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Led by Woody, Andy's toys live happily in his room until Andy's birthday brings Buzz Lightyear onto the scene. Afraid of losing his place in Andy's heart, Woody plots against Buzz. But when circumstances separate Buzz and Woody from their owner, the duo eventually learns to put aside their differenc

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 1995-10-30

Runtime 81 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 8.0


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies to watch!"

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amy_santi shared a tip "You Got A Friend In Me"

Susan Young's profile image

susan_young_1680 shared a tip "You don't have to have little ones to appreciate this Golden Story! Entire franchis = pure Gold!"

Sam 🏳️‍🌈's profile image

Shadow._.Kitsune shared a tip "GREAT MOVIE. A TRUE CLASSIC"

Whisper 🤎's profile image

whisperbabyxoxo shared a tip "Personally think toy story 1 and 3 are the best none others are good."

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carson_swaboda shared a tip "A classic. Disney doesn't make movies like these anymore."

sherie_smith shared a tip "Great movie for kids"

Yasmine Guroluk's profile image

yasmineguroluk shared a tip "Um yes it’s amazing, that’s all"

rushil shared a tip "Touching and emotional"

lethea_garrett shared a tip "Good movie"

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bellabye shared a tip "Love this movie so much!"

shari_hummel shared a tip "My son carried around Woody and Buzz for the longest times. So I have fond memories of this series."

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rosie_walker shared a tip "My boy wrote his name on the sole of the boot of the Woody doll we got him"

Willow 's profile image

willow_1666 shared a tip "I love this so much I can resist the whole thing from watching it a lot"

jason_braddock shared a tip "Whoops this comment was meant for the movie Pawn Sacrifice not this one"

jason_braddock shared a tip "My favorite character in this move is Rex. He is just fun and lovable, always trying his best."

Palani Muthiah's profile image

palani_muthiah shared a tip "Mmh, that’s a tough one. But I think I liked buzz light year slightly over woody."

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Remember liking this..."

Fayisa Dosho's profile image

fayisa_dosho shared a tip "Hello what’s"

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carrie_brooks shared a tip "It’s hard to choose just one!! Woody is great for sure 😊 or buzz or mr potato head. I love them all"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "What if one of the toys died but the kid didn't know and the other toys had to play with its corpse-"

Heidi Stimson-Borell's profile image

heidi_stimson-borell shared a tip "A great, happy friends movie!😁"

Vanessa Stegall's profile image

vanessa_stegall shared a tip "Me too"

tonja_sparks shared a tip "Yes. And although people knock 4, I thought it was touching."

myren guud's profile image

myren_guud shared a tip "Yea I did"

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lila_jane shared a tip "Me too"

severesharky 1's profile image

severesharky_1 shared a tip "the 2nd"

Adam Bedwell's profile image

adam_bedwell shared a tip "Toys that come alive? Awesome concept"

chris_5738 shared a tip "The 4th one"

Kristle Par's profile image

kristle_par shared a tip "The first toy story will always be a family favourite :)"

Lily 's profile image

lily_8931 shared a tip "Probably the last scene"

aleskapichardo6767 shared a tip "Rex lol"

Julia Mis's profile image

julia_mis shared a tip "Probably buzz"

Lewis Taylor's profile image

lewis_taylor shared a tip "First CGI set the bar really high also Iconic!"

Sofi sandhu's profile image

sofi_bunnny shared a tip "Very fun."

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Loved it now it’s a bit creepy"

Sean Bargen's profile image

sean_bargen shared a tip "Three. Made me cry like a baby."

kent shared a tip "ええやん"

Seif Selim's profile image

seif_selim shared a tip "No I think I would prefer toy 2"

Keeley Janelle's profile image

keeley_janelle shared a tip "Hmm...I love Slinky! Toss up between him and Rex :) How about you?"

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emma_cutler shared a tip "You story 2!!"

