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This stunning set, complete with five editions of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, makes the perfect gift for fans of the bestselling vampire love story.Deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful, The Twilight Saga capture

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Author Stephenie Meyer

Pages 2752

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2010-11-08

ISBN 0316182931 9780316182935


Google 4.5


Heather Ayers's profile image

heather_ayers_9346 shared a tip "No judgement. Yes, I read all of these. Yes, I loved every minute of it! And YES, I loved the movies even more. No shame😆"

jessicaaaaaaa shared a tip "read it a while ago but was absolutely awesome ❤️"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "I wouldn’t exactly say I LIKED this book but I had to pick so many out of the lineup and this was all that was left."

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ghostie_gal shared a tip "Everything about this series is cringe but I have developed an unhealthy attachment to it anyway 😝"

Marisa W.'s profile image

marisa_w. shared a tip "Loved these books and the movie since I was young. Very young. Now I find the movies cringy but I still love the books."

Sandy Mollohan's profile image

sandy_mollohan shared a tip "Loved them all"

Amber Martin's profile image

amber_martin_8084 shared a tip "Not a big fan of vampire romance books. In fact, I don’t like romance at all TBH. Book romance always makes me uncomfortable."

Royal Kenma's profile image

royal_kenma shared a tip "If you love vampires with a badass attitude you would love this Series #teamedward or #teamjacob"

Abby Wolffe's profile image

abby_wolffe shared a tip "They're so dumb and I love them"

Ellen Wheeler's profile image

ellen_wheeler shared a tip "I wonder why Stephanie Meyer didn’t think of that!!"

Chelsea Holt's profile image

chelsea_holt_9178 shared a tip "I liked these at the time but I don’t know if I’d like them anymore lol"

Danitza Rolon lopez's profile image

danitza_rolon_lopez shared a tip "The out most best romance ever. This is one of my favorite books. If you haven't read this. Then omg you will love it."

Kathryn Mauldin's profile image

kathryn_mauldin shared a tip "I do. It is the Curse of the Gods series by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve. It is a reverse harem book"

Hannah Graham's profile image

hannah_graham_8311 shared a tip "Yes!! It is such a good series!"

Jayde Eichler's profile image

jayde_eichler shared a tip "I absolutely loved these books! I didn't think I would like them but when I started reading the first one I couldn't stop"

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ILoveBooks8 shared a tip "The second one! I loved that we got to see the werewolves more! What about you do you have a favorite one?"

Rebecca Aforismo's profile image

rebecca_aforismo shared a tip "Not yet, but it's on my list"

Keira Simms's profile image

keira_simms shared a tip "I have picked up these books but I am worried about wether or not it is worth the read. What do you think?"

debbie.bernardi shared a tip "Outlander"

📚Ava🎧 's profile image

ava_15 shared a tip "not really i liked the entire books"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "I will always love bella and Edward's passion for each other"

julianna_huebner_2598 shared a tip "Definitely a must!"

Shayzden Morrisseau's profile image

shayzden_morrisseau shared a tip "i love saga collection"

Parisa Footohi's profile image

parisa_footohi shared a tip "I’m currently trying Beach Read by Emily Henry. Curious what the hype is about."

darlene_lpez shared a tip "Read them back in HS. I’ll watch the movies occasionally when I come across them on TV. Good times!"

Gricelda Armenta's profile image

gricelda_armenta shared a tip "Eclipse is my favorite out of the three(:"

EJ 🤷‍♀️'s profile image

i_looove_doggies shared a tip "Loooove twilight 🥰🥰🥰🥰"

Amanda Cornish's profile image

amanda_cornish shared a tip "Right now I really enjoyed Point of Origin by Patricia cornwell it was a murder mystery."

