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A special bond develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2014-10-24

Runtime 102 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.7b


TMDB 7.7


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "One of my favorite movie to watch with the kids!"

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tyler_2005 shared a tip "I love rewatching this movie sm! One of my favourite Disney movies. 🌟5/5🌟"

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MarlinBrando shared a tip "Big Hero 6 is a Marvel comic."

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zolree shared a tip "such a beautiful disney movie."

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shantalle shared a tip "Baymax <3 that is all"

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bri_phillips_716 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this movie. Definitely one of my favorites!"

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flickeredflame shared a tip "it’s fine, kinda forgettable but there’s some nice animation"

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Kate_Barbera_7675 shared a tip "Such an inspiring movie for dealing with loss and grief in a positive way."

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deena_c shared a tip "I was surprised by how much I loved this movie!"

henry_snyder shared a tip "Great movie with some amazing visuals. You feel for every character in this film and it has some very good moments."

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dawn_4270 shared a tip "This movie is straight up ✨art✨ and the fact that it roots from Marvel just makes it better"

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davidthe_greatcortez shared a tip "Loved the motley crew vibe like I just lost someone very close to me but gained a whole entire new family vibe"

dorthea_watson shared a tip "Such a good movie I would love a part two and I have watched this movie so many times definitely would recommend it."

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ali_schneider_5538 shared a tip "This is my favorite Disney movie."

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logan_pham shared a tip "Good movie, but they should have win other animated films at the Oscars."

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amanda_lynch_1890 shared a tip "I love this movie one of my favorites"

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jerome_chao shared a tip "B#est cartoon I've seen so far has a great story with a twist family_friendly"

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ericka_billings shared a tip "Very cute movie! I love technology too! ❤🎬🎮"

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rae_of_fashion shared a tip "One of my top 5 favs. Such an amazing story and portrayal of 2 different ways that loss can change you."

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michelle_hanson_8514 shared a tip "Probably the line, "I am not fast.""

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cgspyder shared a tip "Yet another Disney movie that made me cry. The animation is really good and Baymax is now a classic character."

maddy_ shared a tip "Big Hero 6 is a great movie to watch!"

maddy_ shared a tip "Big Hero 6 is a great movie to watch!"

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diandra_repato shared a tip "I really enjoyed this movie. Hiro, Tadashi and baymax are my fave characters"

ella_weeden shared a tip "such a sweet movie. made me cry. has such a great meaning"

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rachl shared a tip "love this movie! the show is great too"

ashlyn_loving shared a tip "I LOVE baymax"

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kaiskorner shared a tip "My all time favorite. I absolutely love this movie; may be a hyperfixation lol."

bandkidsaxophone shared a tip "Please unfollow me @chrisflores28 and do not talk to me again. Thanks"

bandkidsaxophone shared a tip "Please unfollow me as soon as you are on here and fine im watching MIB next @chrisflores28"

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may_njoro shared a tip "Tadashi."

makala_pratt shared a tip "me too, it’s so good!!"

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elle_dennison shared a tip "love this movie!! 11/10 recommend:))"

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james_petersen shared a tip "Make sure you watch this soon!"

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naomisarai shared a tip "such a sweet movie"

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ari_michel_9072 shared a tip "I liked the way they showed the loss of Tadashi and how Hero overcame it all, with the help of his friends."

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faith_gerwig shared a tip "So cute! One of my favs!!"

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GallifreyanHylian shared a tip "One of my favorites! It has great characters, some cool action scenes, and a great message."

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fern_barrett shared a tip "Every time I watch this, the funny parts make me laugh. My favorite kids movie."

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brandy_marshall shared a tip "This movie is so underrated and didn’t get the praise it deserved. This is by far my favorite Disney film."

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adalie_hoke shared a tip "It has a great story."

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portia_pitts shared a tip "Really great movie."

