The Princess and the Frog poster


A waitress, desperate to fulfill her dreams as a restaurant owner, is set on a journey to turn a frog prince back into a human being, but she has to face the same problem after she kisses him.

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2009-12-08

Runtime 98 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.1


Donna Bagwell's profile image

donna_bagwell shared a tip "The music is fantastic!"

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imon shared a tip "My all time fav princess movie (and it’s now on Netflix)"

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mlhawkins shared a tip "Amazing and cute movie!"

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amanda_marchant_mclain shared a tip "The music is everything!"

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petey shared a tip "favorite disney movie 🥺 sad to see it leave netflix"

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amy_santi shared a tip "I Loved This Disney The Art The Music The Food"

Raquel Ramirez's profile image

redetoto shared a tip "One of my all time favorite Disney movies"

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ArYka shared a tip "🎵🎶🎵🎶We're ALMOST there....🐊 Going down to buy you...."

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caroline_lucas_2043 shared a tip "My favorite movie ever"

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "A great spin on a classic tale"

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jill_s100 shared a tip "fr, “almost there” is the best disney princess song hands down"

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beccaboo2216 shared a tip "Maybe my all time favorite Disney movie 💕"

Dora Kathleen Mauricio Flores's profile image

gaki-kun shared a tip "The best of the best, i named my cat after Evangeline :’)"

Monica Maniatakos's profile image

monica_maniatakos shared a tip "One of my daughter’s favorites. I love the frogs 🐸."

Mia D'Onofrio's profile image

mia_donofrio shared a tip "all time favorite movie"

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kaitiejayne shared a tip "Lovely!!!"

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tatyana_nava shared a tip "This will always be my favorite movie!!"

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theboiwizard shared a tip "This is by far my favorite Disney princess movie!"

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emmanuelle_bnard shared a tip "Best Disney music change my mind"

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joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "5/10"

Mackenzie Baier's profile image

mackenzie_baier shared a tip "this was my favorite movie growing up"

Nikki Prince's profile image

nikki_prince shared a tip "An absolute favorite. Touching, sweet, funny, sad all at the same time"

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nymos shared a tip "Great movie"

mariana valenzuela's profile image

mariana_valenzuela shared a tip "Literal definition of comfort movie"

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ella_spam shared a tip "The best Disney movie. Sorry it’s the truth"

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lillian_hill shared a tip "AMAZING DISNEY MOVIE. Really deserves more credit"

tutdjtxkh shared a tip "Sext8cy9l"

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strawbery20078 shared a tip "I like all of them but I have to say tiana"

Gabrielle Faucher's profile image

gabrielle_faucher shared a tip "Classic Disney movie but it has a Little twist that makes it even better"

Kimajalay Bethel's profile image

kimajalay_bethel shared a tip "Watched that"

Patrick J's profile image

patrick_j shared a tip "The songs alone made this a blueray purchase for me.. “how did I get mixed up in this voodoo madness!”"

Addison Burkhart's profile image

addison_burkhart shared a tip "This was one of my favorite movies as a kid!!!"

Brooke B's profile image

_the_charmed_one_ shared a tip "Really love my Disney movies the hardworking woman she is and she’s confident in herself"

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Zathereth shared a tip "#animated_musical"

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julia.....hi shared a tip "This movie is so funny"

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destiny_d_7534 shared a tip "Good movie to watch with family"

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briana_farias shared a tip "Hi"

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honeybunch_fineee shared a tip "The frog"

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heyitskay8 shared a tip "My favorite comfort movie, I've watched it too many times to count"

nairobi_friday shared a tip "It was funny /sad"

bahamas girl's profile image

bahamas_girl shared a tip "It's so perfect the music's great the villian is entertaining yet intemanating it's emotional"

Amanda Truan's profile image

amanda_truan shared a tip "I love that the prince wasn’t the rich-ey goodie two shoes that saves the day"

Carmen T's profile image

carmen_t shared a tip "One of my all time childhood favorites. I love the music in this movie and how it’s set in New Orleans"

KB 23's profile image

kb_23 shared a tip "My favorite Disney movie and one of my comfort movies!"