Tristen Unsolved's profile image

tristen_unsolved shared a tip "I love the series"

nixavelka 's profile image

nixon_havelka shared a tip "This series is AMAZING, I remember reading the second book within two days! Could not put them down! 7.5 out of 10 in my opinion."

gabi 🤩's profile image

seventimestables shared a tip "My absolute fave"

Jane 's profile image

ella_jane_07 shared a tip "Probably the hunger games - mockingjay or the fault in our stars"

Dawn Jenks's profile image

dawn_jenks shared a tip "I found it entertaining and an easy read."

Logan 's profile image

fitch0813 shared a tip "probably the first one, it’s hard to beat!"

Murphy Lamson's profile image

wednesdaydoll13 shared a tip "I'm in the process right now of rereading the whole series. I didn't realize she put out two more books after the first four."

Maya Rome's profile image

maya_rome shared a tip "the seven husbands of evelyn hugo! my friend recommended it to me!"

Stevie Roland's profile image

stevie_roland shared a tip "I love these books!!"

Gloria Beckwith's profile image

gloria_beckwith shared a tip "I cant wait for midnight son"

Day 's profile image

Daylin049 shared a tip "Yea! Its 'Daughter of the pirate king' by Tricia Levenseller."

scarlett_martinez_6509 shared a tip "You’re welcome :)"

Jocelyn ;)'s profile image

jocelyn_angeline shared a tip "I’ve read the whole series in 3 days I loved it I read it every fall"

faith_white_9177 shared a tip "I know some people dont like it but it’s AMAZING"

Blake Birdsey's profile image

blake_birdsey shared a tip "It's been a long time but I think eclipse was my favorite if I remember correctly"

Armie Dugé's profile image

armie_dug shared a tip "I love these books. They were the first series I read."

Christina G's profile image

christina_g_8618 shared a tip "Haven't read these in years but i could not put them down once i started. Enjoy!"

Brigitte Javier Collins's profile image

brigitte_javier_col shared a tip "I'm reading Layla by Colleen hoover"

amy_calder shared a tip "Ooh love anything about vampires!"

Victoria Simmons's profile image

wickedlilreader shared a tip "Read these in highschool, while I am not a "twi-hard" I do have an appreciation for the story leaning on heavy nostalgia for me."

Kevin Craig's profile image

kevin_craig_6351 shared a tip "I rotate between fiction and not. Right now I am on the not fiction. So I am reading This is how they tell me the world ends."

Latrice Thomas's profile image

latrice_thomas shared a tip "Right now just Harry Potter"

Hanna Moore's profile image

hanna_moore_5586 shared a tip "It's a classic"

Terry Duke's profile image

terry_duke shared a tip "My favorite is eclipse then breaking dawn"

amanda_stevenson_5051 shared a tip "Favorite books"

evee_1961 shared a tip "no problem! They are really good books and movies"

aryana_barley shared a tip "Hey im new here guys how do i read on this????"

Ella Wingle's profile image

ella_wingle shared a tip "yep no problem"

Aashvi Patel's profile image

xoxo_aashu123 shared a tip "It's actually pretty good if i am being honest 😜"

Rebekah Hite's profile image

rebekah_hite shared a tip "I think i'd have to say Breaking Dawn"

kate_smith_9669 shared a tip "I enjoyed the very first book the best. How about you?"

Samantha Knuver's profile image

samantha_knuver shared a tip "I liked the first and second book but the others just dragged on. It got kind of boring."

Catrina Erskine's profile image

catrina_erskine shared a tip "Just this series"

Savi 's profile image

savannah_9419 shared a tip "#teamedward"

Meg DeLeon's profile image

meg_deleon15 shared a tip "The books > movies.. hands down. But the movies are just as good 😌"

Marri nicole's profile image

marri_nicole shared a tip "yes i do , my fav book is the after series and confess and reminders of him lol"

Romance_LOVER 's profile image

romaners shared a tip "Mind blowing"

Shade Rhames's profile image

shade_rhames shared a tip "For the twiheards love forever"

maria_farmer_3895 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading the mercy Thompson series. It has vampires werewolves fae and Native American walkers in it"

chanell_a shared a tip "Me too!! Thinking of reading it again"

Maddi Lusk's profile image

maddi_lusk shared a tip "My favorite one is actually midnight Sun! It’s the whole series from Edwards perspective!"

