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Now a Hulu series starring Elizabeth Moss. The Handmaid's Tale is an instant classic and eerily prescient cultural phenomenon, from "the patron saint of feminist dystopian fiction" (New York Times)The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel of such power that the reader will be unable to forget its images and it

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Author Margaret Atwood

Pages 320

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 1986-02-17

ISBN 0547345666 9780547345666


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Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "I haven't seen the show but did read the book a long time ago and remember liking it quite a bit"

A Broke Book Buyer's profile image

BrokeBookBuyer shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

baylee_baker_288 shared a tip "First half was a bit boring, but I got really into the second half. So incredible honestly."

Annika Nicolas's profile image

annika_nicolas shared a tip "Dystopian Future, a dip into a scary reality for females"

Elizabeth Voorhees's profile image

elizabeth_voorhees_3570 shared a tip "Absolutely love it. Very dark and written beautifully."

Lucy 's profile image

luz_maria_ shared a tip "Great book!"

Madeline Brooks's profile image

madeline_brooks_3891 shared a tip "margaret you genius"

Stephanie 's profile image

steph_04 shared a tip "A classic must-read."

Abigail Bennett's profile image

abigail_bennett_9281 shared a tip "Yes 🥰 very good!!"

Gillian McIlwaine's profile image

gillian_mcilwaine shared a tip "Read this book in grade 12 English. Definitely a good book if you like to read between the lines and get angry at a book."

Laura Delaney's profile image

laura_delaney shared a tip "A life-altering book. Makes you rethink your perspective. Couldn't put it down."

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "finished 1.13 — 3.75/5"

Sarah Hall's profile image

sarah_hall_924 shared a tip "Hard to get into also hard to tell when characters were speaking because nothing was in quotations"

Hudson.Andrews shared a tip "Psh, better book"

Shelby Johnson's profile image

shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "This book sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to burn bras in the streets 🔥"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "The book as well as the series is very dark but it’s enjoyable."

liz_hochhalter shared a tip "Beautiful detail. Almost too close to home for comfort"

crow 's profile image

crow__ shared a tip "Amazing"

Marley Sloan's profile image

marley_sloan shared a tip "right now i’m reading “The Secret History”!"

lilmanx shared a tip "interesting story"

sue_dibattista shared a tip "Didn’t enjoy the story."

Alina Gardea's profile image

alina_gardea_7674 shared a tip "Favorite book of all time!"

Nicole Holland's profile image

nicole_holland_1861 shared a tip "Couldn’t focus. I know it’s a really powerful and meaningful book but it’s just too deep for me. Try it out!"

Mia Burroughs's profile image

mia_burroughs shared a tip "A great dystopian novel! Gets you thinking...than stays with you long after the last page"

Christilee Johnson's profile image

christilee_johnson shared a tip "Frightening, powerful, thought-provoking book that had me thinking long after the last page was read."

Player 1738's profile image

player_1738 shared a tip "Its a slow burn but an engaging emotional journey in a haunting dystopia"

Nancy Smith's profile image

nancy_smith shared a tip "An all time favorite!"

Poochamoo 's profile image

Poochamoo shared a tip "This dystopian novel is more leisurely paced than the TV series with a good bit of stream of consciousness."

Snailey 's profile image

Snailey_ shared a tip "best book i’ve ever read"

Cela Watkins's profile image

cela_watkins shared a tip "Leaves you wanting more 🥺"

Erika Lynn's profile image

shelf.inspiration shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨"

kristi_williamswrig shared a tip "your welcome"

Anna Howard's profile image

anna_howard_5947 shared a tip "I can not recommend this book enough. Such a scary dystopian novel compared with our world today."

sarah_joslin_4488 shared a tip "Just as good!"

lynn_stockschlader shared a tip "Perfect mixture of fiction and reality."

lynn_stockschlader shared a tip "It wasn’t fantastic and I thought the series was a bit better, but a decent story."