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peter_rodriguez_2084 shared a tip "My favorite has always been woody"

Sandy Oswald's profile image

sandy_oswald shared a tip "Love all of them"

elle_moseley shared a tip "Always gotta love the old childhood movies"

Holden Gautreaux's profile image

holden_gautreaux shared a tip "Yes"

Emily Garcia's profile image

emily_garcia_1995 shared a tip "I love this movie"

kashmarie_pennamln shared a tip "When they found woody"

Shaniyah Richardson's profile image

shaniyah_richardson shared a tip "Ive already seen it"

rajani_battenfeld shared a tip "Bo beep"

Tayler Payton's profile image

tayler_payton shared a tip "When they go across the road as cones lol"

Madyson Pinksen's profile image

madyson_pinksen shared a tip "Oh definitely when buzz says he can fly and woody doesn't believe him. So he demonstrates and its a total accident."

Addie 's profile image

addie_25 shared a tip "My favorite has to be woody"

ebony_frames shared a tip "I still cry on Jessie’s part!"

chels. shared a tip "I loved growing up to this movie."

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Spud_Gun2477 shared a tip "Classic"

danyelle cheyne's profile image

danyelle_cheyne shared a tip "It was a fun movie and it was pretty funny too"

darci_8207 shared a tip "It has heart"

George Acosta's profile image

george_acosta_8319 shared a tip "All time favs amigo"

Jaylin Johnson's profile image

jaylin_johnson shared a tip "love"

Sandra Laszkiewicz's profile image

sandra_laszkiewicz shared a tip "Army guys. It’s just so clever! I saw toy story on ice and their skates were bound together! So creative."

Jamie Thomlison's profile image

jamie_thomlison shared a tip "Which is your favorite?"

Preciel Shango's profile image

preciel_shango shared a tip "pre"

Autumn Alvarez's profile image

autumn_alvarez shared a tip "3 was definitely my favorite"

James Ray's profile image

james_ray_3189 shared a tip "Well I’m so sorry just saw this but it has to be stranger things"

Rallanah Dotson's profile image

rallanah_dotson shared a tip "Brings back when memories from when I was younger....."

Chloe Carson's profile image

chloe_carson shared a tip "I liked the 4th one for my opinion but I love all of them!"

nakya_jefferson shared a tip "Woody and bo for sure"

ghazayel shared a tip "Me too"

robin_best shared a tip "I liked all of them"

KHADEIJAH MANKA's profile image

khadeijah_manka shared a tip "Favorite show"

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tenisha_anderson shared a tip "My bad buz"

Zed Mcqueen's profile image

zed_mcqueen shared a tip "Has to be when buzz realizes he’s a toy,’s shows such a human moment in a fictional character lml"

jessie_3864 shared a tip "Its a family favorite in our house!"

andrea_valentina_ir shared a tip "Just the perfect comedy and childrens movie, in my opinion it could also be grate for a date night"

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robert_friesner shared a tip "Pay?"

r_s_9217 shared a tip "Happy new year!"

r_s_9217 shared a tip "Probably the potato?"

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jessica_ann_2290 shared a tip "@ifixler Toy Story 3 is my favorite. I had crocodile tears at the end. Lol"

Venkatesh Mohan's profile image

venkatesh_mohan shared a tip "Classic"

Maddie Smith's profile image

maddie_smith_4329 shared a tip "I liked the first one as well!!!"

Aaron T.M.'s profile image

aaron_t.m. shared a tip "It is the best Toy Story."

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ava_gonzales_2007 shared a tip "The first one ☝️"

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gypsy_hearte shared a tip "❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️"

Emma Northrup's profile image

emma_northrup_7679 shared a tip "Thank you! It's hard to pick a favorite. I do like Vertigo and The Age of Adaline. Generally, any good storyline that is unique."

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yare_lemasters shared a tip "I have no idea, i just remember you've got a friend in me, like that song is literally my childhood!!"

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alex_schroeder_2834 shared a tip "This was my 3rd or 4th favorite movie when I was growing up."

deamber_perkins_3312 shared a tip "Classic"

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Book_Love shared a tip "👍❤️ good movie"

awesome_user_401968 's profile image

sita_gupta shared a tip "the aliens were the best part"

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