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Tricia Levenseller, author of Daughter of the Pirate King, is back with an epic YA tale of ambition and love in The Shadows Between Us...“They’ve never found the body of the first and only boy who broke my heart. And they never will.”Alessandra is tired of being overlooked, but she has a plan to gai

Author Tricia Levenseller

Pages 336

Publisher Feiwel & Friends

Published Date 2020-02-25

ISBN 1250189969 9781250189967

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Such a fun read! It definitely is worth checking out!"

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Loved this book! Fantasy, romance, royalty, morally gray characters- what more could you ask for? Highly recommend!"

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alexis_baird shared a tip "I love this book! I wish it was a series because I could not get enough of it!"

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brittani_holster shared a tip "Was shocked by how much I loved this."

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tiff_bee shared a tip "Such a delightful read! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it."

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lilly_maybank shared a tip "LOVED"

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andie_7805 shared a tip "Oh my god, I absolutely loved this book! I love it when characters aren’t morally straight and don’t try to change."

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amity_cowan shared a tip "It’s the best book for a quick read!! I absolutely adored it!"

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reese_dawson shared a tip "I liked it personally but I felt like the ending was rushed but it was a fun read!!"

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christina_dicenzo shared a tip "The two main characters are both terrible people, but you somehow end up kind of rooting for them anyway"

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ariel_hernandez_6039 shared a tip "This is a must read for all those who love enemies to lovers books!!"

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lucarionite9364 shared a tip "Strong main character, never a dull moment, good enemies to lovers romance 💖💖"

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tiffany_schmitz shared a tip "I found the story very captivating and loved the main character as a villianish heroine! I highly recommend it!"

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maddy_joy32 shared a tip "JUST READ IT. ❤️"

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ashley_peterson_3157 shared a tip "I loved this book! Anything similar to it that you think would be worth reading?"

brianna16 shared a tip "In love with this book"

emilie_hunt_5154 shared a tip "Great read! I loved the storyline and crazy plot twist"

charlie_701 shared a tip "Great fantasy book with a nice blend of thing from the past and future, creating an interesting world!"

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jasmine_venner shared a tip "Loved this book and the characters!!!"

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chyanne_stephens shared a tip "This so needs more hype. New favorite fantasy! Just enough mystery and I loved the romance."

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lily_lander shared a tip "LITERALLY BEST BOOK IVE EVER REAF"

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bri_deopere shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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madi_bowling shared a tip "Enemies to lovers written in such a smart way"

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megan_rosolowski shared a tip "I literally did NOT want to put it down!!"

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norah_paige shared a tip "Such a good book, very faced paced and easy to read. The vibes are super badass and I would definitely recommend."

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haley_whorley shared a tip "I LOVED IT SM"

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sarahheb shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! Would definitely recommend!"

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anna0beth shared a tip "I love this book so much!!!"

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makaylaa7 shared a tip "This book is so good!! Pretty clean but definitely some spice. If you read it, what was your favorite and least favorite part?"

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tiffany_seabrook shared a tip "Cute & quick read love story. Fade to black scenes."

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sienna_conrad shared a tip "Super great with a badass protagonist"

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emma_rayne shared a tip "It’s sooo good so many twist it keeps me alive this if my favorite book and I couldn’t live without it!!"

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Sleptin0117 shared a tip "This book is a slow burn but trust me you won’t want to put it down! It was captivating and omg I’m going to reread it again."

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amanda_beard_8857 shared a tip "Audible"

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macy_rhoten shared a tip "Has anyone read this? Sooooo good! I love this book! One of my favorites. 😊"

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stories_lover shared a tip "Loved this book so much!"

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hannah_long_6072 shared a tip "Absolutely my favorite book, the romance, the fantasy. Absolutely amazing!!"

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rose_fueston shared a tip "It was pretty basic concept but entertaining nonetheless. It had good tension."

natalia_garcia_8246 shared a tip "😍😍😍"

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uche_ately shared a tip "Yes"

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bonney_breeze shared a tip "Dark slytherin romance amateur 10/10"

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norah_bair shared a tip "The suspence and tension between the 2 main characters. Also a strong, confident protagonists."

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taylor_h_5440 shared a tip "This book is a nail biter down to the very last page! It was so good and I managed to read the whole book in one day #fantasy"

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sashin_jamo shared a tip "Love love love it! A true Slytherin live story"

carly_clinger shared a tip "COULD NOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH!!!! The tension??? A strong likable female character? Adore itttttt"

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varisha_hussain shared a tip "Good"

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raven18 shared a tip "This book set my standards even higher UGHH. If you like villians go for it. #villain"

kimberly_gonzalez_9904 shared a tip "love this book!"

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olivia_saad shared a tip "Quick read and love the main character. She’s a real “nothing gets in my way” and the King is very likable"

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mykhua_jo shared a tip "yes it was such a good book it was like suspenseful and then cute then it was like oh"

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mikxvii shared a tip "My current read.... such an attention grabber from the start so it’s the perfect thing to pull me out of my reading slump!🖤"

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mary_hannah shared a tip "I managed to finish this book in less than a day! Truly an amazing red!"

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ruby_lochner shared a tip "This is the OG book. The one that got me into all the rest"

aneleise_bland shared a tip "✨Spice✨"

yadhira_marmolejos shared a tip "The characters were amazing"

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alicia_porter_6159 shared a tip "I love the morally gray characters"

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monica_ramos_9065 shared a tip "Really great read...left me wanting book 2!"

sheriyah_jules shared a tip "It was amazing!"

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emily_saint-pierre shared a tip "WOW"

harvard_yuan shared a tip "Based on politics and court life with romance. Two evil people falling in love"

harvard_yuan shared a tip "Based on politics and court life with romance. Two evil people falling in love"

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ellyn_johnson shared a tip "I just couldn’t put it down, finished it in two days!"

calvin_1060 shared a tip "Loved the plot twist and the character development"

emilee_b_3984 shared a tip "SO SO SO GOOD"

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lela_dean shared a tip "It's a great book when you need a break from reading series #enemiestolovers"

user145 shared a tip "Best book ever.The main character was so badass and such a strong protagonist. Shes amazing.Perfect plot twists."

jacqueline_6330 shared a tip "One of THE best books I’ve ever read!!"

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jacke_6418 shared a tip "Couldn’t stop reading."

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ameera_n shared a tip "It was a fun short romance to read and they were really cute together!"

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incog_nito shared a tip "Wonderfully addictive #dark_fantasy"

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anna_mejias shared a tip "Great read one of my favorites, read in four days."

destiny_chambers_3318 shared a tip "i’m a sucker for enemies to lovers... also this has a great badass female lead, a dreamy love interest, and a great plot twist!!"

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kate_feir shared a tip "Compelljng character arc"

molly_slack shared a tip "I read this for 12 hours straight and finished it in that period of time. I love the ending and just the story as a whole!"

bookwormmmm shared a tip "It is once again one of THE BEST books i have read, i read it in less than a day and couldn’t put it down!!"