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In the explosive finale to the epic romantic saga, Bella has one final choice to make. Should she stay mortal and strengthen her connection to the werewolves, or leave it all behind to become a vampire?When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options. How could you run, how could y

Author Stephenie Meyer

Pages 768

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2008-08-02

ISBN 0316032832 9780316032834

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Charleene Alvarez's profile image

charleene_alvarez shared a tip "Yes, it's totally worth it, and I haven't read this book before but at least you should give it a try! @serenabaker"

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rebecca_2320 shared a tip "It's a silly read if you've read the others. Enjoyable, but not life changing (at least not for me)."

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brittney_enzian shared a tip "Kinda like when Edward married Bella and when Bella turned into a vampire"

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sherri_maserang shared a tip "Great series #vampires"

valery_flores shared a tip "no i don't atm i just recently started getting into books :)"

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chrissy_laws shared a tip "No problem"

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danishia_buchanan shared a tip "Sorry this is late, not right I’m not. I am trying to find a good book"

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kym_myers_thomas shared a tip "Yes"

Kaylin Bruce's profile image

kaylin_bruce shared a tip "I honestly can’t pick a favorite! I love these books so much."

cindi_monks shared a tip "Tbh is been so long since I've read it I need to read the whole series again! Lol"

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amanda_gardner_7041 shared a tip "It is. I've already read it a dozens time."

Alexys Robbins's profile image

alexys_robbins shared a tip "I think my favorite was being inside Jacob’s head he is so arrogant and infuriating but that’s kinda the thrill of it. 😂😂"

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LESBIANBARBIE shared a tip "this book was horrible to get through during Jacob's pov"

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whitney_besherse shared a tip "I think my favorite part of this book is for sure the final “fight” scene"

hannah_lilly_3419 shared a tip "I would definitely read the twilight series. The books are better than the movies."

genesis_ortiz_6707 shared a tip "Ooh I’m ruining Midnight sun"

Darcey Lynn's profile image

darcey_lynn_4433 shared a tip "yeah! you should read them in order though."

alliyah_jennings shared a tip "I love the whole series but this was definitely the best one out of all four 💖"

riley dofelmire's profile image

riley_dofelmire_1097 shared a tip "your welcome just make sure you read the whole series"

Léonie Schmittbiel's profile image

lonie_schmittbiel shared a tip "Yes ! I’ve seen all the movies but I preferred the books ! You ?"

kelsey_7979 shared a tip "Hasn’t aged well- but I loved it as a teen!"

Janel Sullivan's profile image

janel_sullivan shared a tip "I read the whole series years ago but loved them! Quick, easy reads."

Monica Twiss's profile image

monica_twiss shared a tip "Yes, it is worth the read."

Heloisa Collier's profile image

heloisa_collier_8943 shared a tip "I’m about to start the girl in the train :)"

Erminia Hoeppner's profile image

erminia_hoeppner shared a tip "New moon was my favorite of all of them"

christine_feeser shared a tip "Yes! Soo good!"

Elyn Rene's profile image

elyn_rene shared a tip "I think breaking dawn has to be my favorite from the series!"

Caitlan Castle's profile image

caitlan_castle shared a tip "I read Dracula for the first time this week and loved it! I also read Frankenstein and Candide and enjoyed those books too."

jaime_3411 shared a tip "I just read Verity by Colleen Brown. Romantic psychological thriller. Quick read, a little graphic at times, but good!"

jaime_3411 shared a tip "Sorry Colleen Hoover, not Brown…"

Tori Kathleen's profile image

tori_kathleen shared a tip "I like anything by Natasha Preston. How about you?"

Tanya Pearrell's profile image

tanya_pearrell shared a tip "As long as you’ve read the first three, yes. It does wrap everything up"

Lakota Dillon's profile image

lakota_dillon shared a tip "I honestly think it could've been done a bit better, but still did a good job."

aimee_cammarata shared a tip "I love A Court of Thorns and Roses series"

Katarina Farry's profile image

katarina_farry shared a tip "i’m reading the 1st divergent book, it’s really good"

lyndsay_7766 shared a tip "If you're into mythical vampire love stories then the whole twilight series is worth the read."

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danielle_altema shared a tip "Definitely!!!"

haydee 's profile image

nothidee shared a tip "I think it’s worth reading at least once!"

Edith Hammond's profile image

edith_hammond shared a tip "I audio read the black dagger brotherhood"

gina_amaro shared a tip "The crave series by Tracy Wolff"

anne_beswick shared a tip "All of them :-)"

Just_Jenny 's profile image

just_jenny_4450 shared a tip "Yeah it is!"

Rylie Garmon's profile image

rylie_garmon shared a tip "A touch of darkness by Scarlett st. Claire"

Paige Brunelle's profile image

paige_brunelle shared a tip "I think the books are indefinitely better than the movies. I think it is worth a try for sure"

bianca 's profile image

biancaa18 shared a tip "It really is! There’s a series of the collection, and this is the last book in the series."

mallory_hackler shared a tip "Same!! The 1st in a series is always hard to beat!"

Emilie Heller's profile image

emilie_heller shared a tip "This book is the best book on the planet you have to read it"

Taffney Eustache's profile image

taffney_eustache shared a tip "Yes!! I just lovee the series! The booke are so much better than the movies!"

Kandice Manning's profile image

kandice_manning shared a tip "I don’t really have one.. yet"

Tiania Dredden's profile image

tiania_dredden shared a tip "I’ve only watched the movie I haven’t actually read any of the books"

Samantha Davidson's profile image

samantha_davidson shared a tip "It’s apart of a series! You should read twilight first. When I first read it I couldn’t"

Sandra Funk's profile image

sandra_funk shared a tip "Great story finale"

haley_peterslie shared a tip "Only thing I didn’t like was how fast the book was moving"

Nikita Arjun's profile image

nikita_arjun shared a tip "Hmmm currently “Think Like A Monk” by Jay Shetty! How about you?"

alaina h's profile image

alainamarie_h shared a tip "of course."

Aleah Handy's profile image

aleah_handy shared a tip "I liked them all"

Jessie Sanders's profile image

jessie_sanders shared a tip "Yes, really good!!"

sophie_barrett shared a tip "Definitely the first one, how the first met and the way he felt so protective of her was amazing"

Amanda Fowler's profile image

amanda_fowler_6280 shared a tip "New Moon I would say! The struggle Bella has to face, loosing Edward and Jacob finding himself.. alot of growth in that movie."

Jocie Weatherford 's profile image

jocie_weatherford shared a tip "Alice has always been my favorite from this series"

shelby_hasty shared a tip "I would have to say the first one is also my favorite but the second one is a close second place!"

keziah shaw's profile image

keziah_shaw shared a tip "@dolphinchick book wise my favorite was Eclipse, movie wise breaking dawn"

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amber_pritchard_2510 shared a tip "#love"

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madelyn_connor shared a tip "Yesssss it so good you have to"

Madelyn Connor's profile image

madelyn_connor shared a tip "Yesss its so good you have to😍😍😍"

Alley Mangar's profile image

alley_mangar shared a tip "@ellaanderson it's cliché but the wedding! The book has such amazing imagery, my imagination ran wild with it!"

Alexandria Mcnicholas's profile image

alexandria_mack shared a tip "If you have read the other books in the series yes!"

briana_taylor_7931 shared a tip "It has been years since I've read this book but I think you should! I've always loved the series."

phoenix_mchenry shared a tip "Kresley Cole is a goddess. You can do no wrong in the mythical world with anything she does."

phoenix_mchenry shared a tip "That comment was meant for you. 😜"

sarah_millward shared a tip "I love this series!"

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