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The adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2014-11-05

Runtime 169 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.7b


TMDB 8.3


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Science that will tickle your brain. It’s a bit slow for my taste but nevertheless 👍"

Kaylee Vie's profile image

Kaylee shared a tip "Great movie!"

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "This is a fun science fiction movie with a female protagonist. Good for kids too."

Lo Barker's profile image

LoBarker shared a tip "So well done."

Esteban Parreno's profile image

esty shared a tip "Still my favorite movie to date!"

Alex Kwon's profile image

alex_kwon shared a tip "My personal favorite"

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Great movie. I love nonlinear timelines"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "My Husband Loved This Movie And Its Soundtrack So Much He Fell Asleep For A Year To It"

Carl Walker's profile image

carl_walker_4083 shared a tip "Great one if you like physics."

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "My favorite space movie."

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Good movie, interesting/odd twist though. Amazing visuals and special affects especially if you can watch it on 4K."

Ryan Flynn's profile image

ryan_flynn shared a tip "Amazing!"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Really long but good"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Good movie"

Mohammad motaharian's profile image

mohammad_motaharisn shared a tip "A beautiful, surreal and dreamlike movie."

Emily Beaumont's profile image

rebelbooks101 shared a tip "This broke my brain. Highly recommend it"

Devonte Godfrey's profile image

devonte_godfrey shared a tip "Mind blowing and emotional"

Juan Miguel Ilao's profile image

irregularjohndoe shared a tip "The cinematography and score drive this otherworldly piece of cinema into the realm of art. One for infinite viewings."

glowstar shared a tip "We would have a hobby for a while. Or not cause we would destroy everything right away LOL"

Pan Witchy's profile image

pan_witchy shared a tip "This movie was long as Hell..but engaging and interesting. I was never bored."

David Roberts's profile image

Hi_Im_Dave shared a tip "My favorite movie. I can't say enough about this movie.. It was made for me (and hopefully you)"

Doug Agar's profile image

doug_agar shared a tip "Arrival"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Cash Carti's profile image

cash_carti shared a tip "Best movie I’ve ever seen, i can watch it gazillion times"

larson shared a tip "Christopher Nolan is the thinking man’s Michael Bay."

Anna Petersen's profile image

anna_petersen shared a tip "Space science! One of the movies that if you can follow along makes you feel like some kind of genius!"

Bri Moore's profile image

bri_moore shared a tip "This movie is on Canadian 🇨🇦 Netflix"

Arli Funko's profile image

arligamer shared a tip "THIS IS A MUST WATCH, it starts slow but once you understand what's happening you will love it trust me:)"

Partha Pratim Sanyal's profile image

partha_pratim_sanyal shared a tip "This movie is more close to science than others of similar genre, although I can’t still explain the ending 🙂"

Rahul Dhankhar's profile image

rahul_dhankhar shared a tip "Wow! Overwhelmed by just the idea of this movie 🤛🏼"

Everett Elizando's profile image

everett_elizando shared a tip "The scenery"

Nicholas Curry's profile image

nicholas_curry shared a tip "This is a stunning movie"

Christin 's profile image

christin_2708 shared a tip "I loved it. They got to see each other one last time before he continued on his adventure. ♥️"

Sukhpreet Singh's profile image

sukhpreet_singh shared a tip "Let's you feel the space."

alexa_cruz_1554 shared a tip "Prepare your mind for this one"

Philip Lagaris's profile image

philip_lagaris shared a tip "Good, not great."

cc_8218 shared a tip "Exciting and made me think. Would watch it again,"

50sumthing 's profile image

50sumthing shared a tip "Fantastic! 3 hours long but it flies by"

Summer Gates's profile image

summer_gates_9823 shared a tip "@jeff_lenz I really enjoyed Dunkirk and Inception..but I would have to say The Prestige. What's yours?"

Hala Al-Asadi's profile image

hala_al-asadi shared a tip "MIND TWISTING. BUT VERY GOOD."

Steve Glover's profile image

steve_glover shared a tip "I saw this at the theater at least 5X."

jack_veasey shared a tip "94"

billy_petrangelo shared a tip "One of the greatest films to date. WATCH and PAY ATTENTION"

williams_s shared a tip "Yes!!! Hoping for a part 2"

Amber Leigh's profile image

amber_leigh_7610 shared a tip "When they get back on the space shuttle and like 20 years have passed"

Heather Lyn's profile image

heather_lyn shared a tip "It's a mind warp. But my boyfriend says it's his.all time favorite."

Heather Lyn's profile image

heather_lyn shared a tip "I felt it was well acted and for a movie starring McConaughey whom I'm not personally a fan of, I enjoyed it."

Amanda Lynn's profile image

amanda_lynn_798 shared a tip "When he goes through the black hole."

James Vogner's profile image

james_vogner shared a tip "Great story telling and generally pro-science, which is hard to find in hollywood these days."

Marlaina Kahn's profile image

marlaina_kahn shared a tip "Brilliant movie"

Nathan Ghoreishi's profile image

nathan_ghoreishi shared a tip "Best movie in space"

Quentin Labbé's profile image

quentin_labb shared a tip "One of my fav"

Neil Tochor's profile image

neil_tochor shared a tip "Love"

Meredith Miller's profile image

meredith_miller_1739 shared a tip "I didn't like Brandt but the others were spot on"

Venkatesh Mohan's profile image

venkatesh_mohan shared a tip "Nolan and hans zimmer combo is the best in movies. If you like sci-fi this movie is a must watch!!"

amber_molina shared a tip "BEST MOVIE EVER"

Laurel Posey's profile image

laurel_posey shared a tip "Slow and depressing at the beginning, but definitely picks up as it goes."

Caleb Neal's profile image

caleb_neal_7430 shared a tip "Alright alright alright"

Katie Jimenez's profile image

katie_jimenez shared a tip "This movie is absolutely incredible and will completely mess with your mind!"

Mariana Borquez's profile image

mariana_borquez shared a tip "Looking for some good sci fi ? Check this one out, best movie ever"

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