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All seven eBooks in the multi-award winning, internationally bestselling Harry Potter series, available as one download with stunning cover art by Olly Moss. Enjoy the stories that have captured the imagination of millions worldwide.Having now become classics of our time, the Harry Potter ebooks nev

Author J.K. Rowling

Pages 4236

Publisher Pottermore Publishing

Published Date 2015-12-14

ISBN 1781106460 9781781106464


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amina_qureshi shared a tip "Classic tale that will live with you!"

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login_othman shared a tip "My fav series🥰💕💕"

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caitlin_simonson shared a tip "A magical adventure and one of those series you just have to read and experience."

edward_brzozowski shared a tip "I have seen all of them. If you liked this series, I would highly recommend The Belgariad by David Eddings."

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howlin_yang shared a tip "Good"

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mitchell_nickolson shared a tip "One of the best fantasy series I’ve ever read. Great characters, interesting take on an old premise."

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brooks_2000 shared a tip "I like her as an author and love her books, however I do not enjoy the way she has recently portrayed herself."

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kaylee_ann_morris shared a tip "These are all so so so so good! I really recommend them!"

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rufaida_rahman shared a tip "It’s a series you won’t regret reading!"

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courtney_moeller_8098 shared a tip "This book is not like the movie"

lucas_reis shared a tip "Awsome book!!!!"

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joyce_peery shared a tip "Read them along with my daughter, when she was somewhere around 10 when the first one was published. Great st of books"

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evie_cartwright shared a tip "The beginning of a beautiful, magical friendship"

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daniel_stone shared a tip "Why is this book in the "Banned Books List" its literally in every book store."

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julisa_crocker shared a tip "3rd book- Prisoner of Azkaban! For some reason I have always been drawn to that one the most. You?"

kogul_arumaithurai shared a tip "Loved the whole series."

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cristal_vargas shared a tip "Prisoner of Azkaban"

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melody_vassoff shared a tip "These books are all fantastic. A beautifully imagined world!"

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joanne_haberlin shared a tip "Everyone should read these books.. Young or old 💕"

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jeanne_5866 shared a tip "Amazing books byt never forget j.k rowling is a terf"

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andee_shuster shared a tip "Classic!"

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alex_carlin shared a tip "Favorite is so hard but I love the Half Blood Prince"

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miranda_laymance shared a tip "J.k. Rowling oh yes!"

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karina_cabezas shared a tip "Books are always better! Movies were entertaining but books are always better."

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verna_wilder shared a tip "Timeless stories!"

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lisabeth_allard shared a tip "My favourite books of all time😍"

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isabellae_mceneny shared a tip "Story line and characters"

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maurice_alex_way shared a tip "I enjoyed the series"

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caitlin_boucha shared a tip "A classic, I reread every summer. Love love love my #harrypotter"

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noa_arbeli shared a tip "Have to say it's a tie between the 5th and 6th. How about you?"

lexie_felton shared a tip "Book three. Been my favorite since i was little for some reason"

mckenna_villarreal shared a tip "The first"

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kath_l shared a tip "First or third. You?"

samantha_4874 shared a tip "I definitely loved the Chamber of Secrets and the Goblet of Fire best!"

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undragonable_awesome shared a tip "Very complicated but good"

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kerry_mann shared a tip "I tried to read Causal Vacancy, it never gripped me. I need a book to grab me"

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alexandria_askew_5775 shared a tip "Prisoner of Azkaban! What's yours?"

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sarah_turner_8581 shared a tip "I love Prisoner of Azkaban. A close second is Goblet of Fire."

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flidais_ofthehunt shared a tip "I'd say Luna although I do like Draco too."

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tasneem_s shared a tip "Read the book than watch the movie"

caleb_costin shared a tip "I’ve read all of these 6 times. The audiobooks are great too!"

