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Aspiring published author. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, you name it I read it and write it!


I love how the story came full circle from book one. Murderbot continues to be exceptionally endearing and I'm so attached to them and the human crew they've befriended. This book is an excellent addition to the series!

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Exit Strategy


Another win for the Murderbot Diaries. Miki, what a delightful champ. Loved the interactions between Murderbot, Miki, and the human crew. And once the action started it didn't stop. Another engaging installment.

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Rogue Protocol


Short and sweet like the first book and a ton of fun! Murderbot continues to be a delight especially with their interactions, both friendly and violent, with the characters they meet.

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Artificial Condition

Books | Martha Wells

Quick and entertaining. Murderbot is quite charming and the human characters are enjoyable. I'll be reading the next book for sure.

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All Systems Red

Books | Martha Wells

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