Ivana Bejaran's profile image

ivana_bejaran shared a tip "I think it came out in 2008 so an oldie but a goodie!! Still one of my favorite books."

lushonda_sanders shared a tip "Books are better than the movies! I read all of them after watching Twilight the movie."

Ruben Griffin's profile image

ruben_griffin shared a tip "I read twilight years ago , right now I'm loving verse novels!!"

Marie-Hélène Lebeault's profile image

marie-hlne_lebeault shared a tip "Midnight Sun!"

Christy Smith's profile image

christy_smith_372 shared a tip "Anything by Colleen hoover"

Rhegan Foskey's profile image

rhegan_foskey shared a tip "Thanks 😁"

Camila Ponte's profile image

camila_ponte shared a tip "I love this book as well I am read it right now. I love the book than movie. The move suck."

Megan Story's profile image

MegFace shared a tip "The movies really don't do the books justice."

tiger_matheson_myri shared a tip "👍"

sierra_wilson_8675 shared a tip "I am currently reading new moon and am hoping to finish them this summer"

Hajin Bann's profile image

hajin_bann shared a tip "Yes, have you read little white lies?"

Rachel VanBlarcom's profile image

rachel_vanblarcom shared a tip "Your welcome they are good an some of my favorites"

Katelyn Reeves's profile image

katelyn_reeves_8843 shared a tip "Kinda. The first one not as much. It made some of the more ridiculous parts stand out and ruin it for me some."

Rhyan Bowen's profile image

rhyan_bowen shared a tip "Best Romance Saga ever!"

Kayla Wagner's profile image

kayla_wagner_9240 shared a tip "Midnight Sun!! Omg it was a whole new ball game. It made me see the series in a new light! Way more interesting!"

Lauren Bishop's profile image

lauren_bishop_9692 shared a tip "Great to gave all the books together"

Cassidy Pitts's profile image

cassidy_pitts shared a tip "It is the best series and very detailed! Each page just makes you want to keep reading more!"

Kat Jarvis's profile image

kat_jarvis shared a tip "Meh.. but still better than the movies"

Caitie Crosetto's profile image

caitie_crosetto shared a tip "Still obsessed years later. Always team edward"

Stephanie Peters's profile image

stephanie_peters_261 shared a tip "Read these in college and loved them"

Ariel Deck's profile image

ariel_deck shared a tip "It would be far too hard to choose 1 favorite part out of all of those books!"

claire_wice shared a tip "All of them!!!"

claire_wice shared a tip "All of them!!!"

Clara LeCheminant's profile image

clara_lecheminant shared a tip "Some people don't enjoy Twilight, but I personally love it. I love the story between Edward and Bella"

Dawn Walbeck's profile image

dawn_walbeck shared a tip "It's a good series"

Dawn Walbeck's profile image

dawn_walbeck shared a tip "It's a good series"

sharon_niemeier shared a tip "i’m reading Natasha Preston You will be mine. Just finished The Cellar and The Cabin by her, liked them both"

Kayleen Koffkey's profile image

kayleen_koffkey shared a tip "Shadow and bone series, Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket"

Tequoia O'Neal's profile image

tequoia_oneal_641 shared a tip "You’re welcome."

Catherine Moran's profile image

catherine_moran_3008 shared a tip "delilah green doesn’t care"

kami_poor shared a tip "Currently the Crave series, which is somewhat similar in genre! Hush, Hush series is also really good!"

