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Legendary Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside a group of ambitious recruits and his robot companion Sox.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2022-06-15

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.2


Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️and a half"

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "Started off great and looks great but then really took a turn for some lackluster story ideas."

Em&Ems 's profile image

emily98 shared a tip "Hmmm was good. I will say good story line"

Sheila Green's profile image

sheila_green_2848 shared a tip "I wanted to see what was the conversation was about. It just showed what life is about."

Micheal Froom's profile image

micheal_froom shared a tip "Please watch it. This is who the toy was based. It’ll make you want a Lightyear of your own"

Kindy 's profile image

kindy shared a tip "We liked this one. Not what we expected, but a fun watch. Loved the cat side kick!"

olivia cain's profile image

garraty_mcvries shared a tip "I went on my first date with my now-boyfriend to see this movie, and thought it was cute! I may be biased, though."

sam 's profile image

samwitches shared a tip "Sox is love, Sox is life💗 also luuuv taika waititi's character sm"

Carson Swaboda's profile image

carson_swaboda shared a tip "The story just kinda sucks. Really made me sad because I love Buzz Lightyear. I doubt I'll ever watch it again"

Unofficial Disney princess's profile image

itsdrmarzia shared a tip "I WANT HIS ROBOT CAT!!!"

Elyssa Rosen's profile image

elyssa_rosen shared a tip "I don’t get all the hate, this was a GREAT movie!!"

bobby_gilmore shared a tip "Loved it!!!!"

Alexandra Blount's profile image

alexandra_blount shared a tip "Cute and funny. Unexpected twists kept it interesting. Several intense moments. Gripping and entertaining. Five stars."

Raymond Griner's profile image

raymond_griner shared a tip "I loved it so much I really enjoy time travel and singularities I Loved the robot kitty"

jeamsley laurore's profile image

jeamsley_laurore shared a tip "Yea It’s Not The Funniest, But It’ll Be A Good Watch I Enjoyed"

koda 's profile image

koda_bearr shared a tip "one of the most disappointing pixar films. felt like this the whole time while watching it: 😐"

koda 's profile image

koda_bearr shared a tip "thought i will say sox is the best thing about this movie"

Annabella DeVevo's profile image

annabella_devevo shared a tip "Such a good movie! I was expecting another mediocre Disney movie, but I found it amazing!"

alissa_trella shared a tip "I loved Lightyear. I laughed and cried. I thought it was a really cute movie. I don’t know why it got such terrible reviews."

Isabelle Rapin's profile image

isabelle_rapin shared a tip "So precious! I loved it! And I'm going to watch it again ^^ haha Thanks so much! It's a chef d'oeuvre ♡ Great work o.O"

Yarency 's profile image

Yarency_ shared a tip "Funny and pretty good movie. Towards the end is where the real action begins"

Tracy Hopkins's profile image

Nutmegger shared a tip "I liked it because my 10 year old Nephew loved it!"

David Seda's profile image

david_seda shared a tip "Original and innovative script, well character-development and intriguing plot."

benjamin_morell shared a tip "I was actually impressed by the morals in this movie. I really enjoyed watching it"

Artsy_Nemo 's profile image

artsy_nemo shared a tip "Amazing my favorite character was Sox the robot cat lol"

Nikky 's profile image

KittenNikky shared a tip "I want the cat."

BizarreRaisin 's profile image

BizarreRaisin shared a tip "What is your favorite part?"

Katarina Gross's profile image

katarina_gross shared a tip "Sox carried the show. Best character by far"

CB 's profile image

goodgodlemon shared a tip "I’m a huge Pixar fan, but this was not one of their best. I was bored and so were my kids."

Makenna Davidson's profile image

makenna_davidson_4298 shared a tip "definitely any part with sox he’s my fav!"

ashley_c_5716 shared a tip "Very fun, and super cool way to tell a story. Can't see why this film got so much hate! Love it!"

Isabella Morris's profile image

isabella_morris_7788 shared a tip "Such a cute movie, but so much happening 24/7."

Lexie 's profile image

lexie_2473 shared a tip "I haven’t seen it yet, but I really want to!"

Joele Hubbard's profile image

joele_hubbard_8205 shared a tip "I want to watch this movie"

wade_gilliard_5384 shared a tip "Not the best Disney movie. The plot was silly and the story had tons of holes in it."

Steve Reed's profile image

steve_reed_8332 shared a tip "Excellent animation."

Soutrik Maiti's profile image

DrBoom shared a tip "Childhood classic brought back by Disney with a fresh perspective. Teamwork is essential to survival 😉"

Josh Skaggs's profile image

josh_skaggs shared a tip "Rare Pixar L, not fun to watch and pacing was not it, no I don't dislike it because of the gay kiss."

Ryan Dillard's profile image

Dill_the_Geek shared a tip "Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story franchise as a whole hold a very special place in my heart. I can’t help but love this movie!"

Rob King's profile image

rob_king_4072 shared a tip "Not enough character development"

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