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Author Tomi Adeyemi

Pages 448

Publisher Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

Published Date 2018-03-06

ISBN 1250170982 9781250170989


Google 3.5


Meagan Khatthaname's profile image

meagan_khatthaname shared a tip "Loved all of the African Mythology. Beautiful story telling and strong female characters"

Mike Parrone's profile image

dinomike shared a tip "Haven’t flown through a book this quickly in a while. Fast paced fantasy that’s for sure a #pageturner"

Sarah Brown's profile image

sarah_brown_5943 shared a tip "SO disappointing. The world was incredible but the pacing was so bad and the main romance was terrible."

Taylor Bennett's profile image

taylor_bennett_8544 shared a tip "The story is so intricate and the different perspectives really bring to life all the characters"

Hermine (she/her)'s profile image

nothermione shared a tip "SO GOOD!! MUST READ!!"

Darcy Fain's profile image

darcy_fain shared a tip "Absolutely hooked me in. The bravery of Zelie makes me feel proud to be a young woman."

Nancy 's profile image

nancy_2271 shared a tip "I was enthralled. Couldn't put it down."

NotABookManiac 's profile image

notabookmaniac shared a tip "Loved the book! The other books in the series let me down, not my style too much but I am in love with this book!"

Lightshade The Fox's profile image

lightshade_the_fox shared a tip "The most amazing book I've ever read, great storyline great everything omg ahhhhhhh"

Liz Beauchamp's profile image

liz_beauchamp shared a tip "This one was long but had so much detail. So many emotions packed into one book"

Nyla Edwards's profile image

nyla_edwards_3418 shared a tip "Stunning, gripping, totally worth the buy!!"

Sara Aiello's profile image

sara_aiello shared a tip "In"

cadence_koch shared a tip "I am absolutely loving the Crave series!! Definitely recommend"

Lex Benndley's profile image

lex_hun shared a tip "What a beautiful ending message!"

Tee Em's profile image

tee_em shared a tip "One of my favourite series is Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. How about you?"

Kimberly Gosal's profile image

kgosal shared a tip "First book that has really got me excited in a long time! Looking forward to the next installment spring 2019! 😁"

[shelby] 's profile image

pvnkpixi3 shared a tip "My favorite kind of book: magic and black folk!"

K The Grey's profile image

k_the_grey shared a tip "The battle scenes."

Brianna Moore's profile image

bri_moore5706 shared a tip "This is a great book. Fantasy/Magic. Had some plot twists which are always fun.."

Lindsey Almeida's profile image

lindsey_almeida shared a tip "The audiobook is is great!!!"

Chancy Kelley's profile image

chancy_kelley shared a tip "What can I say, if you dont know this book you desperately need to!"

Arielle 's profile image

arielle_5980 shared a tip "Almost done with shallow waters! Then moving to Many lives, many masters!"

Brave Heart's profile image

brave_heart shared a tip "So much pain and sadness in this book, but also triumph."

lexi_251 shared a tip "I have not yet read this book if you have leave a comment please"

l_j_r shared a tip "To be honest I listened to an audiobook of this one, it was great!!"

l_j_r shared a tip "Also, HI!!! I am new to this app and don't know how to personal message you, but it's so nice to hear from you after so long!!"

chaqzza Njalaleh's profile image

chaqzza_njalaleh shared a tip "If you liked this book try daughters of Nri"

frances_johnson_2914 shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

Roxanne Shaunte's profile image

roxanne_shaunte shared a tip "Absolutely love this book! The story is great, makes you feel magic was once alive and takes you on a journey to restore it"

Megan 's profile image

megan_cavallaro shared a tip "Love this storyline! Unique magical world!"

Emily Allen's profile image

emily_allen_9179 shared a tip "Culturally rich and great start to a series"

Victoria Ibrahim's profile image

victoria_ibrahim shared a tip "I was glad to find a sequel and found i couldn't put it down either."

Rebecca LaPointe's profile image

rebecca_lapointe shared a tip "Fantastic read!"

Lakisha Terrance's profile image

lakisha_terrance shared a tip "I was wrap in the pages for hours."

BAKER !'s profile image

baker_ shared a tip "This book is an absolute page turner! And surprising is filled with romance!!!🥰🥰"

Shannon D Simmons's profile image

shannon_d_simmons shared a tip "The Circumference Of Any Bone Blood And Child Of Any Heritage Exceeds The Not Want Toos"

2018awesomenerd .'s profile image

2018awesomenerd_. shared a tip "Definitely a book full of plot twists. It’s a good book for a YA reader."

Arianne Miller's profile image

arianne_miller shared a tip "I do"

Brooke Pepper's profile image

brooke_pepper shared a tip "I really liked it. I’m waiting to get ahold of the next in the series."

Bethany Holmes's profile image

bethany_holmes shared a tip "LOVED IT"

Misunderstood Mayo's profile image

misunderstood_mayo shared a tip "So far I'm at chapter 4 and I love it! Thanks for the recommendation @ella_raines and @ava_e_4538"

Zaphir Adams's profile image

zaphir_adams shared a tip "A new perspective i needed."

cayla_wilson_7356 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down"

Galaxy Turtle's profile image

zai_ shared a tip "it is the most interesting book i have read"

Bella Schoofs's profile image

bella_schoofs shared a tip "Thrilling and full of the magic i dream about♡"

Colby Streeter's profile image

colby_streeter shared a tip "Refreshing!"