Lindsay Wear's profile image

lindsay_wear shared a tip "Where the Crawdads Sing"

🌻🍃📀 📗's profile image

sunflower.dreams shared a tip "A #classic book. If you haven’t read these… you’re obviously doing something wrong."

sadeah 's profile image

pussypopper shared a tip "great ******* series, the movies were great aswell. will always love twilight"

Rachael Bowden's profile image

rachael_bowden shared a tip "It is definitely a good read."

Stacy collins's profile image

stacy_collins_811 shared a tip "Currently reading blossom in winter by Melanie Martins along with Outlander. What about yourself?"

cheryl_smith_5257 shared a tip "Btw hated the movies but Edward was my favorite in the books lol"

CharlieAnne Huffam's profile image

charlieanne_huffam shared a tip "New Moon"

Jaymarie Cintron's profile image

jaymarie_cintron shared a tip "Not my favorite but I do like this series. Although my favorite is The Host."

Rebekah Emerson's profile image

rebekah_emerson shared a tip "Eclipse but I did like MidNight sun"

annette_4422 shared a tip "Haven't read anything else from them."

Stephanie Ullery's profile image

stephanie_ullery shared a tip "yeah,"

Ella McGill's profile image

ella_mcgill shared a tip "Drama, vampires, love, love triangle."

Mandy Crider's profile image

mandy_crider shared a tip "Loved this series and the movies!"

maggie vasquez's profile image

maggie_vasquez shared a tip "Definitely the first one. I felt like it went by faster for me. I couldnt put it down. Eclipse is a close second!"

sarah_o_3424 shared a tip "Beautifully written"

Alyssa Marie's profile image

alyssa_marie_7156 shared a tip "👍👍👍👍"

Lizabeth Powley's profile image

lizabeth_powley shared a tip "My favorite part was Bella’s wedding"

Lana Schroeder's profile image

lana_schroeder shared a tip "Anthony by #colleenhoover , #lisajewell, or #christinalauren"

Lana Schroeder's profile image

lana_schroeder shared a tip "That was supposed to say anything not Anthony lol"

Laura Loomis's profile image

laura_loomis shared a tip "It’s much better than the movies. I hated the movies compared to the books"

Leanna Uber's profile image

leanna_uber shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Leanna Uber's profile image

leanna_uber shared a tip "Absolutely! Very well written!"

Mandi Bean's profile image

mandi_bean shared a tip "Eh—definitely a fun read, but a little superficial"

banana_pudding shared a tip "In the series or in general?"

Katie Winter's profile image

fibrobutterfly_ shared a tip "No prob! :)"

Brittany Taylor's profile image

brittany_taylor_7116 shared a tip "The books were so much better than the movies. Of course"

Dewshakes shared a tip "Are they high quality? Eh. Are they super fun to read? Absolutely"

Ren Johansen's profile image

renjohansen shared a tip "I’ve just read verity by Colleen Hoover and also November 9 and both of them were SO good!!"

Jessica Goff's profile image

jessica_goff_7676 shared a tip "P.c. cast new world is also a great series"

amy_meadows_6125 shared a tip "The whole series was great, if you read the first you should read them all💗"

Vicky Meza's profile image

vicky_meza shared a tip "For sure. It was got me into reading"

Zeus Blue's profile image

zeus_blue shared a tip "I haven't read all of them just so far twilight"

Sarah Garland's profile image

sarah_garland shared a tip "My favorite book is legend by Marie lu. I would definitely recommend if you haven't already read it!"

Tiffany Libiran's profile image

tiffany_libiran shared a tip "I enjoyed it (:"

rebecca_devore shared a tip "Currently reading and loving Fable #yafiction"

Fatima faridi's profile image

fatima_faridi shared a tip "not really!! The fight was epic"

Heather Staniszewski's profile image

heather_staniszewski shared a tip "Hard to choose… the witching hour by Anne Rice"

Jaquelin 's profile image

jaquelin_8774 shared a tip "Edward Cullen and Bella swan Cullen"

Princess Jonisha's profile image

princess_jonisha shared a tip "Yes, it gives more details then the movies and very well written"

Shawty Cryin's profile image

EdwardCocaine shared a tip "edward coward."