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angela_lamb shared a tip "One of the best movies ever made"

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kristenR shared a tip "I'm not crying, you're crying!"

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kami_rose_4793 shared a tip "Love this movie!"

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dawn_cline_4741 shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie baymax is sweet and funny"

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panda_harris shared a tip "Tadashi is best boy"

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tanyapolouchina shared a tip "10/10"

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mk_mk_6647 shared a tip "The aunt. Lol"

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jazmin_orozco shared a tip "All the movie"

amy_acosta shared a tip "I really liked this one ooo tough choice"

amy_acosta shared a tip "You ?"

emily_henson_7381 shared a tip "Unexpected. Comedic in places where perfect. Adventure. Sense of family in unexpected places. We need more of these."

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i_i_s shared a tip "Sad, funny, a bit unrealistic , and a great movie roller coaster."

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sunflowerbaby19 shared a tip "I loved the characters in this movie."

elizabeth_ward_9230 shared a tip "Great story and fun adventure. We’ve watched it over and over again!"

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tanaya_castle shared a tip "This movie has a special meaning for me and my family. There are no words to how amazing this movie is."

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pluto_6665 shared a tip "I have an emotional attachment to baymax yall dont even know"

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ami_higginbotham shared a tip "Good family show."

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kitkat_1420 shared a tip "It was sad but so so good"

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daci_rosevear shared a tip "❤❤❤"

joshua_dorsey shared a tip "My favorite part was when everyone showcased their new suits, what was yours?"

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bailey_strongman shared a tip "It’s a great family movie"

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tiffany_wright_2238 shared a tip "When Hiro falls between his desk and bed after Baymax opens up"

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ashpon_jones_7559 shared a tip "Its a really good movie i cant put any words together to describe how amazing this is"

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upash_paudel shared a tip "The best move evertrt #best_shows #"

jaden_fonzer shared a tip "Cause it was  Comedic"

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halo_a shared a tip "Cute"

rachael_7776 shared a tip "made me cry fr. so good"

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mia_mallett shared a tip "Very ggod"

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kat_nicholson shared a tip "Fallout boy and super heroes of course it’s good"

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bryce_fowler_2542 shared a tip "Heartfelt"

Venkatesh Mohan's profile image

venkatesh_mohan shared a tip "Awesome movie. Great animation work"

gregory_owens shared a tip "LOVED!! Great movie!!"

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rebecca_mitchell_6908 shared a tip "This movie is amazing and has a beautiful message."

jayna_4061 shared a tip "Really good but so sad"

joselyn_covarrubias shared a tip "I think it’s a good movie."

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tricia_masoner shared a tip "Just a truly amazing movie"

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alisha_veits shared a tip "Such a loveable movie!"

Dianna Strending's profile image

dianna_strending shared a tip "It is adorable! One of my favorites!"

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madilyn_elaine shared a tip "This movie was so sad!"

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kim_manes shared a tip "What a great movie of friendship to defeat the bad guy."

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jennifer_baxter shared a tip "Made me cry but loved it!"

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kawaii_sisters_904 shared a tip "Aunt Cass. Nuff said"

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kylie_mcdaniel_6374 shared a tip "Yes it is very good kinda sad but definitely worth the watch!!"

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stephen_wood_3574 shared a tip "Yes, I highly recommend it. My whole family loved that movie and we still quote lines from it all the time"

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abby_herwaldt shared a tip "Underrated movie!!!"

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gerald_masten shared a tip "It shows that you just have to change your perspective and you can venture through anything in life and come out with a victory."

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tiger_zuo shared a tip "I think it's just one."

kathleen_mankins shared a tip "I love San Fransokyo, the fictional blend of San Francisco and Tokyo that was created for this film"

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katherine_d-b shared a tip "It's a super cute movie! One of my favorites!"

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jeanne_burno shared a tip "Such a sad movie."

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cee9787 shared a tip "As with all Disney movies - heartwarming, thrilling, fun"

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