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Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone fighting against you? Twenty-four are forced to enter. Only the winner survives. In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Each year, the districts

Author Suzanne Collins

Pages 464

Publisher Scholastic

Published Date 2011-12

ISBN 1407133179 9781407133171


Google 4.5


made_mike shared a tip "It’s the best book for a weekend read"

monika_9807 shared a tip "Kimda depressing, very good tho. Basically pioneered dystopian YA books. #hungergames"

maddy_ shared a tip "The Hunger Games is a great book to read!"

Kassidee Lanoue's profile image

kassidee_lanoue shared a tip "I couldn't put these books down!"

sara_anderson_7082 shared a tip "This was a fun young adult novel with intense moments thst kept me reading. Who foesnt love a good dystopian?"

Adelyn Rusli's profile image

the_boopleton shared a tip "This book kept me on edge the whole time wondering about the characters. An awesome read!"

Kari Campbell's profile image

kari_campbell shared a tip "Very good read definitely recommend"

Chantel Carlson's profile image

chantel_carlson shared a tip "Yes!"

Hailey Rose's profile image

hailey_rose_4771 shared a tip "It’s a great dystopian novel !!"

Jena Alston's profile image

jena_alston shared a tip "Yes"

Hannah Gladden's profile image

hannah_gladden shared a tip "The book is absolutely amazing!"

Vejia Johnson's profile image

vejia_johnson shared a tip "Rue or Peeta. Who's your favorite?"

Ash Johnson 's profile image

ash_johnson_482 shared a tip "Yes! It’s really good. The whole series is wonderful."

Myndi Topolinski's profile image

myndi_topolinski shared a tip "I can't explain how important it is for our young people to read about totalitarian governments."

Yonina Kronfeld's profile image

yonina_kronfeld shared a tip "Lots of complexities"

Crystal Cousins's profile image

crystal_cousins shared a tip "I think the first one was the best to be honest. Definitely worth your time"

April Kleinschmit's profile image

april_kleinschmit shared a tip "Yes"

Marissa Armstrong's profile image

marissa_armstrong shared a tip "I have seen the first movie but I don't remember much"

Justin Newsome's profile image

justin_newsome shared a tip "It was a great read, very fast paced. I like the dystopian genre."

Jeffrey Oakes's profile image

jeffrey_oakes shared a tip "Yes the whole series is good if you like a little romance and angst with your end of civilization scenarios."

Dawn Everett's profile image

dawn_everett shared a tip "I have the new book on hold from the library. I should have it in about 6 weeks. Have you read it yet?"

lisa_warren_6531 shared a tip "Yes. All of them. I own them plus the books."

Andi Reese's profile image

andi_reese shared a tip "Peta for the heart and Hamish for the humor."

Sadrianna Koschney's profile image

sadrianna_koschney shared a tip "I dont really have one."

Hannah M's profile image

hannah_m_9435 shared a tip "Everyone should love the HUNGER GAMES! It is awesome. The characters are so well developed."

Eliya JD's profile image

eliya_jd shared a tip "Sunday"

Alma Balderas's profile image

alma_balderas shared a tip "I had to read this for school, but I ended up enjoying it. I highly recommended it. It was a book I found hard to put down."

emily_derby shared a tip "I thought they were really good. Obviously the books were better but it was cool to see them come to life!"

courtney_kramer_9993 shared a tip "Female lead and learning about strength."

katherine shepard's profile image

katherine_shepard shared a tip "You get more detail in the books, it seems to hit me on a more emotional level than the movie"

Mya Price's profile image

mya_price shared a tip "Incredible novel. Couldn’t take a break from reading."

Emily Thoelke's profile image

emily_thoelke shared a tip "This was a fast read. I could not put it down. It was one best written books i have ever read"

sanaya_hull shared a tip "I loved how strong of a character Katniss was. In my opinion she is one of the most realist characters in alot of YA books."

marisen_turetzky shared a tip "The whole thing!!"

Stephanie Naber's profile image

stephanie_naber shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series. Ive even read reread it a few times"

Ruth Hernandez's profile image

ruth_hernandez shared a tip "Yeah why?"

Abby Casamassina's profile image

abby_casamassina shared a tip "I thought the movies were fine. They're fun to watch with other people."

mira_9765 shared a tip "Yes I have! I actually saw them before i read the books, and the books are even better"

Carly Manske's profile image

carly_manske shared a tip "I think they did a really good job adapting the book into film. The actors are all great and all the critical scenes are there"

Brooke Chevrefils's profile image

brooke_chevrefils shared a tip "I have. It's pretty good"

peyton_ashby shared a tip "I do! I read the books beforehand. I like the portrayal of most characters!"

letha_cranson shared a tip "I read the books first but I did enjoy the movies. I liked the books better, I always do though."

Addison Greiner's profile image

addison_greiner shared a tip "Book is much better in my opinion"

Sara Stanley's profile image

sara_stanley_3064 shared a tip "Mockingjay"

felicia_drummond shared a tip "Yeah"

Allie Engle's profile image

allie_engle shared a tip "I loved peeta so much.. Would've loved something from his perspective that revealed the depth to his character. Hbu?"

Diane Walls's profile image

diane_walls_3059 shared a tip "The book is way better than movie"

Violet Simmy's profile image

violet_simmy shared a tip "Same! The first one was the best."

Mary Liz Brooks's profile image

mary_liz_brooks shared a tip "I have enjoyed all the Hunger Games books. Don’t know about her other works."

