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The gripping first installment in New York Times bestselling author Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series.One touch is all it takes. One touch, and Juliette Ferrars can leave a fully grown man gasping for air. One touch, and she can kill.No one knows why Juliette has such incredible power. It feels like

Author Tahereh Mafi

Pages 368

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2011-11-15

ISBN 0062085514 9780062085511

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Molly Herring's profile image

stacey_herring shared a tip "Oh my gosh I read all of them in 5 days it was soooo good!!!!! Thank you!!"

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nora_alene shared a tip "I tried reading this in 2019 and couldn't get into it but after a long year of covid I got through it, and I'm glad I did."

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kylie_1112 shared a tip "I could read this 100 times and not be sick of it."

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JDisunstable shared a tip "Very nice series, mix between romance and very good main character arc."

alyssa_czernek shared a tip "The original 3 books are better than the newer ones"

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zaira_acosta shared a tip "Once you read it, you're not gonna want to stop so don't read it if you got to do something later."

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taylorecs shared a tip "The first three books in the series were definitely the best :)"

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charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Such an amazing series🥰"

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elle-valentine shared a tip "#dystopian #enemiestolovers #young_adult_fiction"

c.n shared a tip "this was so good!! could not put it down!! 4.5/5 :))"

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kaylee_lebron shared a tip "I personally really enjoyed The Inheritance Games, Serpent and Dove, Letters to the Lost, and A Curse so Dark and Lonely!"

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kyle_howell_7147 shared a tip "Absolutely"

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annie_reading shared a tip "another all time favorite series"

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plumpaperbacks shared a tip "Books 4-6 are much better in terms of character development and plot, so push through 1-3!"

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emmy07 shared a tip "100000/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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hope_jayne shared a tip "Agh! Loved this series and loved the concept of the main characters powers!"

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soft shared a tip "AMAZINGGG"

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aleah_bogue shared a tip "It had a very interesting way of explaining things and I liked it"

Madisyn Rauschendorfer's profile image

madisyn_rauschendor shared a tip "Why can I not read it"

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myhero_KatsukiBakugo shared a tip "I love it how Warner always I trying to get Juliette to fall in love with him and Adam is just like, "No, sir!""

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lupe_camas shared a tip "Honestly, I enjoy the whole series but looking back at it was a bit dragging and lacking an ending."

Katelyn Pinos's profile image

katelyn_pinos shared a tip "The writing style is amazing, unique. Excited to read the sequel"

angelina_8627 shared a tip "The writing was so different that it kept me on the edge and wanting more!"

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god_save_the_human_ shared a tip "I love everything about it!"

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lia_readss shared a tip "Ahh Im usually not into fantasy but wow I can’t explain how good this book is and how amazing the writer is!!!"

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ann_gorham shared a tip "Love this series!"

taryn_england shared a tip "This is an enemies to lovers series that kills me. I absolutely love this book and all the characters."

jarod_duggan shared a tip "Superpowers"

parker_maxey shared a tip "I loved the writing style sm!! I love how the ending isn't a cliffhanger but u want to read the next book anyway"

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honeybun_b4 shared a tip "I loved it! It was a quick read."

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rachely_gonzalez shared a tip "I loved the whole story! It takes time to follow but it's worth it"

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kayla_jones_7325 shared a tip "AHHHH!!!!! I love this book and the series so much!!! Please read! The last book is chef kiss"

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kc_liz shared a tip "This book is a crazy spin on a red queen kind of series. The emotional detail behind the main character if incredible!"

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rylie_email shared a tip "I am only on the first book and I am already addicted. Once you start reading the Shatter me series you won't be able to stop."

olivia_6484 shared a tip "Definitely. It’s slow in some spots, but otherwise I really liked it!"

Myla Pawielski's profile image shared a tip "I LITERALLY ADORED THIS ENTIRE SERIES"

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anya_russolo shared a tip "Finished this series so quickly!!"

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melanie_marie_9212 shared a tip "Very good dystopian story and a cool love story!"

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abby_menchaca shared a tip "It's such a good book"

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alexis_kingery shared a tip "A must read! This book pulls you in from the first line and keeps you hooked till the last."

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sweetx shared a tip "Such a good book, a quick easy read for sure"

mila_8203 shared a tip "It kept me hooked from the first line"

olivia_1043 shared a tip "Didnt know it was a series so i thought it draged on for a while and then the ending was rushed. It was a good read."

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jules_galgan shared a tip "LOVE. So fast paced. There are always a questions I want answers to."

gia_jacobson shared a tip "Such a page turner! Easy to read!"

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alysa_marin shared a tip "My comfort series… :)"

Anastasia Aldridge's profile image

anastasia_aldridge shared a tip "A mix of unexpected events. LOVED IT."

Anastasia Aldridge's profile image

anastasia_aldridge shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time. The plot was super interesting."

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vivi_marell shared a tip "Not rlly"

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estherrr shared a tip "Love this series!! 🥰🔥"

rachel_morales_2482 shared a tip "literally the most amazing series"

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annabelle_feng shared a tip "just a roller coaster of emotions"

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gabriella_hedden shared a tip "read this book in two days i am completely hooked"

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elizabeth_tjosaas shared a tip "Both"

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ryeley_gravelding shared a tip "I LOVE THE SERIES. by far my favorite series of all time and i cant wait for the new book, believe me, coming out november 16th"

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xphilosx shared a tip "Is it spicy? Like anything above kissing?"

andie_grambo shared a tip "Great enemies to lovers, tons of plot twists throughout the whole series it’s definitely a past paced book series."