Traci 's profile image

traci_3205 shared a tip "I'm not sure I have a favorite author as much as I have a favorite way of telling stories!"

grace_jinkins shared a tip "Unpopular opinion, but I hated it…"

Leah Murdock's profile image

leah_murdock shared a tip "Its a classic. The story is slow but thats classics for ya"

Jaime Garno's profile image

jaime_garno shared a tip "On m’y to-read list"

Kim stansbury 's profile image

kim_stansbury_7005 shared a tip "I could not put this down! I’ve watched the show but it does not do the book justice! Amazingly written."

Olivia White's profile image

justliv shared a tip "The shows great! Dark, but shows so much. Amazing choice of actors too."

Katie shoaf's profile image

katie_shoaf_5295 shared a tip "One of my favorites! Written beautifully. Super Inventive, compelling and relevant"

Brave Heart's profile image

brave_heart shared a tip "Very intense book to read. Trigger warning, there are some rape scenes as well as torture."

Evie Cartwright's profile image

evie_cartwright shared a tip "Better than the show, and that’s pretty amazing too. Read it and learn from it."

Alexzandreta Ravenor's profile image

alexzandreta_ravenor shared a tip "First read this for a college English class. I fell in love with it because there are so many themes to explore."

Amaia J's profile image

amaia_j_5802 shared a tip "Very interesting."

a_felix shared a tip "it's really worth the read! especially accompanied by the sequel"

Shelena Johnson's profile image

shelena_johnson shared a tip "Every available episode. It’s thought provoking, anger inducing, riveting...a rollercoaster."

jessica_steele shared a tip "Omg loved this book so much and some of it even happened in history if I’m correct"

Emily Miranda's profile image

emily_miranda_9995 shared a tip "Oh my god! Must be read by everyone period! This should become as much of a dystopian staple as 1984"

Ken Nielsen's profile image

ken_nielsen shared a tip "Yes and thought it was amazing but sad and terrifying at the same time"

K8 fish's profile image

k8_fish shared a tip "So disturbing but an excellent read. One of my favourite authors. If you agree, highly recommend the Oryx and Crake trilogy."

Lisa Cotter's profile image

lisa_cotter shared a tip "It's very good!"

Jules Ryan's profile image

jules_ryan shared a tip "Haven't seen the show yet, but the book is really great."

kandace forsyth's profile image

kandace_forsyth shared a tip "The TV show didnt do it justice. Honestly amazing book"

brandi_odell-yeager shared a tip "No, I haven’t."

Alice Désaulniers's profile image

hhalice_ shared a tip "I didn't watch the show yet! I plan to finish the books and then watch the show like 2 months later :p"

beata_miro shared a tip "It’s amazing. I’m actually reading the testaments currently"

Effie Akis's profile image

effie_akis shared a tip "Yes of course!!!! Sooo good"

Sheryl Murtha's profile image

sheryl_murtha shared a tip "I read it years ago and was fascinated, but many people don’t like it."

Billiejo Fogelsonger's profile image

billiejo_fogelsonger shared a tip "No but would like"

Sara Carroll-Stretesky's profile image

sara_carroll-stretesky shared a tip "Yes"

katie_werner_6743 shared a tip "I havent personally but my husband read Oryx and Crake and that is one of his favorite books!"

Maia Bergan's profile image

maia_bergan shared a tip "An absolutely terrifying yet necessary story that everyone should read."

Nicole McCollough's profile image

nicole_mccollough shared a tip "Definitely"

Veronica Stewart's profile image

veronica_stewart shared a tip "I would 100% purchase that game!"

Toni Vitanza's profile image

toni_vitanza shared a tip "What makes it scary is that it could come true."

shannon_1558 shared a tip "It was written 3 decades ago, yet so much was relevant to today"

melissa_9418 shared a tip "Classic"

Tara Franco's profile image

tara_franco shared a tip "Any Atwood novel is sure to be great."

Sarah Delorme's profile image

sarah_delorme shared a tip "@dolphinchick I read this book right now! So I don't know for this moment but I will answer the question after 🙂"

Bluye Han's profile image

bluye_han shared a tip "Yes, I've been watching the show and I've been enjoying it. 😊"

PR Plans and Reads's profile image

probinson_pawney_ro shared a tip "I read it for the 1st time a few years ago. It stuck with me long after I finished the book."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "7/10"

claudio_d._cabrera shared a tip "My favorite book of all time"

Cynthia Merchant's profile image

cynthia_merchant shared a tip "Finished reading in January"

Juan Morales's profile image

juan_morales_2608 shared a tip "I’m reading the we set the dark on fire series right now by Taylor Kay Mejia"

Cheri Mitton's profile image

cheri_mitton shared a tip "I read this book again when The Testaments came out. The second time was even better than the first!"