Brian b's profile image

brian_b_7316 shared a tip "I liked both. Like most movies they don't capture all the details of the book but I thought they were both good nonetheless"

Jana 's profile image

jana_9622 shared a tip "Probably the first for me 😋"

Katherine Ulshafer's profile image

katherine_ulshafer shared a tip "I loved the first one, 2nd was ok, and the 3rd redeemed the 2nd:)"

Kendra Lace's profile image

kendra_lace shared a tip "The end. I can't give away what happened without spoiling it."

Stephanie Tufford's profile image

stephanie_tufford shared a tip "Yeah the first one is definitely the best!"

Verity Lewis's profile image

verity_lewis shared a tip "Literally finished in a weekend."

that gamer girl's profile image

bookwarm shared a tip "It full of so much action I just couldnt stop reading it"

Kate Colvin's profile image

kate_colvin shared a tip "Yes!!! Suzan Collins is amazing!!!!!"

voidwxffles 's profile image

voidwxffles shared a tip "Amazing, especially if you are into dystopia and uprisings!"

Anne-marie Bellemare's profile image

anne-marie_bellemare shared a tip "The third one was filled with suspense! I loved IT! What about you ?"

Ali Berezin's profile image

ali_berezin shared a tip "Awesome series!"

rebecca_gunderson shared a tip "Yessir"

Presley reed's profile image

presley_reed shared a tip "Loved all of them"

Kitty Queen's profile image

kitty_queen_370 shared a tip "The mocking Jay"

Allie Barden's profile image

allie_barden shared a tip "Loved the politics in the book."

nikayla_moses shared a tip "It’s really a great book, my favorite is Catching Fire. But, just for the Peeta Katniss love."

Simple Mediator's profile image

simple_mediator shared a tip "I haven't read any other books grom the author in particular"

Richard Jacobs's profile image

richard_jacobs shared a tip "Yes action packed"

Cameron Schwichtenberg's profile image

cameron_schwichtenberg shared a tip "Mmm... Peeta, Mags, Cinna, a lot of great characters throughout the series."

MEGAN HARRINGTON's profile image

megan_harrington shared a tip "I loved the first two but not mocking jay"

Victoria Jones's profile image

victoria_jones_2782 shared a tip "Books are always better"

Kerry Frank's profile image

kerry_frank_1470 shared a tip "yeah, I believe I have seen all of them, not for a while though. Have you?"

Bijs Davenport's profile image

kokichi shared a tip "Rue"

Billiejo Fogelsonger's profile image

billiejo_fogelsonger shared a tip "Yes and I really liked them"

mimi amsel's profile image

mimi_amsel shared a tip "Yeah"

Dalasia Morrow's profile image

dalasia_morrow shared a tip "Yes it was good"

Kathleen Trindade's profile image

kathleen_trindade shared a tip "I agree with Salim. Book one is fun, and it goes down from there."

Deborah Rodgers's profile image

deborah_rodgers_8902 shared a tip "Gabaldon. Patterson. Robb. How about you? Karin Slaughter is a new fav"

Amanda Hunt-Becker's profile image

amanda_hunt-becker shared a tip "The first one"

Stephanie Collins's profile image

stephanie_collins_6925 shared a tip "Ive only read the first one 😕"

John Tanner's profile image

john_tanner shared a tip "Totally... Same with the movies"

Sharon Hamilton's profile image

sharon_hamilton shared a tip "It kept me engaged."

mystic device's profile image

mystic_device shared a tip "Definitely the first"

Andrea Tavarez's profile image

andrea_tavarez shared a tip "It was really good"

Emma Davis's profile image

emma_davis_1142 shared a tip "I liked that their was action, fantasy, dystopian themes, and a bit of romance. There is something for everyone in it."

Stephanie Laurendeau's profile image

stephanie_laurendeau shared a tip "Yes I think they made a pretty good job for a movie ! :)"

jose_lopez_8631 shared a tip "I have! I really liked the 2nd one. Did you like them?"

Vitali Kauhanka's profile image

vitali_kauhanka shared a tip "Prikolno"

Averi Horak's profile image

averi_horak shared a tip "This a great read completely different than typical dooms day YA reads"

Alicia Pennington's profile image

alicia_pennington shared a tip "Love this book and all of the ones in he series."

Ahnalee Shaw's profile image

pollywoggy shared a tip "Great book for some chill yet interesting action"

Kate Bagshaw's profile image

kate_bagshaw shared a tip "Love love loveeee this series"

April Buchheim's profile image

april_buchheim shared a tip "Well written and suspenseful."

Sashin Jamo's profile image

sashin_jamo shared a tip "It was an adventure worth taking woth a complex caracter in a comlex world"

Lauren 's profile image

lauren_3649 shared a tip "Of just the hunger games book probably the end when Peeta and Katniss pretend to eat the berries"

Carly Sanute's profile image

carly_sanute shared a tip "Loved it"

Lana Goodman's profile image

lana_goodman shared a tip "Loved the plot, super original, kept me on the edge of my seat"

Bailey Sims's profile image

bailey_sims_6786 shared a tip "It was well-written and the plot kept moving forward"

Sarah Montgomery's profile image

sarah_montgomery_2620 shared a tip "Loved it!"

jacqueline_drager shared a tip "Amazing series!"

amanda_i_1337 shared a tip "I read this in one day that is how good it was."

trevor_oquinn shared a tip "Enjoyable with a deeper meaning."

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