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When Lou Bloom, desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2014-10-23

Runtime 118 minutes

Budget $8.5m

Revenue $50m


TMDB 7.7


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chellan shared a tip "Great psychological thriller. Jake Gyllenhaal is crazy in this film! His performance and this whole movie is so underrated"

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michael_goggin shared a tip "Gyllenhaal kills it in this movie"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Very well done movie, definitely intense but very good!"

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paul_osborne shared a tip "Overlooked film, dark and sinister. Fantastic Performance by Jake Gyllenhaall."

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felisa_diaz shared a tip "The actor is amazing he makes you hate the character because of what he does."

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mellow_dee shared a tip "Takes vouyerism to a whole other level."

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MysteryLover shared a tip "Excellent acting by Jake Gillenhall (?)"

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david_liban shared a tip "Could also be viewed as a Joker origin story"

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lucas_rassbach shared a tip "The lead will do anything to get a news story... wow"

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lou_thivierge shared a tip "Must see"

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dylpickles shared a tip "The pure definition of a thriller"

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margaret_renee shared a tip "Super hot Jake Gyllenhaal places a great creepazoid."

lisa_woock shared a tip "A must see!! Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing!!"

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teresa_gonzales_5596 shared a tip "Great acting; dark movie."

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alexandre_desroches shared a tip "Original. Manages to make us like a sociopath."

paula_lyle shared a tip "So creepy"

brian_white_8489 shared a tip "There’s no movie like it."

oliver_hook shared a tip "#excellent I liked this movie because i like how he just walked into kwla news station and nobody gives it a second thought"

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cassy_williams shared a tip "Great thriller!"

kaleb_chavez shared a tip "greatest performance ever"

nathan_bueckert shared a tip "Disturbing protagonist"

maria_alvia shared a tip "It’s a well made movie but it is too disturbing!"

john_rutledge_5604 shared a tip "Idk it’s one of those movies you watch once every ten years lol"

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deuxforever shared a tip "There no other movie with this concept. It is a must watch."

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hanks_web_zone shared a tip "Might be my favorite movie ever"

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angie_weich shared a tip "So so great!!!"

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rahul_dhankhar shared a tip "Cringe watch 😑"

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donell_mann shared a tip "Very entertaining, but twisted and disturbing. Great performance by Gyllenhaal!"

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dan_scheeringa shared a tip "Aloof, yet deep. You want to watch what happens next."

kelsey_shiba shared a tip "It was just alright. Strange and weird enougj character to watch all the way through but somewhat anticlimatic."

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morgan_mauget shared a tip "Very creepy"

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emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "First recommendation from this app. Awesometacular 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "Interesting but ultimately pointless"

chanel_woodard shared a tip "The continuous tension in here is amazing."

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danacz shared a tip "So good. Jake Gyllenhaal is great in this movie."

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elysya_scerbo shared a tip "This is a super well done film. It does a great job of building up to the final events. Very disturbing - great thriller."

sean_hassard shared a tip "Nice thriller vibes, creepy dark and clever!"

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bradley_daniel shared a tip "👍🏿"

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kathleen_mcdonell shared a tip "This is really good so different- enjoy!"

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Wigglywag shared a tip "good"

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ianedgar shared a tip "Dark and unique."

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juzztin shared a tip "#suspense #crime #thriller #jakegyllenhaul"

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christine_watson_5187 shared a tip "Awesome!"

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a_o_776 shared a tip "Wow! Very good!"

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wyatt_spicer shared a tip "Dude this movie messed me up!"

sam_machacon shared a tip "love this movie"

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priscilla_craig shared a tip "Spiderman, end if watch, zodiac, rendition. Jarhead, brokeback mountain..."

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robert_joh shared a tip "It's a good commentary about the Media and it's perpetual need for ratings and the depths they will go to get them."

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andrew_stokes shared a tip "I think for me its just the screenplay and how they portray Gyllenhaal's character, kinda creepy yet very intriguing"

josephine_6975 shared a tip "Such an unexpected role... jake is an amazing actor making amazing choices!!"

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lany_sins shared a tip "Such an amazing movie, showing the raw truth of our reality and how ambitious people can be."

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jennifer_khanam shared a tip "Dark & twisted, keeps you locked in and on the edge of your seat! Definitely a movie night favourite."

moe_moe22 shared a tip "Interesting character, keeps you on edge and engaged in the main characters motives.#dark_crime #thriller"

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abigail_lock shared a tip "Night crawler gives a unique perspective on media and the industry of death/destruction."

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