Alayne Holland's profile image

alayne_holland shared a tip "I have most of it, but not all of them!"

Helen Trahan's profile image

helen_trahan shared a tip "I actually haven’t watched the show... just read the books..."

artbyjuli shared a tip "Read this when it first came out. It felt “prophetic”"

Meg Elizabeth's profile image

meg_elizabeth shared a tip "Yes! It's so good. Margaret Atwood is involved with it's production."

Sonali Shinde's profile image

sonali_shinde shared a tip "I have. It's pretty good. Very scary 😅"

Kathlene McGuinness's profile image

kathlene_mcguinness shared a tip "It is amazing. They are dufferent in a lot of ways. I recommend anything Margaret Atwood!"

mina_zalnasky_1558 shared a tip "Yes. Thought they were better than the book."

Erin Brown's profile image

erin_brown shared a tip "Book for a melancholy mood"

Emma McElheny's profile image

emma_mcelheny shared a tip "Life before man was a good one too!"

Ross Dent's profile image

ross_dent shared a tip "I have only read this book by her"

Codie-Lee Grindell's profile image

codie-lee_grindell shared a tip "I love this dystopia story. It's honestly very interesting and I think everyone should read this and the second book. #distopian"

Isabel Valencia's profile image

isabel_valencia shared a tip "Yeah, it's kinda slow at first but it gets better as you go on."

Tiffany Nasise's profile image

tiffany_nasise shared a tip "Yup"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Read as a girl in highschool and then read as a women and see how your views change."

Sab Less's profile image

sab_less shared a tip "Its excellent. Like it very much. There are some hard chapters, but the whole story us excellent."

madeline destefano's profile image

madeline_destefano shared a tip "Yes, quite a bit. MaddAddam trilogy and Blind Assassin are probably my faves"

Paola Ketchum's profile image

paola_ketchum shared a tip "I'm actually reading as we speak, but I definitely let you knkw when I'm done =)."

Kira Schmidt's profile image

kira_schmidt shared a tip "Oh god yes. I cant stop thinking about this book."

Kathy Montgomery's profile image

kathy_montgomery_5039 shared a tip "Thought provoking, frightening."

Genevieve Byrnes's profile image

genevieve_byrnes shared a tip "The best"

michelle_124 shared a tip "I feel like this book drags so much. The show is better, in my opinion."

vicky_boisclair shared a tip "Sadly stiil relevant"

Erin Wasson's profile image

erin_wasson shared a tip "It is a timeless classic!!!"

Jodie Edwards's profile image

jodie_edwards_7841 shared a tip "I was left hanging at the end. I’ve heard she recently wrote a sequel so maybe that ties up some things."

Alberto Degiovanni's profile image

alberto_degiovanni shared a tip "Yes! I enjoyed!"

awesome_user_830712 shared a tip "The ballad of snakes and songbirds"

kameron_9628 shared a tip "☺️"

Sarah-Jane Gullacher's profile image

sarah-jane_gullacher shared a tip "Amazing book that sparked a frightening series."

Kristen Dobbs's profile image

kristen_dobbs shared a tip "So good!"

Debbie Tinnirello's profile image

debbie_tinnirello shared a tip "Classic dystopian book with a feminist twist"

Maggie Mallon's profile image

maggie_mallon shared a tip "Honestly I read it so long ago I can’t remember! I just remember liking the book in general. :)"

awesome_user_142621 shared a tip "Outlander books are my favorite"

Holly Cavinder's profile image

holly_cavinder shared a tip "Never seen the show, but the book was always one of my favorites."

alysha_jaramillo shared a tip "Book caught my attention and never lost it. Interesting to hear another’s thoughts."