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abigail_choi shared a tip "Its a good fantasy/sci fi book. It has some spicy romance🤭 and a really good plot"

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dannie_kaye shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic! Very unique writing style and I identified with the mc immediately."

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sara_maassen shared a tip "I'm not sure, I haven't read any of her other books so I can't compare"

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sophia_vallas shared a tip "My favorite part of the book is the romance, I personally am team Warner"

peyton_hawke shared a tip "it’s such a mix of everything! leadership, friendship, ROMANCE! i’m obsessed!"

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yami_345 shared a tip "Very captivating every page just kept me wanting more"

Peyton Pearcy's profile image

peyton_pearcy shared a tip "stan kenji. carried the series on his back"

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khandez_robinson shared a tip "It was awesome"

Meadow Mageske's profile image

meadow_mageske shared a tip "Absolutely loved this!!💗💗"

emmerson_isabella_p shared a tip "I read Shatter Me In November last year. I loved it!"

karen_ellis_992 shared a tip "10/10 I loved it!"

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abbie_brooks_202 shared a tip "Loved this book!! Made me remember why I still like YA"

Yisel Borges's profile image

yisel_borges shared a tip "I've read her Shatter Me series. I want to make my way through her other two."

taran_kaur shared a tip "Takes a bit to get used to. The first book isn’t the best. But it gets better, trust me."

Brooklyn Tolboe's profile image

brooklyn_tolboe shared a tip "LOVE this book!!"

Brooklyn Tolboe's profile image

brooklyn_tolboe shared a tip "If you love The Selection series, Red Queen, and any dystopian with a little romance, you will absolutely LOVE this trilogy!!"

valerie_ramirez_9860 shared a tip "It a good book for a quick read. You will easily get hooked!"

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grace_ne_d shared a tip "This is what got me back into reading"

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lindsy_lampi shared a tip "Exciting and well written. Its a wonderful ride"

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jessica_humphrey_3360 shared a tip "It was great!"

rian_gray_636 shared a tip "Beautifully written. It definitly catches your attention from the beginning. I read it awhile ago and want to read it again"

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sunday_solana shared a tip "This series is currently my FAVORITE read, it might be a little weird at times but just stick with it!"

kaitlyn lyubelsky's profile image

kaitlyn_l19 shared a tip "This is my absolute favorite series!! I have thought about rereading it again and I finished a week ago!"

Chloe Fannin's profile image

chloe_fannin shared a tip "My favorite series in the whole world!!:)"

Catharina Quilis's profile image

catharina_quilis shared a tip "Literally my favorite series of all time. The way it is written is just poetic."

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crunchwrap shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite book series!"

Karina Haug's profile image

karinahaug shared a tip "Ends on a cliffhanger but it’s apart of a series"

awesome_user_480613 shared a tip "So emotionaly addicting"

Saffron Ratkiewicz's profile image

saffron_ratkiewicz shared a tip "♡"

Jailey Krantz's profile image

jailey_krantz shared a tip "It is jaw dropping, and thrilling! The best book I have ever read"

lauren_shively shared a tip "Enemies to lovers 😍"

emodeafchick shared a tip "This series is one of my all-time favourite reads. Filled with action, romance and danger! Highly recommended."

Cheyanne Gibbs's profile image

cheyanne_gibbs shared a tip "Awesome book! Highly recommend you read it!"

ayasha_williams shared a tip "I LOVEDD the entire series!!! The amount of romance & action was just perfect"

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brieana_murray shared a tip "I loved this book, the romance the thrill it was just so good."

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maddie_morgan_9893 shared a tip "Honestly my favorite book series ever!! It's worth the read"

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truth_ shared a tip "Yup it is! The plot and twists are amazing."

caroline_casson shared a tip "A one sitting read. Excellent debut to a series"

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erica_gadson shared a tip "It is such an engaging and aspiring book. Beautifully written. By far my fave"

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jovonna shared a tip "I AM GOING TO REREAD SOON! SO GOOD"

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hannah_witte shared a tip "I love this whole series! It’s one of my favorite series!"

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khera_renati shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!"

soph_6002 shared a tip "LOVED"

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taylor_london shared a tip "Great book of you love science fiction and romance."

meagan_w_5049 shared a tip "Love this series so much, cannot put it down, quick read but AMAZING!"

sock_1354 shared a tip "The writing style is something I've never seen before and it's the most meaningful thing I've ever read"

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courtney_bishop_987 shared a tip "Slow moving but really good!"

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mckenna_hair shared a tip "Loved this book!! I was so stuck on it and read and read until the end and got the second and third book right away!"

t_halsey shared a tip "So good and exciting"

Kayla.1854 's profile image

Kayla.1854 shared a tip "The drama, the romance. Amazing story 10/10 would read again."

miranda_edmonds shared a tip "The plot mad amazing"

faith_williams_6330 shared a tip "This book is so amazing yes its dark but its a beautiful heartfelt story of love n tragedy."

teia_williams shared a tip "The entire series is my favorite!! Read it all so fast, and the characters are my absolute favorite!"

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