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* Instant NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller ** GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNER for BEST DEBUT and BEST ROMANCE of 2019 ** BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR* for VOGUE, NPR, VANITY FAIR, and more! *What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?When his mother became President,

Author Casey McQuiston


Publisher Perfection Learning Corporation

Published Date 2021-06

ISBN 1663617651 9781663617651

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Melissa Solis's profile image

melissa_solis shared a tip "#enimestolovers I was cheering for them the whole time."

Rebecca Breault's profile image

rebecca_breault shared a tip "I liked the drama about the president and the royal family"

Ed/Steve 's profile image

stupid0-0Cupid shared a tip "I was gushing this whole book"

Klay 's profile image

thatonehistorynerd shared a tip "Enemies to lovers anyone? Absolutely loved this book from Alex’s snarky humor to henrys anxiety its all perfect."

Nydia Lopez's profile image

nydia_lopez_973 shared a tip "It's actually the next book I'm going to read"

Dennishiel 's profile image

dennishiel shared a tip "This was a really good read! I love the email & text dialogue in this book!🥰🥰 I hope you enjoy!💕💕"

levi <3 (he/they)'s profile image

rattoesareyummy shared a tip "it was amazing. i know it was already super popular but if you haven’t yet read it, you should"

Mica Hart's profile image

mica_hart shared a tip "It is a fun and fast moving family that romance that has restored so much of my faith in american identity."

sadi_8259 shared a tip "yes! my favorite is “Dead Beautiful” by Yvonne Woon :)"

jay_2382 shared a tip "bussin"

mia_alyse shared a tip "i’m loving the summer i turned pretty trilogy !!"

melly 's profile image

poptartdookie shared a tip "go for it, it’s so good for people who like a mix of enemies to lovers and royalty/ high status people !!"

Jewel JG's profile image

jewel_jg shared a tip "This would be one of my favorites, but Song of Achilles has my heart. 😁"

lauren_massaro shared a tip "i honestly just live for the happy endings and the fluff lol, hbu?"

emery_gomez shared a tip "absolutely love this book, the comedic relief, tears, sexual tension, all of it is simply amazing!!"

mcokeefe99 shared a tip "I love Henry & Alex’s relationship and there witty humor & banter always make me laugh!"

Stormy Schleich Studios's profile image

stormy_schleich_stu shared a tip "This book is my first favourite book  highly recommend  "

Matilda 's profile image

matilda_2362 shared a tip "Yes, my favorite book is The Sun is also a Star. What is your favorite book?"

Rin Hatanaka's profile image

booklover_rin shared a tip "THE DIALOGUE. it's so casual and funny omg"

QuietRain 's profile image

quietrain shared a tip "This was a great LGBTQ+ book. It is spicy at points tho."

Lyyeesshh 's profile image

lyeesh_b shared a tip "Currently reading the love hypothesis!!! It’s so so so good! What about you ?"

JJ 's profile image

jordynifty shared a tip "I don’t know why I just didn’t really like this book. But I did love the email bits the end was pretty cute too."

EmmaJames 4867's profile image

emmajames_4867 shared a tip "i **** you not this is one of the best books i’ve ever read"

Charles Wolford's profile image

charles_wolford shared a tip "It was very romantic"

soso! 's profile image

sosoreads shared a tip "SO PERFECT OMG."

Alex Starz's profile image

alex_starz shared a tip "It was a great read"

Abby 's profile image

abigail_g_8433 shared a tip "Never thought the results of an imaginary US presidential election would make me cry like a baby but here we are lol"

emma_luna_larralde shared a tip "AMAZING!!! 10/10 recommend"

Tela Hamric's profile image

tela_hamric shared a tip "Probably one of the funniest books I've ever read."

Nikita Raper's profile image

nikita_raper shared a tip "Hilarious, charming, well-written and engaging!"

Harleigh Abbott's profile image

harleigh_abbott shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book. Finished it within two days!!"

shawn_smith_2989 shared a tip "Love it"

xzandria 's profile image

xzandria shared a tip "it was funny and charming and ofc we love a good gay romance😊 #comedy #romance #lgbtq"

Kirstin Hazell's profile image

kirstin_hazell shared a tip "There aren’t enough words to explain how much I loved this book!!! #mustread #love"

Tess Lauren Holtzman's profile image

tess_lauren_holtzman shared a tip "Smart funny modern & refreshing"

Taylor Carter's profile image

taylorr_carter shared a tip "This was my favorite books I’ve read in awhile. It was the perfect balance of everything I could ask for."

heather_tart shared a tip "It was hard for me to put this book down!"

lauren h's profile image

lauren_h_8965 shared a tip "super cute love story!"

Vanessa Spencer's profile image

vanessa_spencer_594 shared a tip "Chemistry"

Katelyn Wolfmeier's profile image

katelyn_wolfmeier shared a tip "fav novel ever"

ally jane's profile image

allison_sisson shared a tip "absolutely loved this book!! it has my fav trope and was super funny:)"

Julie P's profile image

julie_p_6683 shared a tip "Really great read. Well-paced and relevant."

Noah Bowersox's profile image

noah_bowersox shared a tip "It is very gay"

theaira shared a tip "Loved it!"

caiti_carlson shared a tip "So cute ! Had me finishing it in my car after work because I couldn’t wait to get home."

Ray Eisenberg's profile image

ray_eisenberg shared a tip "A-MA-ZING"

amanda_trompeta shared a tip "Loved it! Such relatable characters and spicy romance"

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