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As Stitch, a runaway genetic experiment from a faraway planet, wreaks havoc on the Hawaiian Islands, he becomes the mischievous adopted alien "puppy" of an independent little girl named Lilo and learns about loyalty, friendship, and ʻohana, the Hawaiian tradition of family.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2002-06-21

Runtime 85 minutes

Budget $80m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.5


krystle_poirier_8968 shared a tip "Enjoyed this one so much. It’s a go to if I’m feeling unwell."

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katie_lynn_gesch shared a tip "Learning that friends can become family and that no one gets left behind. This movie is a classic!"

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rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Obama means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!"

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rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Haha auto correct! Ohana!!!!!"

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positivewriter shared a tip "To be honest 😭😭😭😭my heart always warms watching this"

ILikeFamilyFriendlyMovies shared a tip "I like it because stitch is funny"

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natalie_mck shared a tip "2002"

Crystal 👊❤️🤬's profile image

crystalthebean shared a tip "made me cry love it"

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kitty_koer shared a tip "It's just dang cute and a bit heartwarming."

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jennifer_n. shared a tip "Classic kids movie. I still love stitch. He’s like my spirit animal lol."

awesome_user_427842 shared a tip "its literally lilo & stitch theres no need for explanation???"

jillian_yates_1352 shared a tip "Good family move."

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katie_holland_2689 shared a tip "Still one of Disney's best."

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isabel_buffington shared a tip "Hawaiian rollercoaster ride is a BOP"

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mentallyill shared a tip "fav movie ever to exist ever TOP TIER!!!!!"

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wyatt_wilson_8480 shared a tip "Lord almighty! I feel my temperature rising!"

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lovely_aquarius shared a tip "Moana is another movie that I feel like it's similar. It gives you that tropical island vibes where family is very important."

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jay_craw shared a tip "One of Disney's best!"

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tag_beauvois shared a tip "Probably stitch. :)"

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yvonne_frechette shared a tip "First. Stitch has a glitch was good but it makes me cry"

 Ethan Wood Ethan Wood's profile image

ethan_wood shared a tip "Hands down my favorite Disney movie"

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kami_rose_4793 shared a tip "#ohana"

astrid_salazar shared a tip "Such a cute family movie that teaches family is everything!"

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issa.heaven shared a tip "Favorite movie EVER"

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wessly_scamander shared a tip "Personally I prefer the original one but all of them are good:)"

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lacey_devine shared a tip "My favorite"

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haley_stalford shared a tip "Such a great and classic movie. A must see for kids and adults"

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sunflowerbaby19 shared a tip "I love Stitch so much, and I loved the movie's message."

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adam_tetreault shared a tip "alien learns to love in Hawaii"

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Spud_Gun2477 shared a tip "Yet another in my top 5 favorite animated films"

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sierra_spencer_5333 shared a tip "Aaaaaaah!!! My FAVORITE Disney film!!!!! The watercolor backdrops! The fluid animation combined with CGI!!! THE WRITING!!!!!!"

lillian_rose_shaw shared a tip "#family #animation"

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supreme_livable shared a tip "I love this #animation"

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mo_morgan shared a tip "It was so cute ,I loved it😗"

gianna_lynn_martin shared a tip "Great movie i would definetly recimend for a family movie"

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torie_224 shared a tip "My favorite childhood comfort !"

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kawaii_sisters_904 shared a tip "A classic"

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loulou_loptson shared a tip "I thought the main character were very annoying."

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calikov shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. I'll always love it to death"

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crazyeevee_draws shared a tip "Really adorable, funny, emotional and just over all amazing"

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mal_moss shared a tip "It's been awhile sense I've seen it"

anna_599 shared a tip "It gets me everytime...."

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Gay_Nerd shared a tip "I really missed watching this on DvD"

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g_2679 shared a tip "A cute feel-good movie with wholesome morals and a unique story."

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anakin_arroway shared a tip "Emotional and funny, and kids can still like it. Very good, Disney, make better movies in the modern era please"

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