Maria 's profile image

maria_3203 shared a tip "Sorry im pretty new to this app but I just read a book called “the bookshop of yesterday” that was pretty good"

lee_d. shared a tip "I loved this series."

Rae Listad's profile image

rae_listad shared a tip "Complete dogshit, but a guilty pleasure."

Sharidalis Pacheco's profile image

sharidalis_pacheco shared a tip "The first and second one was my favorites"

Loren Belle's profile image

loren_belle shared a tip "The third"

rebecca_aryal shared a tip "@caitlin_praskovich not really.... it was rather cheesy fluff. Just a little bit too much by the formula."

Rebecca Walker's profile image

rebecca_walker_8336 shared a tip "It is absolutely one of those books!"

jasmine_7145 shared a tip "I just think its nice and romantic. Its also about vampires so if you dont like fantasy dont read it."

Belicia Castillo's profile image

belicia_castillo shared a tip "Books! Handsdown are 100% better than the movies lol wbu?"

noya atiya's profile image

noya_atiya shared a tip "I liked the romance"

Siddhi Ashok's profile image

siddhi_ashok shared a tip "just overall amazing series"

Jayda Gifford's profile image

jayda_gifford shared a tip "I think new moon was my favorite. I just how much bella finally started to see a life with out edward."

Hannah Conover's profile image

hannah_conover shared a tip "I liked all of the books in the series. They are pretty easy reading, but enjoyable nonetheless."

sab heffern's profile image

sab_heffern shared a tip "I’ve reread these books twice. Am I embarrassed by that? Yes. Do I care? No. Come on... you know these books are great."

Allison Cajina's profile image

allison_cajina shared a tip "The best book series ever written!"

Jai Cooper's profile image

jai_cooper shared a tip "Absolutely loved the books, while the movies were good, particularly the first one, they don't do the books justice"

Jillian Odle's profile image

jillian_odle shared a tip "Have you read midnight sun?!?! If you haven't doo it!"

Katie Albrandt's profile image

katie_albrandt shared a tip "I really loved Twilight because it has a vampire romance and it is was just overall a great series. The movies are great too!"

chelsea_snodgrass shared a tip "Stalking jack the ripper collection is soooo good. I'm rereading them right now"

leckis shared a tip "I just finished The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner. It was amazing"

Karen White's profile image

karen_white_7069 shared a tip "I just started the Handmaids Tale. I’ve watched the series so wanted to see how the book was . How about you?"

sara G's profile image

sara_g_228 shared a tip "So so good, way better than the movies!"

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "Good but the more i grew up the less i seem to like it"

Ashley Brinkley's profile image

ashley_brinkley shared a tip "I actually just read Midnight Sun which is Edwards version of Twilight. I would say it’s my fav"

lizzie_2342 shared a tip "These books are soooooooo good!!"

Malayna Russell's profile image

malayna_russell shared a tip "omg these books are so good! the movies are amazing as well! i definitely recommend reading these"

Emily Pruitt's profile image

emily_pruitt shared a tip "It’s definitely cheesy at times but worth the read if you’re in to more teen sci-fi drama"

Juriko B's profile image

juriko_b shared a tip "I enjoyed the books far more than the movies so I would recommend them!"

lisa_8414 shared a tip "Absolutely"

edie_zajac shared a tip "I love it. It is a young adult book but a good read"

hailey_5839 shared a tip "I love this series"

Leah Donaldson's profile image

leah._.liz shared a tip "yeah forsure. amazing books!"

Larry Gebert's profile image

larry_gebert shared a tip "I loved them all."