C Collins's profile image

c_collins_7237 shared a tip "I think it's definitely worth it and that it's an important read, especially for women."

Permanent Tan's profile image

permanent_tan shared a tip "Living Proof by Kira Piekoff. Different genre, but really good nonetheless"

Alexis Vazquez's profile image

oldschoolromantic shared a tip "I recently read Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh! Loved it!"

Gregory Harness's profile image

gregory_harness shared a tip "It's worth it."

A A's profile image

a_a_4751 shared a tip "Just finished reading Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. That was good"

Stefania Bravo's profile image

stefania_bravo shared a tip "I'm rereading The series of Alanna, inmortas and trickster de Tamora Pierce."

Bri Chase's profile image

bri_chase shared a tip "It was a little hard to get through due to personal circumstance but it's totally worth a read"

A Man's profile image

a_man shared a tip "I don't really. There are so many good books out there 🙂 Do you?"

Madison Prendergast's profile image

madison_prendergast shared a tip "it was pretty good, wasn’t a fan of the writing style but the storyline is interesting"

Ardith Boyne's profile image

ardith_boyne shared a tip "The Testaments and The Heart Goes Last also by Atwood."

kelli baker's profile image

kelli_baker_6008 shared a tip "Soooooo good!"

Maggie Reasor's profile image

maggie_reasor shared a tip "Yes! It's almost exactly like the first season of the show if you've watched it. It's cool how closely they got the show!"

Elizabeth Evans's profile image

elizabeth_evans_105 shared a tip "Probably the adult novel I have recommended most often as a must read. And "Testament" was a terrific follow up."

elizabeth_brost shared a tip "great book!"

mikayla_hickey shared a tip "Eye opening about the deep truth of our society still oppressing women"

taylor 's profile image

taylor_vassallo shared a tip "I'm definitely a fan of margaret atwoods writing style. I would recommend this one!"

Kara Hundersmarck's profile image

kara_hundersmarck shared a tip "Right? She's actually my favorite author. I feel like all her writing is very passionate 🙂"

Allie 's profile image

allie_2029 shared a tip "Scarily relatable."

tanya_vincent shared a tip "I agree!! I read the books first then tried to watch the series and didn’t like it :("

Mandi Claussen's profile image

mandi_claussen shared a tip "I just read a book called the Darwin Affair and loved it. It is historical fiction with a murder mystery."

Olivia Vose's profile image

olivia_vose_7561 shared a tip "I can't say enough about this book! It makes me look at things in a new perspective"

Nikki Armlin's profile image

nikki_armlin shared a tip "I loved it! It definitely opened my eyes to what this world could become"

olga_somers shared a tip "Chilling. And also strangely relatable to today’s times."

bailey_nelms shared a tip "I need more books like this."

nancy_robinson_9304 shared a tip "I think everyone should read it. Dark, but powerful."

rebecca_walbecq_5916 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

D X's profile image

d_x_9784 shared a tip "Chelsea, I hope you love it! Tell me your favorite book!"

alex_prime shared a tip "5/5"

Liz A 's profile image

liz_a_9246 shared a tip "Purchased."

Mary Jo Eyler's profile image

mary_jo_eyler shared a tip "Everyone needs to read this!!!"

Kam Horn's profile image

kam_horn shared a tip "One of my favorite reads honestly! It’s one I’ve read multiple times & the sequel is great too!"

Andrea Gomez's profile image

andrea_gomez_4526 shared a tip "I was scared that this was something that could actually happen. It still scares me."

Mashal Anjum's profile image

mashal_anjum shared a tip "Haunting and thrilling"

Ashton Harrell's profile image

ashton_harrell shared a tip "I love the show & the book is just as intense."

kelly_8903 shared a tip "Yes!! Great book"

jen_butkin shared a tip "The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo"

Consuelo Brooks's profile image

consuelo_brooks shared a tip "Love so many, all time fave is East of Eden"

Kate B's profile image

KabDriver shared a tip "Warning: not for kids!! Slightly disturbing content. Very good book though"

Cristina Fernandez's profile image

cristina_fernandez_7930 shared a tip "Fantastic read!"

gord_taylor shared a tip "Prescient…"

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