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autumn_rae shared a tip "Definately the book"

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patricia_boulianne shared a tip "Probably the order of the pheonix"

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adam_fuselier_2076 shared a tip "Hagrid"

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nicole_gonzales_5013 shared a tip "Yes, the books are so much better. Still liked the movies though."

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taylor_crawford_3698 shared a tip "Definitely the third!"

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christine_mcelhone shared a tip "Imo this series should be required reading for everyone."

lane_5292 shared a tip "I liked the first as well :D"

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shelby_ross_274 shared a tip "I feel like harry potter is a bit over rated but its a good collection of books for every age group!"

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salth2omermaid shared a tip "Such a great series 👏 🙌 👌"

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ashlee_trensey shared a tip "yes"

caitlyn_8072 shared a tip "I am OBSSESED with Harry Potter! It is such a amazing series for the book and movies."

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alexis_johnson_8341 shared a tip "I would have to say my favorite character is Hermione. Whats yours?"

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asia_franklin shared a tip "I really love harry potter im in love with it i watch the movie thos book is my favorite"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Stunning. Its beautiful the way the author put this together."

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kylie_fink shared a tip "The Prisoner of Azkaban"

tasha_young shared a tip "It’s a great read! It draws you in and it’s hrd to put the books down!"

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monique_mcdonald shared a tip "Love reading books in series"

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noah_richardson shared a tip "The 3rd"

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lindsay_mcgee shared a tip "Prisoner of Azkaban!"

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deleted_user_1617455922720 shared a tip "Love it!"

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viktar_kaniushyk shared a tip "test"

sara_8171 shared a tip "I love Luna. Shes def. My favorite character. But book wise I really like the goblet of fire."

bahar shared a tip "highly suggest reading the free ebooks online instead of actually buying the books -- don't support the author 😊👍"

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gnawh shared a tip "I liked the fourth one the best!"

lauryn_steinberger shared a tip "As in most cases, books are always better."

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connie_case shared a tip "Love these books could read them over and over again"

camila_olexy shared a tip "The first one"

jackie_parenteau shared a tip "Loved it so much and wanted to make me read all the time"

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farrah_ahmed shared a tip "What didn’t i like?"

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deleted_user_1599259940695 shared a tip "Grew up reading them and I listen to the audiobook (Jim Dale does an amazing job) for background noise almost everyday!"

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sandie_troop shared a tip "Just fun"

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c_lynch shared a tip "I'm not a fan of Rowling as a person, but these books are fantastic."

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grace_2675 shared a tip "Loveeee"

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mary_souza_4489 shared a tip "The 4th on is my favorite!"

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kasi_thompson shared a tip "Seen them all! :) We own all the books and movies. We have also been collecting the new illustrated versions for our kids."

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skye_farley shared a tip "While I do not agree with the author stance, the series is phenomenal"

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jessica_watkins_9356 shared a tip "All time favorite books!"

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teresa_presley shared a tip "Love it!!!!!"

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lexi_green_6952 shared a tip "Love, love, love!"

theaira shared a tip "The Harry Potter books has everything you need in a young adult series!"

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sharon_hamilton shared a tip "I devoured the entire series"

emy_dallaire shared a tip "I first read it when i was 7 years old and i still love it❤"

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aiden_schroeder shared a tip "Love the books plot"

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nora_jackson shared a tip "Loved reading all the Harry Potter books"

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amanda_whitney shared a tip "The 7th i couldn't put it down i read it in 1 day"

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rebecca_walker_8336 shared a tip "I only read the Harry Potter series by her. I loved the books though."

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penelope_hoffman shared a tip "I loved the books growing up. Now i’m reading them to my aeven year old son. He loves them."

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morgan_wyatt shared a tip "Different feels every time you read it"

amanda_moreno_3846 shared a tip "my all time favorite franchise EVER"

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rachel_seagraves shared a tip "Easy read that keeps me coming back for more."

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thersea_piatt shared a tip "I like books about magic and mythological creatures. It was enjoyable to read."