Samantha Duguay's profile image

samantha_duguay shared a tip "Honestly, I really enjoyed the whole series. I dont think k could pick only one part lol"

Sezgi Hudson's profile image

sezgi_hudson shared a tip "Honestly, I really enjoyed them, I’m embarrassed to admit. Mindless fun!"

morgan_zukowski shared a tip "A child called it by Dave peltzer and Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin alire saenz"

sarah_meade_7796 shared a tip "My inner teenager screams yes lol."

Lindsay Elizabeth's profile image

lindsay_elizabeth_2940 shared a tip "Definitely worth it if you want a captivating easy read"

janelle_pantaleon shared a tip "I love vampires so this is perfect"

Barbara Allen's profile image

barbara_allen_5018 shared a tip "Right now I'm currently reading Stephen Kings If it Bleeds"

Shannon Bozarth's profile image

shannon_bozarth shared a tip "It’s my favorite series! It’s my go to the reread when I’m in between books and unsure of what I wanna start. Young but fun!"

Brittany Cagle's profile image

brittany_cagle shared a tip "I haven't read anything in awhile..."

Sandra Rios's profile image

sandra_rios_5917 shared a tip "Totally 👍🏽"

Viv Mensch's profile image

viv_mensch shared a tip "Probably the part when Bella starts acting out bc Edward left her. I just find it sad and assuming for her to attempt that."

Aspyn Blair's profile image

aspyn_blair shared a tip "Yes, worth it. It's not my top in fantasy but it's on the list."

Estelle Vanderver's profile image

estelle_vanderver shared a tip "Yes, I enjoyed it better than the movies"

Andria Sallese's profile image

andria_sallese shared a tip "An easy and addictive read. Perfect if you’re not expecting literary fiction."

Edna Vicente's profile image

edna_vicente shared a tip "I’m currently reading The Rural Diaries: Love, Livestock, and Big Life Lessons Down on Mischief Farm by Hilarie Burton Morgan."

Stacy Johnson's profile image

stacy_johnson_5081 shared a tip "That’s a hard one! I guess I’d have to say Breaking Dawn!"

Melissa Butz's profile image

melissa_butz shared a tip "I enjoyed Bella Forest The Gender games series, The xhild Thief series, and The girl who Dared to think series."

hannah_morse_7245 shared a tip "Definitely"

Mario Moore's profile image

mario_moore_1598 shared a tip "No there all good"

jessica_mantas shared a tip "The first and last one are my favorites but I loved them all. Happy reading!"

Kierstyn  Bain's profile image

kierstyn_bain shared a tip "These books got be into reading when I was a teenager"

Lisa Goltz-Garrioch's profile image

lisa_goltz-garrioch shared a tip "I quite like it.i have read it a few times now."

Lisa Goltz-Garrioch's profile image

lisa_goltz-garrioch shared a tip "I enjoy it. It is one I have picked up several times now."

Elizabeth Messa's profile image

bookg1rl shared a tip "These books were a waste of my life. I did read all of them because I had to know what happened but they suck. Don’t read it."

Kim Fong's profile image

kim_fong shared a tip "Discovery of Witches"

Laura Brown's profile image

laura_brown_5112 shared a tip "Anything with Jacob wearing no shirt. Go team John!"

brittany_marbut shared a tip "I’m currently reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer."

Morgan Ritchie's profile image

morgan_5535 shared a tip "Good books definitely better then the movies by a far."

billie_burket shared a tip "Very!"

Sophia Schupp 's profile image

sophia_schupp shared a tip "I'm really liking the Crave series right now. It has vampires and werewolves in it too but much more that keeps you hooked."

Kierstien McCarty's profile image

kierstien_mccarty shared a tip "Yes! 1,000 times better than any of the movies!"

syrah_omar-johnson shared a tip "I grew up watching the movies and I wanted to read the books too, idk which I liked better though"

Alexa Whitney's profile image

alexa_whitney shared a tip "I love anything by Karen Lynch and I just finished Daughter of No Worlds which I very much enjoyed"

Jojo Haddox's profile image

jojo_haddox shared a tip "The entire first book, or the parts with Jacob in New Moon."

