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Working at the local processing plant, Marcos is in the business of slaughtering humans—though no one calls them that anymore.His wife has left him, his father is sinking into dementia, and Marcos tries not to think too hard about how he makes a living. After all, it happened so quickly. First, it w

Author Agustina Bazterrica

Pages 224

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2020-08-04

ISBN 1982151307 9781982151300

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Libby Staebell's profile image

libby_staebell shared a tip "Woah. What a crazy dystopia the author painted for us. What a crazy concept. Kind of loved it."

Katie 's profile image

katie_h_ shared a tip "Holy cow, that ending!!! #dystopia #thriller #twistending"

Emmah Braulick's profile image

emmah. shared a tip "gross dystopia with an almost enraging ending"

mya puello 🪴's profile image

mya_puello_ shared a tip "ending had a good little twist to it."

Babydoll Daydreams's profile image

babydolldaydreams shared a tip "Absolutely love this book! I wish it was longer. 💕"

Megan Jungers's profile image

megan_jungers shared a tip "Def not for everyone but I absolutely loved it."

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shelf.inspiration shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨"

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witchery shared a tip "I just started it and it's so good."

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margoat shared a tip "This book was horrific and disgusting and I couldn’t put it down."

Mackenzie Vickery's profile image

mackenzie_vickery shared a tip "Definitely gross but very well written. Gorey and captivating, very fast read."

Mary Silva's profile image

mary_silva shared a tip "Right now I think it's desperation by Stephen king. Do you?"

Nicole Galit's profile image

nicole_galit shared a tip "It was good, could’ve been better. I’d like more expansion on how the industry started out."

Miranda Higman's profile image

miranda_higman shared a tip "This was a very thought provoking book. Dark and uncomfortable, but not unrealistic."

adilenne_mejia shared a tip "pretty cool"

Sarah Christine's profile image

sarah_christine_5028 shared a tip "It took me a minute to get into it but the ending 🤯"

http.caden shared a tip "perfectly horrifying."

Michelle Carrington's profile image

michelle_carrington_973 shared a tip "Revolting. Do not eat and read! The premise is fascinating, but the animal cruelty chapters completely ruined it for me."

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Éva Molnár's profile image

eva_molnar shared a tip "4/5 stars it was really gross but thought provoking"

LJ Bainbridge's profile image

lj_bainbridge shared a tip "I will never forget this book…the most impactful horror I have ever read"

shaina_carrington shared a tip "Horror. Love weird and different books. Isn’t for the light hearted."

Bailey G's profile image

bailey_g_ shared a tip "Speak is my absolute favorite!"

Rose williams's profile image

grindy shared a tip "Provocative and disturbing. The ending made me want to throw the book across the room in dismay."

Angela Dawson's profile image

angela_dawson_4491 shared a tip "Super dark. Unpredictable ending. Disturbing imagery. Loved it."

Cindy Lane's profile image

cindy_lane shared a tip "It is a lot. I'm a twisty and this was almost too much for me ( a first) but not something you can put down."

Rylie Smiley Grissetti's profile image

rylie_smiley_grisse shared a tip "Even though the book can be grotesque, it keeps you hanging on to every word and craving to know what comes next."

Hailey Pomponio's profile image

hailey_pomponio shared a tip "Everything is unexpected in this book. The ending will crush you"

Noelle Garcia's profile image

noellectric shared a tip "THAT ENDING."

conny_h shared a tip "Definitely a good read. The ending…was a shock."

Giana Sylvester's profile image

giana_sylvester shared a tip "Books hella ****** but good asf #fiction #weird #extreme #messedup #thriller"

Dayana Biggs's profile image

dayana_biggs shared a tip "This book was different than what I had expected. It wasn’t bad,but I’m not sure if I liked it as much as I wanted to."

Kylie Salyers's profile image

kylie_salyers shared a tip "Very good for a rough dystopian. Recommend but check trigger warnings!"

Casey Hilton's profile image

casey_hilton shared a tip "Brutal."

Andrea 's profile image

andreanenita shared a tip "That ending was something else!"

Molly Shanks's profile image

molly_shanks shared a tip "#dystopian_fiction"

Kristen Range's profile image

kristen_range shared a tip "I guarantee this will leave you pondering your humanity."

jamie_lillie shared a tip "This book makes you question your morality. A very short, intense read."

ashley_crandall shared a tip "What a read."

natalie_wing shared a tip "Crazy twists!"

Joey B.'s profile image

joey_b. shared a tip "An unseen, unconjecturable ending in the final paragraph turned this from a 4 star read to a definite 5 star must read."

Marlee Shannon's profile image

marlee_shannon shared a tip "This book was amazing! Disturbing, graphic, beautifully written and impossible to put down. And that ENDING! Wow."

Roadkill 's profile image

picture_frame shared a tip "One of my favorites"

Ashley Shaw's profile image

ashley_shaw_1272 shared a tip "This book is so ridiculously crazy but so well written. Looking for something to completely blow your mind? This is it."

Mandie Regan's profile image

mandie_regan shared a tip "This book sticks with you long after you’re finished. The ending 🤯"

Dawn Yuncker's profile image

dawn_yuncker shared a tip "My daughter and I started this book this morning. I don't know how far along she is but, I just finished. I am destroyed."

Meg An's profile image

meg_an_1449 shared a tip "Certainly an interesting book, it was pretty good, though it felt like it ended too soon. Not a bad ending though."

Tara Duncan's profile image

tara_duncan_9422 shared a tip "Very gruesome. Sometimes hard to stomach. Ending was heart breaking. Great read, but have a strong stomach."

nella_w shared a tip "wow"

Perla Nava-Reyes's profile image

perla_nava-reyes shared a tip "Perfect amount of realism and honesty to the end"

pam_g13 shared a tip "A very fast read, disgustingly captivating… Couldn’t put it down."

Tee 's profile image

soulsticereader shared a tip "Nice plot twist 3out of 5"

kelly_mccrummen shared a tip "Horror"

Jessika Brooks's profile image

jessika_brooks shared a tip "I almost stopped this so many times but im glad I didn't! It was disturbing and unexpecting!! I got my husband to read it!"

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