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Author Kiley Reid

Pages 320

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019-12-31

ISBN 0525541926 9780525541929

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Google 3.5


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "Excellent debut novel, can’t wait to see what Kiley Reid puts out next."

Amanda Freshour's profile image

amanda_freshour shared a tip "Such a cute book! You will fall in love with the characters. 9/10!"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Six"

Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "I really love this book. I'm so glad I finally read it!"

mackenzie_4592 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book!! The characters felt so real!"

tanya_3053 shared a tip "Good book on coincidences and judging by appearance."

Adrionna 's profile image

theetaurus shared a tip "4 stars, it was a pretty good book"

charis_lyon_2962 shared a tip "I wanted to like this one more than I did but it was just mediocre for me. I didn’t dislike it but didn’t love it either."

Kolika Simmons's profile image

kolika_simmons shared a tip "It was a great book with an incredibly frustrating story filled with awful people."

Riley Foreman's profile image

riley_foreman shared a tip "Humorous with a sharp bite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5"

Gerri D's profile image

gerri_d shared a tip "Fantastic read."

Bailey Edwards's profile image

bailey_edwards_335 shared a tip "I actually really enjoyed this one"

victoria_ryder shared a tip "The ending surprised me!"

Samantha Kuchinski's profile image

samantha_kuchinski shared a tip "Was a reallllyyyyyy slow buildup"

kendyl_5109 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

kasey_forsythe shared a tip "The vibes"

brittany juliana's profile image

brittany_juliana shared a tip "The Sculptress by Minette Walters!! 🤍"

charlotte_sonnenberg shared a tip "I didn’t think the characters were realistic, mainly the mom she worked for."

Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "I love the drama that goes down in this."

LaTisha Vincent's profile image

tishyou79 shared a tip "I listened to the audiobook. I really enjoyed the story and voices."

josephine_quach shared a tip "10/10"

emmeline_guerrero shared a tip "There is finally a name for the type of people I encounter regularly - ALIX."

Heather Sias Starr's profile image

heatherstarr shared a tip "This is the first book I’ve read by her, but I enjoyed it."

Shonna Hill's profile image

shonna_hill shared a tip "Thought provoking, great characters, emotionally compelling"

Dom Mcconnell's profile image

dom_mcconnell shared a tip "Started a little bit slow, but really picked up. About halfway through and I can’t wait to find out what happens!!!"

kathryn_2733 shared a tip "A fantastic read! Couldn't put it down!"

Sarah Donham's profile image

sarah_donham shared a tip "Definitely!"

Krista Bell's profile image

krista_bell shared a tip "A good read about relationships, betrayal, race, and privilege in America. Funny yet frustrating with a crazy twist of events."

Amélie Greene's profile image

ameliee shared a tip "It was good and a great story just did not love the way it was written."

bianca_berken shared a tip "I like female protagonists regardless of …"

Mira Shah's profile image

mira_shah_2193 shared a tip "Ridiculously smart and funny - I couldn’t put it down!"

Lauren Cushing's profile image

lauren_cushing shared a tip "Where the crawdads sing & the James Patterson private series"

Afreen Mirza's profile image

afreen_mirza shared a tip "Didnt not live up to its hype for me personally."

Jackie Paran's profile image

jackie_paran shared a tip "Great for a long weekend!"

Helena Malo's profile image

helena_malo shared a tip "Greatest book of 2020 so far"

Helena Malo's profile image

helena_malo shared a tip "Highly recommended"

Kaitlyn Shokes's profile image

kaitlyn_shokes shared a tip "It was a really good book on race and class. Good insight to white virtue signaling."

Melissa Hordych's profile image

melissa_hordych shared a tip "I can’t narrow it down to one!"

theresa_maher shared a tip "Uncomfortable but an absolutely necessary, well-written book"

melody_singh shared a tip "Page turner"

Mani D's profile image

mani_d_7530 shared a tip "I liked it a lot! A very entangled story."

Sandra Laszkiewicz's profile image

sandra_laszkiewicz shared a tip "Meh. Loved the premise. And the nanny character. The rest. I don’t know. Overall okay."

makenzie_golden shared a tip "Wonderful book! Couldn’t put this one down"

Lauren Headrick's profile image

lauren_headrick shared a tip "Loved this, laughed out loud a lot. This book brings out a lot of emotions"

Ricardo Peralta's profile image

ricardo_peralta shared a tip "Yes"

🫂 's profile image

babebllade shared a tip "Oh wait I see literally everything omg"

Kim James's profile image

kim_james_1070 shared a tip "Loved this book about white privileged, black experience, female issues, and the definition of friendship."

Journie PErez's profile image

journie_perez shared a tip "It’s about a girl who gets falsely accused of kidnapping a child that she baby sits. The drama is literally spicy"

sav_9569 shared a tip "I think so! I thought it was well written and it kept me engaged 😊"

Casey Lapidus's profile image

casey_lapidus shared a tip "such a good modern times, day in the life book for women"

Cheechako Vilagi's profile image

cheechako_vilagi shared a tip "Finished this in two days, funny and light while considering race and levels of privilege."

Melody Simons's profile image

melody_simons shared a tip "Liked the voice in it, and as annoying as some of them were, I liked the characters and their interactions."

hazel_642 shared a tip "Ask yourself as you read, "How would you feel if you were in these situations? How different would you act/react?""

Nichole Reynolds's profile image

nichole_reynolds_1648 shared a tip "Great book"

Rowan Bassingthwaighte's profile image

rowan_bassingthwaig shared a tip "Hunger games is absolutely amazing"

Sara 's profile image

sara_lan shared a tip "Enjoyed this book!! It was thought provoking and touched on racism in such a real way, while still being light and funny."

tarshica_whitehead shared a tip "So funny I couldn’t stop laughing. A page turner for sure"

belize_combs shared a tip "Really really love this book, the characters were complex and it was extremely interesting. 5/5"

Diane Acosta's profile image

diane_acosta shared a tip "Quick, funny, enlightening read."

grace_biondi shared a tip "I think they were definitely lacking there. We were just thrown into it. I was so confused the first few chapters!"

misha_bennett shared a tip "Such a Fun Age was a cute lil story. 😊"

Emily Sitter's profile image

emily_sitter_5157 shared a tip "Could not put this one down!"

karen_riccio shared a tip "Uncomfortable to read but very good"

Lauren Spaniol 's profile image

lauren_spaniol shared a tip "I liked it! It was very thought-provoking."

Dixie Scudiero's profile image

dixie_scudiero shared a tip "It’s so good! You won’t be sorry!"

lindsay_lekkalapudi shared a tip "Best book I’ve read all year"

Eve Buck's profile image

eve_buck shared a tip "Such an important book for white people to read. And just overall enjoyable. Thank so Kiley Reid!"

Andrea Bouchard's profile image

andrea_bouch shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Tina Heusel's profile image

tina_heusel shared a tip "Intriguing story line with a profound poignant storyline we all need to read!"

Sherri Berardinelli's profile image

sherri_berardinelli shared a tip "I enjoyed it."

Raelynn Migliozzi's profile image

raelynn_migliozzi shared a tip "so good!"

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