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“Neil Gaiman is undoubtedly one of the modern masters of fantasy writing....For those who have not read Neverwhere, the new edition is the one to read, and is a fitting introduction to Gaiman’s adult fiction....American readers can experience this spellbinding, magical world the way that Neil Gaiman

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Author Neil Gaiman

Pages 480

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2009-03-17

ISBN 0061793051 9780061793059


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ty_3204 shared a tip "Please read good book to start off 2023 #general #contemporary #fantasy #fiction #literary"

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jordan_7332 shared a tip "This is book it so good I recommend reading it 10/10😄"

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rose_nash_4769 shared a tip "The first book of his I read, and I am now a rabid fan. If you like secret world books, this is a must read."

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meghei shared a tip "The characters truly make this a page turner, Door especially."

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angela_oddling shared a tip "A lovely story and must-read for anyone fond of Neil Gaiman’s work. I suggest saving it for a handful of dark, chilly nights :)"

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karla_butler shared a tip "masterful"

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thaddeus_kent shared a tip "I Love this book. This was my first novel by him. I always pictured Martin Freeman as Richard ahah. I’m glad you liked it. ❤️"

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rick_blanksma shared a tip "Gaiman is my favorite author."

manon_ee shared a tip "Probably my favorite Neil Gaiman book"

sam_sweeney shared a tip "Awesome world building"

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dominic_cozzetto shared a tip "Fantastic immersive world with great characters."

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maddie_walker shared a tip "Fantastic. World engulfing, complete surrounding of the storyline. Although a long book, it kept my attention the whole time"

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amber_matthews_7079 shared a tip "Truly captivating story."

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shelly_flores_2896 shared a tip "Such a great story! It's like a dark Alice in Wonderland for adults! Neil Gaiman is the greatest!"

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bobby_baldwell shared a tip "It's a great book. Kind of like a horror take on harry potter"

kandice_hesch shared a tip "I absokutely loved this book, sat down to read for an hour and couldnt put it down."

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laura_b_5319 shared a tip "My introduction to Neil Gaiman. I came across randomly in a book store and subsequently fell in love."

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sandy_sellnow_7054 shared a tip "Neil Gaiman is a great writer"

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ophilia_oneill shared a tip "Hmm. If I had to pick, probably either Richard's first visit to the floating market, or the ending ^^"

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jen_funkhouser shared a tip "He is my other favorite author. He creates very vivid imagery when reading his books"

Steph Latulippe's profile image

steph_latulippe shared a tip "I love this auther. He does graphics novels as well."

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christian_delfin shared a tip "@jeff_lenz Stardust, Fortunately, The Milk and Norse Mythology are among my favorites. I've enjoyed all Gaiman books though."

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lil-farrah shared a tip "6/10"

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starr. shared a tip "Option"

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megan_tomkiel shared a tip "Classic Neil"

spaska_gatzinska shared a tip "Beautiful and engaging"

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thalia_martin shared a tip "This is a fantastic world to get lost in!!!"

Brennen Massengill's profile image

brennen_massengill shared a tip "Yes, American Gods and Anansi Boys were also both excellent!"

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maria_b. shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite authors and a mesmerizing tail!"

theresa_sisson shared a tip "It's pretty great. The world building is fascinating. It's one I can reread and still enjoy."

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adrienne_southard shared a tip "Just one of my favorite books ever."

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amber_cobbs shared a tip "Love, love, love everything Neil Gaiman. Read all his books and this is in the top 2."

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carola_bell shared a tip "Fabulous adventure."

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alyssa_sturm shared a tip "A quick read but very enjoyable"

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blaine_padgett shared a tip "Alice in Wonderland in the London Underground. I found this book by accident and absolutely loved reading it"

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amanda_goebel shared a tip "Stardust is a close second if you haven't already read it :)"

steve_ferris shared a tip "It's a doorway to another world."

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shawn_snell shared a tip "This is one of my favorite Gaiman books!"

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glenn_sanders shared a tip "Brilliant, with a beautiful audiobook performance by the author himself."

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meghan_savage shared a tip "The dark fantasy"

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star_jammer shared a tip "Really good"

Jacqui Vandale's profile image

jacqui_vandale shared a tip "The first book I ever read by Gaiman, it captured my fantasy loving heart. At times like a dark fairy tale, I loved every moment."

kendra_2972 shared a tip "Super whimsical and fantastical, fun inventive world-building with a dark sense of humor"

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