Florance Cartwright's profile image

florance_cartwright shared a tip "They made it better"

Emily Maurin's profile image

emily_maurin shared a tip "writing isn’t amazing but plot kept me interested"

erika silva's profile image

erika_silva_7724 shared a tip "Thanks! Right now I'm reading axlin's bestiary by Laura Gallego what about you?"

Joslyn Cole's profile image

joslyn_cole shared a tip "Not necessarily! I enjoyed it all!"

Taylor Bradberry's profile image

taylor_bradberry shared a tip "I loved the books and general and I am currently working on reading his point of view! It is by far my favorite!"

Sierra Prows's profile image

sierra_prows shared a tip "Jude Devereux Nantucket series. More adult than young fiction but not too explicit"

LeeAnne Crapo's profile image

leeanne_crapo shared a tip "I enjoyed it when I read it, very fast read."

Eileen Clayton's profile image

quietinspired shared a tip "Probably the sparkling in the meadow scene from book one. It's the one that stuck with me the most."

maureen_wishrad shared a tip "I read them a long time ago, but I did enjoy them. I was hooked at the time."

Becky Lara's profile image

becky_lara shared a tip "Actually, I just started another thriller, Tender is the Flesh. It is by Agustina Bazterrica!"

Janine Wilson's profile image

janine_wilson_1006 shared a tip "Doesnt everyone enjoy these?"

Lilli Gonzalez's profile image

lilli_gonzalez shared a tip "It was so enjoyable and keeps you engaged"

Saanvi Gambhira's profile image

saanvi_gambhira shared a tip "The Maiden is really good."

Kirsten 's profile image

kirsten_anderson_1906 shared a tip "Yep 😊"

gabby_muller shared a tip "Watch the movies after!"

lain 's profile image

lain_9211 shared a tip "such a good storyline, everything about these books are perfect."

Sadie Smith's profile image

sadie_smith_9919 shared a tip "Of course!! They are so much more detailed than the movies they are super good"

Leah Smith's profile image

leah_smith_5134 shared a tip "I honestly enjoy both ☺"

Jessica Coiteux's profile image

jessica_coiteux shared a tip "I think Stephenie Meyer love Jane Austin. She is using elements of Austin's books to create her own beautiful love story."

Sonia Stovall's profile image

sonia_stovall shared a tip "I love all of them !"

meredith_k shared a tip "For the most part I think I prefer fiction just because the author can really take creative liberty"

kennedi_davis_4314 shared a tip "Bella and edwards first kiss"

Miry Mellow's profile image

miry_mellow shared a tip "I am currently reading “it’s kinda of a funny story”"

aleashia_clark shared a tip "Currently I’m reading the Crave series, I’m in the third book right now and loving it!"

Kate Pearse's profile image

kate_pearse shared a tip "I really like the cheerleaders by Kara Thomas and the window. I also like the Hunger games"

Taylor Hall's profile image

taylor_hall_4503 shared a tip "A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libby Bray! It’s my favorite series to read!"

jamie_joyner_3070 shared a tip "Devoured these multiple times!!!"

amanda_hancock_7590 shared a tip "I liked it"

chan_denise shared a tip "I'm actually not reading anything right now. Do you have any recommendations?🙂"

sierra_williams_9153 shared a tip "Do itttt the are so much better than the movies!"

Maria D Espinoza-Hernandez's profile image

maria_d_espinoza-he shared a tip "I've been reading Colleen Hoover lately. How about you?"

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just_jenny_4450 shared a tip "Yeah it's a great book series!"

rachel_g_5290 shared a tip "This is not excellent serious fiction but I liked it. It was addicting"

jennifer_ayala shared a tip "Love love love"

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iivxcky shared a tip "mhm!"

abby_mumford shared a tip "Eep there’s so many! I’ve recently been reading a lot of romance books, just finished The Love Hypothesis and really loved it!"