Brianna Kirkland's profile image

brianna_kirkland shared a tip "It's a classic with some of the best music in Disney princess history"

Crys 's profile image

crystaliscavingin shared a tip "Soundtrack, story, animation and message were all fantastic!!!"

Jynx 🪴🍄🍂🌱's profile image

yourlocallesbian shared a tip "it’s my comfort movie and never fails to make me happy and feel cozy & warm <33"

SweetPea 's profile image

RKSweet114 shared a tip "Very Fun and Friendly; Great Songs"

Christian Olsavsky's profile image

christian_olsavsky shared a tip "It’s just such a good alternative version of the princess and the frog novel and I love the setting this movie is one of my favs"

ali 's profile image

ladybuggirl shared a tip "Its great! one of my fave disney movies, the music and storyline is fantastic"

Arah Cho's profile image

arah_cho shared a tip "I love the twist!"

Taj Freeman's profile image

taj_freeman shared a tip "if someone ever looked at me the way naveen looks at tiana i would marry them on the spot"

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cherry_bomb_7718 shared a tip "best Disney animation movie"

macy_bridenbaugh shared a tip "This was my Whole childhood and more I freaking love this movieeeee!!!"

kiara_ojedis shared a tip "Good movie"

makayla_sells_7118 shared a tip "It is a good movie for all ages"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "CLASSIC!"

Empress-Dione Garrett-Wright's profile image

Simply.Empress shared a tip "The Songs!"

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gaming_ari shared a tip "All of it"

anureet_kaur shared a tip "Take u Out of this world"

kieran_simmons shared a tip "It's very charismatic, and it has a good story. I like the end and the villain"

Heather Chamblee's profile image

heather_chamblee shared a tip "Absolute favorite Disney movie ever!! Never fails to make me smile whenever I am down. #lousianagirl"

Purpose 's profile image

purpose shared a tip "My favorite Disney Princess!"

tiffany_hayes shared a tip "Always have a special place in my heart"

Jessica Tuterow's profile image

jessica_tuterow shared a tip "I liked the show, but I love the book it is loosely based off of WAY better"

AMANDA LATHAM's profile image

amanda_latham shared a tip "I'm almost there! Almost there 💜#strong_female_character"

Marina Herrin's profile image

marina_herrin shared a tip "A very truthful, exquisite story. A great movie for the family."

kylee_3030 shared a tip "Alice in Wonderland!"

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amaya_reynolds shared a tip "My favorite movie!"

Anamarie Gonzalez's profile image

anamarie_gonzalez shared a tip "It is a good childhood movie."

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taylor_seals_8528 shared a tip "Such a cute movie!"

jordan_thompson_5732 shared a tip "Cutest movie."

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sophia_7070 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite Disney movies ever!!!"

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honeymoonenjoyer shared a tip "me thinks this is the best Disney movie"

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noneurbeeswax shared a tip "It's Disney"

Gwinsalena Mcnabb's profile image

gwinsalena_mcnabb shared a tip "Great family movie"

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victoria_landes shared a tip "Such a great movie! One of my all time favs from Disney!!!"

diana_lopez_3213 shared a tip "Funny ig"

isabelle_zahara shared a tip "disney princess duh lol"

emma_mccarty_4810 shared a tip "It is so sweet."

jayla_cruz shared a tip "I love it’s when I was a kid"

Duroy Ukoko's profile image

duroy_ukoko shared a tip "Lovely movie to watch, a little bit relatable. Struggles of a young woman and being grateful for what seems little at the time."

Pheona Evangelist's profile image

pheona_evangelist shared a tip "I love them so movie and I have seen this movie about a 1,000times."

Josie B's profile image

josie_b. shared a tip "This is the best Disney movie ever made… the dig a little deeper song lives rent free in my brain all day long."

Yuffy 's profile image

yufei shared a tip "My favorite Disney princess. She’s independent and not afraid to admit her true love. I love this type of princess. Soo pretty!!"

josie_belsky shared a tip "Favorite Disney princess movie! I like that she worked to make her own path and her passion for cooking!"

Xna Nebblett's profile image

xna_nebblett shared a tip "I love Tiana but they did her wrong"

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nema159 shared a tip "Amazing disney classic"

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