends with us” and “my dark Vanessa” and “beholden”"

Angie Biri's profile image

angie_biri shared a tip "I mean wow! This is one of my new fav reads!"

krista_partin shared a tip "I loved this book and it was a super easy read that I couldn’t put down. So good!!!"

arlene_wegman shared a tip "Did not like the ending.."

Zena Lissette's profile image

zena_lissette shared a tip "Gives me butterflies! A bit painful because the author makes you feel like you are living within the characters. An amazing read"

lexi_waddington shared a tip "Incredible read!!"

Sapphire 's profile image

sapphirestone shared a tip "I'm enjoying my follow-up read, even more, The Personal Librarian."

Lauren 's profile image

lauren_1983 shared a tip "Omg this book was everything"

Preston Parr's profile image

preston_parr shared a tip "⭐️⭐️- some very disturbing parts"

josephine_quach shared a tip "8.5/10"

meg_6644 shared a tip "Pretty Things by Janelle Brown and The Sundown Motel by Simone St. James are both really fun and great reads :)"

reannon_pee shared a tip "Page turner!"

stormy_nicole shared a tip "It was good but not great"

Amy King's profile image

amy_king_3639 shared a tip "Let’s read this"

dottie_7000 shared a tip "I normally finish a book I start, however, I did not finish this one. I just didn’t like it."

jocelyn_epperson shared a tip "Leo me on the edge of my seat. Couldn’t put this book down. This story was raw with emotion."

siena_austern shared a tip "Soooo good but semi sad"

Angela Spoja's profile image

angela_spoja shared a tip "Starts a little slow so hang in there, overall good read."

kary_evans shared a tip "So so good! Love stories about people set in beautiful places"

Kristen Smith's profile image

kristen_smith_7920 shared a tip "So good!"

Erika❤️‍🔥 's profile image

erika1948 shared a tip "Personally, I really enjoyed it. It’s not your typical romance/family novel"

j_wiebe shared a tip "I’ve enjoyed everything so far off Reese Witherspoon Book Club."

aimee_mussman shared a tip "This is one of my favorites! Enjoy!"

grace🤍 's profile image

grace_fleck shared a tip "very very slow novel"

vic_baez shared a tip "so so so good & well written how was it only her debut novel?!"

shinan_govani shared a tip "Sentences that shimmer like mercury. A much darker novel that the pastel hues of its cover may imply."

Kimberly Clark's profile image

kimberly_clark_237 shared a tip "#romance #drama #quick_read #obsessed #rapetrigger"

Alicia Marie's profile image

alicia_marie_2807 shared a tip "Didn’t love the end but captivating"

Megan Wilson's profile image

megan_wilson_3417 shared a tip "I absolutely love this book!"

kelley_greif shared a tip "What a great read!"

jenn_huiz shared a tip "The best book I’ve read since where the crawdads sing."

Amy Erramouspe's profile image

amy_erramouspe shared a tip "This book was excellent! Definitely recommend this to everyone. 👍🏼"

kate_bentley_624 shared a tip "I guess I couldn’t figure out who she ended up with ?"

Seiche Sanders's profile image

seiche_sanders shared a tip "I loved this book."

Benny hashim's profile image

benny_hashim shared a tip "Romance"

Ashley Stewart's profile image

ashley_stewart_4166 shared a tip "i enjoyed the book overall, but didn’t love the ending. felt very anti-climactic."

s_dee shared a tip "I LOVED this book. Completely infatuated. Could not put it down."

jenna_hulst shared a tip "Meh."

lily_c_7698 shared a tip "my new favorite book."

cindy_laruffa shared a tip "Ending was awful. Waste of time"

dawn_c_117 shared a tip "Read this in a day and a half. Definitely a page turner!"

lori_metivier shared a tip "Loved it"

lisa_goldenberg shared a tip "What an incredible ride…thank you again Miranda Cowley Heller!"

Jennifer Reames's profile image

jennifer_reames_1856 shared a tip "Great read!!!"

terry_mctaggart shared a tip "This is one of the best books I have read in awhile. Once you pick it up it’s hard to put down."

terry_mctaggart shared a tip "This book is a page turner. A story of one women’s love for two men and the story of how it became. Love it !"

Shima Escobar's profile image

shima_escobar shared a tip "Loved the story! Conrad was disgusting"

linda_7687 shared a tip "Easy reading. Enjoyed all the characters in the book. The ending was a little mundane, but I still enjoyed this book."

Linda Van Zile's profile image

linda_van_zile shared a tip "Getting the history of the characters a little at time kept me captivated"

Claire Van Wely's profile image

claire_van_wely shared a tip "Great story"

Tara 's profile image

tara_reed_8776 shared a tip "LOVED it"

danielle_lum shared a tip "I didn’t think I’d like this but I did. She’s a bit of a head case at times (overthink much?) but the story is told well."

Wendy Anne's profile image

wendy_anne_5057 shared a tip "The characters are great! Highly recommend this book!"

Brianna Merdzinski's profile image

brianna_merdzinski shared a tip "A rollercoaster of emotions. I became so attached to Elles character."

sandra_erickson shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book!"

Kaitlyn Dorsey's profile image

kaitlyn_dorsey shared a tip "Page turner. Couldn’t put it down! Loved it! Wish there was so many like this!"

hilary_wilson shared a tip "This book made me empathize with a woman who was torn between her past and future. We’ll written with strong characters. 8/10"

Siobhan O'Moore's profile image

siobhan_omoore shared a tip "Excellent , couldn’t put it down !!"

shanna_quist shared a tip "My book club read it. Be sure to check out the trigger warnings. We all thought it was a great story!"

K. Brennan's profile image

k._brennan shared a tip "Loved this book. Took about 100 pages to get in to it but stick with it- you’ll quickly be hooked."

Tara Bennett's profile image

tara_bennett_7206 shared a tip "Regretting you"

Tara Bennett's profile image

tara_bennett_7206 shared a tip "Butterflies in Frost - novella"

Tara Bennett's profile image

tara_bennett_7206 shared a tip "The last thing he told me"

Lauren Ricottone's profile image

lauren_ricottone shared a tip "One of the best examples of natural dialog, character study and page-turning pacing I’ve ever seen. LOVED this"

kasey_mccoy_1774 shared a tip "Good writing, fun twists, very intriguing!"

Nicole Roe's profile image

nicole_roe shared a tip "Beautiful."

martha_kern shared a tip "I thought about this book and its characters for days after finishing it."

awesome_user_587809 shared a tip "Very depressing and has lots of turns. I love how some people can relate to it!! Such a great book"

Caitlin Kern's profile image

caitlin_kern shared a tip "Loved the whole book to the last chapter… still very confused by the end"

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