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abigail_steenberg shared a tip "Yes I loved the series"

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taylor_delaney shared a tip "It's definitely a teenager romance series, so if that's your jam, go for it!"

morgan_3714 shared a tip "A court of thorns and roses has turned into one of my favorites as well"

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moth_maney shared a tip "hmm rn itd be the 5th wave series, its really good :0"

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mattiep_chaves shared a tip "I really enjoyed these books!!!"

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betty_bug shared a tip "I’d give anything to be part of the Cullen’s 😩😋#twilight"

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april_miche11e shared a tip "i’m never growing out of my twilight phase."

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emma_nichols-loh shared a tip "It’s the best!!! I’ve watch and rewatched the first movie like a thousand times, and I absolutely love it!!! #teamedward"

marie_9716 shared a tip "Read this series. Loved it!"

fernanda_sanchez_7590 shared a tip "It’s a fun read for sure !! Dialogue is funny and has a high school charm to it. #awkwardsituations lmao."

kiki_162 shared a tip "THE BEST SERIES TO EVER EXIST"

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shenoa_graterol shared a tip "It so good the book"

erika_seeling shared a tip "The first book series that got me into reading"

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marie-pier_demers shared a tip "Have you seen the movies? ☺️ I personally preferred the books!"

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felicia_pollock shared a tip "Love these, thrill, love and suspense!"

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devin_nickell shared a tip "Bleh"

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sophia7 shared a tip "definitely everything colleen hoover!! bit of a difference from twilight haha"

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harley_lessig shared a tip "I really love these books I have read all the books and watched all the movies. Also any army's in this house or stays?"

iris_baldridge shared a tip "I love yasmine galenorn and laurel k Hamilton (the Anita Blake series and the Merry Gentry series) 😍😍🥰🥰🥰"

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lanieslittlecorner shared a tip "My favorite is new moon!"

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natalia_zink shared a tip "From this collection or in general?"

hilda_rocha shared a tip "You’re welcome, read the books then watched movies with my kids"

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booklover_Liv shared a tip "Definitely eclipse"

michelle_lindner shared a tip "Of these three … I can’t remember it’s been awhile."

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jenn_costa_-_eldrid shared a tip "Yes, I'm really into The Selection series. 2nd time reading the entire series. 🥰"

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alexis_rodriguez_2404 shared a tip "definitely worth it. read it as a teenager & reread as an adult, still love it. way better than the movies they made too."

lillianna_christens shared a tip "Yes it is"

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alyssaisawesome shared a tip "It depends on what genre you’re into. What type of books do you usually read?"

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katie_saesan shared a tip "I'm currently reading Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. It's also YA, like Twilight, and do far it's really good!!"

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chelsa_berthelson shared a tip "And the Cure Chronicles"

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chelsa_berthelson shared a tip "The Selection Series"

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chelsa_berthelson shared a tip "."

christy_keener shared a tip "Virgin River series."

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kirsti_hansen shared a tip "One of my favorites but would you believe that I haven't read the first one and you are welcome"

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lisa_thanig shared a tip "The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah…just finished it. So good!"

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kailah_williams shared a tip "No problem at all :) I love this collection"

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katlyn_betenson_8189 shared a tip "It was the book for me that started my love for reading! Hope you like it!"

paige_6552 shared a tip "I'm reading queen of the conquered"

erin_swenie shared a tip "It’s pretty good. I also have the book midnight sun that goes along with the series"

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similoluwa_apelehin shared a tip "I am currently not reading any books sadly"

sarah_nicholson_6741 shared a tip "Right now I’m rereading The Black Dagger Brotherhood to “catch up”"

angelina_espindola shared a tip "@serenabaker yes Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods are both good"

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billi_toner shared a tip "Vampires and romance"

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