Peyton Pearcy's profile image

peyton_pearcy shared a tip "stan zelie for clear skin"

Bettina Jones's profile image

bettina_jones shared a tip "I loved this book"

C Timmons's profile image

whatevertheweather.ct shared a tip "Amazing book. Loved all of the character development and storytelling. A little slow in some parts but very worth the wait"

Maddie Biscotti's profile image

thestarfly shared a tip "We picked this book without knowing much about it, and loved it despite its length and some of the darker themes."

Cayenne Martin's profile image

cayenne_martin shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! It has quite a few plot twists, and it also has a monarchy. I would definitely recommend this book!"

Refilwe Carroll's profile image

refilwe_carroll shared a tip "I loved this book. It kept me captured throughout."

jasmine_holt shared a tip "Yeah it’s when she got her powers"

Tatyana Boddie's profile image

tatyana_boddie shared a tip "The book was so good but it felt rushed around the end and the romance was poorly thrown in and unnecessary."

Stephanie Diehl's profile image

stephanie_diehl_610 shared a tip "Such great world building!"

Sarah Krieger's profile image

sarah_krieger_6158 shared a tip "This was a recommendation I saw on The Today Show a few months ago. It is so worth the read! Loved it!"

Riley Jo's profile image

riley_jo shared a tip "Amazing series! Brilliantly written and wraps you up in the world as soon as you open the book!"

A_Cash 's profile image

a_cash shared a tip "One of the best book I’ve read in a while!"

Knight du Stylo's profile image

knight_du_stylo shared a tip "So many! But what stood out to me most, was when the group was in the middle temple learning about the Orishas."

catherine_baker_5852 shared a tip "By far one of the best books I’ve ever read!"

madison_marcus shared a tip "The magic system and the characters"

Vonia Adams's profile image

vonia_adams shared a tip "I don't have the words to describe how much I loved this book!"

Wendy Little's profile image

wendy_little shared a tip "Beautiful setting, characters, and story."

Julie J's profile image

julie_j_6694 shared a tip "Its an amazing book. It has fantasy, romance, and action."

Adora Hsien's profile image

rilicarhurl shared a tip "I liked the adventure part. The emotional scenes were a bit overwritten. Overall good plot, lacking in character."

LaSheena Taylor's profile image

lasheena_taylor shared a tip "I haven't made it to the end yet! Love it so far!"

Anita Vergara Alarcón's profile image

annie_dolores shared a tip "Beautiful adventure book for all ages, really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the second part"

Erika Skarlupka's profile image

erika_skarlupka shared a tip "LOVE this series!"

Courtney Mitchell's profile image

courtney_mitchell_3179 shared a tip "#deep"

Alan Larsen's profile image

alan_larsen shared a tip "The central concept of the novel was amazing. The language of the author is rich and beautiful. The story was gripping!"

Yolanda McLemore's profile image

yolanda_mclemore shared a tip "This book kept me entertained! I love stories with sci-fi. I love to read about people with special powers."

leah_leach shared a tip "Loved the plot, characters, main characters were black and relatable"

booty head's profile image

cheetopuff shared a tip "Fav book hands down"

Tracy Newman's profile image

tracy_newman shared a tip "Adeyemi is a fantastic world-creator with strong characters. I loved this book (and the rest of the series)"

nadia_nelson_5042 shared a tip "Love this and the second"

Aries Casteel's profile image

aries_casteel shared a tip "Incredible."

Joee Segovia's profile image

joee_segovia shared a tip "Colourful storytelling and a story that sucks you RIGHT in."

Kashera Gutierrez's profile image

kashera_gutierrez shared a tip "I absolutely love books with magic involved. This book was definitely a great read."

mary_rheinschmidt shared a tip "Enjoyed the book until@I read the authors note. Will@not read anything else by this author."

VoidMade Tender's profile image

voidmade_tender shared a tip "incredible story telling"

Katharyn Livchin's profile image

katharyn_livchin shared a tip "A different world and look into magic and race"

Alysha Walters's profile image

alysha_walters shared a tip "Ohhh it was so good. Complex and thrilling characters. Magic that is stunning. A freaking cliffhanger ending."

Cameron Hill's profile image

cameron_hill_7796 shared a tip "I love this series! I would highly recommend it!"

Sozo Suru's profile image

sozo_suru shared a tip "Same! I can't wait for the third book in the series."

Kellie Archie's profile image

kellie_archie shared a tip "This book grabbed me from the beginning. Very good read!"

Ebony Boston's profile image

ebony_boston shared a tip "Yes....its a cross between black panther meets Harry Potter meets Cinderella."

shana_dade shared a tip "Loved it"

Kelsey Thomas's profile image

kelsey_thomas_4166 shared a tip "A great read! This page Turner is amazing and I look forward to more boos from this author."

sweetie shared a tip "I do!"

dayna_poage shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 my favorite was Inan’s perspective, even though he was so indecisive"

Juan Wasnak's profile image

juan_wasnak shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!"

Barbara Buchanan's profile image

barbara_buchanan shared a tip "Edge of your seat suspense."

Desiree Lorts's profile image

desiree_lorts shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book! Ever chapter had me on the edge of my seat"

Carissa Richetti's profile image

carissa_richetti shared a tip "Unique well written fantasy"

megan_kinstler shared a tip "There needs to be a second book cause the ending is such a cliff hanger!"

Kirstin H-Bee's profile image

kirstin_h-bee shared a tip "SO good. I’m waiting on the third book!"

Sarah Araza's profile image

sarah_araza shared a tip "I was hooked right away. I didn’t put the book down for two days. Great execution and character development!"

katrina_claflin shared a tip "There was enough romance and humor to counterbalance the more serious undertones."

Janaea S's profile image

janaea_s shared a tip "I'm amazing book and I can't wait for the movie"

hermela shared a tip "Raw and awesome."

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