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Available now: I'M THE GIRL, the new "brutally captivating" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) queer thriller from Courtney Summers, based loosely on The Epstein case and "not for the faint of heart" (The New York Times)"Sadie: a novel for readers of any age, and a character as indelible as a scar.

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Author Courtney Summers

Pages 304

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2018-09-04

ISBN 1250105722 9781250105721


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Juliet Castillo's profile image

Juliet_Castillo shared a tip "Starting this now! Anyone else read this? Any thoughts? #mystery_mob"

Ashy dashy's profile image

ashy_dashy shared a tip "It was to boring and the book never has a real ending."

SoulMoon 's profile image

soulmoon shared a tip "love love love ❤️ shows how grief can affect people. Good thriller/mystery. Sadie deserves the 🌎 & more 😭"

Sarah Christine's profile image

sarah_christine_5028 shared a tip "Audiobook played like a podcast, curious how the actual book is formatted!"

Yasmine Guroluk's profile image

yasmineguroluk shared a tip "You don’t need the audiobook, it’s a must read!"

emily 's profile image

emily_4218 shared a tip "i wasn’t pulled in and gave up on this book a few chapters in. i might try it again sometime in the future."

Rebecca andersen's profile image

rebecca_andersen shared a tip "Highly recommended the audio book!"

Rebeka Haak's profile image

rebeka_haak shared a tip "Listened to the audiobook which includes different voices including the podcast within the book!"

ellie_thompson_4194 shared a tip "Boring to me atleast. Very very slow"

Breanna Milby's profile image

breanna_milby shared a tip "It was a good book Courtney summers wrote so far"

chrissy_3910 shared a tip "No just this one it was an easy read"

Carina Minardi's profile image

chemicalchica shared a tip "Interesting method of storytelling."

Corinne Navarro's profile image

corinne_navarro shared a tip "Love, love, loooooove this book."

Hailey Marie's profile image

hailey_marie_3701 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing and mind bending."

rae_rae shared a tip "Was a great 2 sided story will all the right emotions to draw me into the story."

scarletvivid shared a tip "I zoned out while reading it so Ima have to reread it to get it but the ending was nice :)"

bobbie_yount shared a tip "Phenomenal. Heart wrenching. Captivating. Loved it from start to finish."

Peyton Kruger's profile image

peyton_kruger shared a tip "The ending killed me."

kylie kissler's profile image

kylie126 shared a tip "Very intriguing, sad ending but oh well!"

JJCHEEVER 's profile image

jjcheever shared a tip "Great multicast audiobook, highly recommend."

Rebecca Withers's profile image

rebecca_withers_826 shared a tip "The writing was phenomenal, even if the content is deeply disturbing and uncomfortable to read"

Chatti Brown's profile image

chatti_brown shared a tip "Best on audio to get the great production. Sounds like a true crime podcast!"

Gina Paveglio's profile image

gina_paveglio shared a tip "It was very suspenseful"

Mallie 's profile image

mallie. shared a tip "Listened to the audio book and it was amazing 5/5 highly recommend"

Kat Schwaberow's profile image

kat_schwaberow shared a tip "It was a quick read. I enjoyed it. Bit dark, but nice quick read."

jessica_mercado_4886 shared a tip "People don't change. They just get better at hiding who they really are. Courtney Summers, Sadie"

joyce_8750 shared a tip "Such a good book I cried so hard that I couldn't see afterwards."

marie_rokas shared a tip "Best ending ever! Completely hurt wrenching story!"

ella. shared a tip "Really great book!! I read it in 3 days!!"

CopyCat NoBody's profile image

copycat_nobody shared a tip "Whatever is free tbh"

Christine Lapine's profile image

christine_lapine shared a tip "It’s a good audiobook"

Allexis Priestley's profile image

allexis_priestley shared a tip "Such an AMAZING audiobook. 10/10 would recommend"

Alyssa Mattingley's profile image

alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "5/5"

Akira 's profile image

akira_4623 shared a tip "Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. The not knowing what happened to Sadie at the end leaves you thinking for days."

Carrie K's profile image

carrie_k_6953 shared a tip "I think it is! Its definitely heartbreaking at points"

tatiana_zemlicka shared a tip "8.5/10 Very cute, very sad, I enjoyed it."

Zoey Petersen's profile image

zoey_petersen shared a tip "This book is amazing. I've tried finding a sequel because if you've read it, you know we need one."

dolores_maldonado shared a tip "I loved the way this was written, very clever. Sad story line but very impactful."

bkarwal shared a tip "This whole book is written kind of like a diary and a podcast which is super interesting as there is an alternating POV."

awesome_user_865773 shared a tip "so frickin cool!!!! love this book w my whole heart, especially the podcast part"

nina_pinglay shared a tip "amazing and genuine"

Delphia 's profile image

delphia_rodriguez_d shared a tip "Solid ya mystery that is on the darker side without getting incredibly explicit like some adult mystery/thriller novels"

Natasha Rodriguez's profile image

natasha_rodriguez_7536 shared a tip "You've probably heard this before, so the Audiobook is the way to go.! ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2 stars for me."

Tara Taillon's profile image

tara_tail shared a tip "Absolutely. The first time I read it I read it 3 times in a month. It’s heartbreaking."

taylor webb's profile image

taylor_webb_2461 shared a tip "This is so good. Get the audio book"

Jax Robideaux's profile image

jax_robideaux shared a tip "Left me devastated."

Kelley Ha's profile image

kelley_ha shared a tip "At first I was a little confused about the chapters but ended up loving the book!"

melissa_collado shared a tip "No comment"

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