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AN INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND #1 USA TODAY BESTSELLER In the follow-up to It Happened One Summer, Tessa Bailey delivers another deliciously fun rom-com about a former player who accidentally falls for his best friend while trying to help her land a different man... King crab fisherman Fox Thornto

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Author Tessa Bailey

Pages 400

Publisher HarperCollins Publishers

Published Date 2022-03

ISBN 0063045699 9780063045699


Google 4.0


Life 's profile image

life62739 shared a tip "Really in joyed this book.Loved Foxes and Love how we to got see Hanna connect to her father. 3/5"

tamara_carman shared a tip "The s*xual tension was the perfect balance for me and I like the main characters."

suzanne_florey shared a tip "Super cute story that definitely kept me wanting to read more even though I knew the ending. Likable characters as well."

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Very cute. Read in 2 sittings. Love Fox and Hannah!"

Cara Grant's profile image

cara_grant shared a tip "Great"

Tania 's profile image

taniaxlee shared a tip "Just finished this book. Absolutely in love"

seriah_227 shared a tip "Not all it’s hyped to be, but it’s still a good book.. it had its moments… both good and bad.. Love the girl in here!!!"

Aubrey Teague's profile image

aubrey_teague shared a tip "5/5✨"

Lucy 's profile image

luz_maria_ shared a tip "I loved this book. The chemistry between Hannah and Fox felt so genuine"

Hope Robbins's profile image

hope_robbins shared a tip "It was alright, a little over hyped but I did enjoy the dynamic of the stubbornness in them both."

emily_williams_2362 shared a tip "This one captivated me way faster than It Happened One Summer. I really enjoyed this easy read."

Chelsi Mcmahan's profile image

Raynemaster24 shared a tip "Another hit from Tessa! Anything this women writes is Gold"

Madi Glatfelter's profile image

madi_glatfelter shared a tip "Cute story, I liked how she decided to show us both characters povs and help us understand their struggles."

Michelle Sabourin's profile image

michelle_sabourin_6413 shared a tip "Fast, flirty read."

samantha_phothirath shared a tip "Sweet friends to romance book. All the feels!!"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "So cute!!! Read it in two days."

addie_mcdaniel shared a tip "such a good read! kinda slow burn but the tension is SO GOOD! def in my top 5 books!"

hope_brewer_8351 shared a tip "perfect amount of romance!!"

Julia 's profile image

julia_jarrells shared a tip "New favorite book 👌🏼"

Angela Schwab's profile image

angela_schwab shared a tip "💜"

Lex Benedict's profile image

lex_benedict shared a tip "Super cliche, repetitive, no real plot"

julia_britton_9223 shared a tip "It was so good and got better the more I read it! Very sensual and intriguing."

lyndsey_co shared a tip "Loved it!!!!!!"

Hails 's profile image

hails.ham shared a tip "Its written in the 3rd person and it threw me off. Ended up skipping the last few chapters and just reading the epilogue."

grace_mae_7536 shared a tip "the summer i turned pretty books, im obsessed!"

grace_mae_7536 shared a tip "the summer i turned pretty books! i’m obsessed!"

brittany_bell_8760 shared a tip "Might be one of my new favorites. Loved the story line"

lilyan_brown_550 shared a tip "It was third pov and I don’t like to read like that"

Fabi .G's profile image

fabi_.g shared a tip "Love it"

Kim Zuniga's profile image

kim_zuniga shared a tip "I liked this one a lot more than the first one."

Aly Troiani's profile image

alyzt4 shared a tip "Obsessed with this book! Can’t wait to reread!"

Kiki Duval's profile image

kiki_duval shared a tip "no one and i mean NO ONE is ready for the epilogue. the character development and connectivity with audience, WOW."

rochelle_raska shared a tip "Hated the texting back and forth."

Alessandra Busche's profile image

alessandra_busche shared a tip "I didn’t realize this was the second book when I picked it up. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the first!!"

Anna Price's profile image

undeniablyanna shared a tip "Omg obsessed with Hannah and Fox!!"

Tominyin Faleye's profile image

tominyin_faleye shared a tip "Youre welcome😁"

Janie McColman's profile image

janie_mccolman shared a tip "It draws you in and makes it impossible to set down"

Katie Colantuono's profile image

katie_colantuono shared a tip "Katie: pretty good!"

Casey Cover's profile image

casey_cover shared a tip "Not my favorite but it was cute."

mcokeefe99 shared a tip "I love fox and Hannah!! But Hannah’s passion for music is even better!!"

Emily Sterantino's profile image

emily_sterantino shared a tip "I don’t know if I could pick a favorite. There is way too many to chose from lol"

Aaliyah B's profile image

aaliyah_b_7238 shared a tip "of course!!"

Ellie Vaughn's profile image

ellie_vaughn_4318 shared a tip "I just started reading this and I can’t get into it. I’ve seen a lot of people recommend this though. Does it get better?"

brianna_golden shared a tip "I loved this one just as much as the first book!"

amy_7058 shared a tip "Love anything Tessa LOL, but Archers voice by Mia Sheridan is a favorite right now too!!!"

kate_dufour_641 shared a tip "worth the read! love that she’s confident with or without him!"

OutlawLady 575's profile image

outlawlady_575 shared a tip "This, in my opinion, is even better than the first one!"

Monica Herrera's profile image

monimel703 shared a tip "This book was so good!!! I could not put it down!!"

kate_pittman shared a tip "No"

shannon_grewell shared a tip "It wasn’t as good as the first book but Fox was a sexy character."

sophia_84 shared a tip "So good! Fun read, epilogue was great too!"

Aurianne Bosc's profile image

aurianne_bosc shared a tip "Nice read! Enjoyed it!"

paige_mccabe shared a tip "so funny and warm loved the friends to lovers trope"

Fiona 's profile image

fionaasmo shared a tip "I really really loved this book, it was perfectly my style."

Kristy Gomez's profile image

kristy_gomez_ shared a tip "I loved the romance. however is told in 3rd pov"

Courtney Wallace's profile image

courtney_wallace_6460 shared a tip "After finishing "It Happened One Summer" I could not wait for Hannah and Fox's story and Tessa Bailey did not disappoint."

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