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Discover an extraordinary tale of innocence, friendship and the horrors of war.'Some things are just sitting there, minding their own business, waiting to be discovered. Like America. And other things are probably better off left alone' Nine-year-old Bruno has a lot of things on his mind. Who is the

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Author John Boyne

Pages 256

Publisher Random House

Published Date 2012-08-02

ISBN 1448139880 9781448139880


Google 4.0


Carson Swaboda's profile image

carson_swaboda shared a tip "A very sad story but definitely worth watching"

Leigh Loo's profile image

leighlou shared a tip "Right now I’m reading The Life She Was Given. I like it."

Fleur Claudette Amorosi's profile image

FcAmorosi shared a tip "Their innocence is heart-breaking 💔 Well written book."

glory_powers shared a tip "The ending had me in shock. Very good book. Captures childhood and kids not understanding what’s going on around them very well."

Sabrina Gaucher's profile image

sabrina_gaucher shared a tip "I’ve seen the movie and would love to give the book a try!"

Liya Daniel's profile image

liya_daniel_6528 shared a tip "Love itttttr"

Wilson Baker reviews!'s profile image

wilsonb shared a tip "8.9/10"

michelle_heffernan_5156 shared a tip "Readers of Brokenwheel recommend"

michelle_heffernan_5156 shared a tip "Readers of Brokenwheell recommend"

ava_raymond shared a tip "I love The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris!"

Alexandra Yllanes's profile image

alexandra_yllanes shared a tip "I loved the story. I didn’t read the book, but the movie was beautiful. It made me cry at the end 🥲"

Misha Frazor's profile image

misha_frazor shared a tip "Oh my goodness- it’s heartbreaking, but such a good book"

Susan Daley's profile image

susan_daley shared a tip "Sad!!"

Linda Moeri's profile image

linda_moeri shared a tip "I enjoyed the story it made me think about what changes us why we change how we look at others an the world"

beverly_wright_8964 shared a tip "It is very good. So is the movie"

rebekah_6148 shared a tip "I have read it once way back in middle school."

Nat Jackson's profile image

nat_jackson_3207 shared a tip "Heartbreaking"

matangi shared a tip "Yes! It’s a really easy/fast read, but it stays with you."

danni_4585 shared a tip "Loved this book. And the movie. Both were very heavy."

Ann McCage's profile image

ann_mccage shared a tip "Tragic, we’ll written"

Cheyenne Bradshaw's profile image

cheyenne_bradshaw shared a tip "Be ready for all the tears!"

par_9665 shared a tip "It's a quick read and worth it. Bittersweet."

Emily Gabrielson's profile image

emily_gabrielson shared a tip "It was so long ago that I read it, unfortunately I don't remember specifics!"

NIKI BLAKE's profile image

niki_blake shared a tip "The glass castle and the nightingale!"

karen_wallace_5383 shared a tip "The Book Thief is good."

Katie Wiser's profile image

katie_wiser shared a tip "We were the lucky ones"

heather mcniel's profile image

heather_mcniel shared a tip "It is heartbreaking and life changing!❤"

Amber Hettinger's profile image

amber_hettinger shared a tip "Made me cry. The harsh reality these people endured is just mind boggling"

terre shared a tip "Not a favorite part just like the relationship"

ryley jade's profile image

ryley_jade shared a tip "The Book Theif! Yours?"

debbie_miller_51 shared a tip "Amazing story but have a box of tissue close by!"

Annette Gouthro's profile image

annette_gouthro shared a tip "The nightingale"

Ingrid Torrens's profile image

ingrid_torrens shared a tip "I love this book but even thought I know how it ends I’ve never been able to finish it"

Donna Green's profile image

donna_green_4479 shared a tip "The Nightingale"

Chelsea Retz's profile image

chelsea_retz shared a tip "Not anymore because it’s so hard to pick. I also recommend salt to the sea if you like WWII"

Courtney Freeman's profile image

courtney_freeman_2375 shared a tip "Not in particular, but one of my most read books is the book thief"

eagerreader shared a tip "You’re welcome!! Riveting story —you’ll enjoy it!!"

Susan Jones's profile image

susan_jones_8910 shared a tip "Such a good book"

Jen Dee's profile image

jen_dee shared a tip "Yes, very moving."

Annika Schneiss's profile image

annika_schneiss shared a tip "The silent patient! Sooo good!"

sharon_vaughan_4819 shared a tip "I cried and cried! Loved the book though!"

kathleen_taubensee shared a tip "Yes... sad but a good read"

Sharity Medrano's profile image

sharity_medrano shared a tip "Heartbreaking! Well written"

Irelynn rezek's profile image

irelxnn shared a tip "BEST BOOK EVER!!!"

awesome_user_210822 shared a tip "I honestly couldn’t chose hahaha!"

Cindy Hobbs-Huerta's profile image

cindy_hobbs-huerta shared a tip "Loved it! Definitely add it"

carole_collins_4422 shared a tip "This is a great read."

ana_bueno_2041 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading Circe so far loving that one. It was gifted to me."

Alexa 's profile image

alexa_1308 shared a tip "Yes! It is a very good book i really would recommend it 😊"

Paige Kramer's profile image

paige_kramer_3734 shared a tip "It is worth the read!"

Willa Borchert's profile image

willa_borchert shared a tip "Have read twice. Would read again"

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