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A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1999-10-15

Runtime 139 minutes

Budget $63m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 8.4


Nicky Budak's profile image

nicky shared a tip "Another one of those movies that is a MUST re-watch if you’ve only seen it once.."

Kaydon Cameron's profile image

kaydon_cameron shared a tip "So good. You won’t regret it if you’ve never watched it."

Susan Nauman's profile image

jett_jett shared a tip "Only when you lost everything are you free to do anything"

Katy Reasor's profile image

katy_reasor shared a tip "This is a must see! If you have never seen this movie, you’re life is incomplete!!"

Shinebox 's profile image

shinebox_gallagher shared a tip "One of the best movies in the last 20 years"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "Fantastic movie. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are amazing. It is a nail biting, exciting, shocking movie."

Carlee Hicks's profile image

carlee_hicks shared a tip "When I was watching this for the first time, I kept going "wtf is this movie" a great watch tho! Highly recommend"

ginger_k shared a tip "Nobody does intense like Fincher. One of the best movies ever"

JRM 's profile image

jrm shared a tip "8.5/10. Stylistically cool and fascinating plot. Great performances. Ending will linger."

Tiffany Noel's profile image

tiffany_noel shared a tip "One of my top 10 favorite movies ever. I even own it. Aa must-see."

Frances Glover's profile image

frances_glover shared a tip "Once upon a time in Hollywood.. Another good Pitt movie."

Sharlann Leonetti's profile image

sharlann_leonetti shared a tip "The movie is so much better than the book. Even the author said it was."

Carol Birdwell's profile image

carolbirdwell shared a tip "In my top 3 of all time fav flicks! 🎬"

Isaiah 's profile image

isaiah_1689 shared a tip "By the end i thought i was tyler"

jøsh 's profile image

imshuadiaz shared a tip "the ending to be honest"

Will Jovel's profile image

will_jovel shared a tip "Live this movie!"

Sara Stevens's profile image

sara_stevens shared a tip "Great movie! Makes you feel tough & scratch your head!"

Julie Linhart's profile image

julie_linhart shared a tip "Classic"

Kay Doyle's profile image

kay_doyle shared a tip "Great movie"

Damian Shaeffer's profile image

damian_shaeffer shared a tip "The office scene where Ed Norton beat the crap out of himself"

Siri Svensson's profile image

siri_svensson shared a tip "Best movie ever. Plot twist was PERFECT. Plot itself incredible."

Bit T's profile image

bit_t shared a tip "Great movie... but if Tyler Durden is your hero, you missed the point."

fares_3642 shared a tip "I do my favorite part is when the narrator kills tyler durden and the building explodes near the end"

Cassandra Aponte's profile image

cassandra_aponte shared a tip "My favorite movie by far"

todd_bennett_6339 shared a tip "It’s an iconic, crazy movie you’ll never forget!"

samantha_horton_9969 shared a tip "Great acting, great story"

Jessica Clayton's profile image

jessica_clayton_6095 shared a tip "My favorite movie pretty much ever!"

Duanallen Niemeyer's profile image

duanallen_niemeyer shared a tip "I can't wait to see this movie again!!"

grace_knight_6423 shared a tip "cliche but .. its good"

Cetewayo Gammage's profile image

cetewayo_gammage shared a tip "This is my favorite movie."

Spencer Festin's profile image

spencer_festin shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

Richard Porter's profile image

richard_porter_3753 shared a tip "First 2 rules of fight club prevents me from writing a decent comment"

Reeses 's profile image

alonelyreesespuff shared a tip "Idk i can't talk about it"

James Brooks's profile image

james_brooks shared a tip "Show this to someone who hasn't seen anything about it, besides the obvious"

thl shared a tip "Brad Pitt riding his bike in the house and crashing."

Leo Poff's profile image

leo_poff shared a tip "First rule."

Christa Coulter-Scott's profile image

christa_coulter-sco shared a tip "This might just be my favorite movie of all time."

jennifer_janicki shared a tip "First rule of fight club... There is no fight club 🤣🤣"

Paul Gayle's profile image

paul_gayle shared a tip "His name is Robert Paulson.."

brittany_farmer_5023 shared a tip "I recommend the book at well!"

Marc Waterfield's profile image

marc_waterfield shared a tip "The best fiction book I have ever read. The movie was as good as the book hands down"

Carold Whisnant's profile image

carold_whisnant shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. If you enjoy this, you might also enjoy memento. Both movies play with your mind like a chew toy"

Diane Pinegar's profile image

diane_pinegar shared a tip "Brad and Edward took this to the deepest parts of your brain. Classic."

cherrie_lindz shared a tip "Top 5 best movies of all time"

Colin Pritchard's profile image

colin_pritchard shared a tip "Definitely an awesome movie. What is it you like about it most? That might help me recommend something."

Aizawa Samuels's profile image

aizawa_samuels shared a tip "I would say what I like about it but that would involve me breaking the first rule."

maddie_hatter shared a tip "It's SO good. :)"

Dajionn Stewart's profile image

dajionn_stewart shared a tip "What are you doing with your life?? Go watch this now😳"

james_byer shared a tip "I would tell why I love this movie, but I don’t want to violate Rule No. 1 (or 2)..."

jonathan_johnson_928 shared a tip "So good"

Tommy Lawson's profile image

tommy_lawson shared a tip "It is my favorite movie I love it! The book is great as well."

Johnny Rios's profile image

johnny_rios shared a tip "Nothing quite like this one. What's your Insta?"

Sidnie Anderson's profile image

sidnie_anderson shared a tip "I really really loved 'Joker' and 'Scott Pilgrim' is always a favorite to laugh at. Yourself?"

Piper Colbert's profile image

piper_colbert shared a tip "the all time classic ur not supposed to talk about"

Rodney Belcher's profile image

rodney_belcher shared a tip "Classically good!!"

Carol Hoipkemier's profile image

carol_hoipkemier shared a tip "If I remember correctly, it’s at 2 hours…it’s such an odd, fun movie."

Michele Hollis's profile image

michele_hollis shared a tip "Love the actors, and an excellent ***** movie"

Brittany Lewis's profile image

brittany_lewis_3114 shared a tip "First rule of fight club is we don't talk about fight club."

mac 's profile image

sillyscares shared a tip "to be honest this movie is kind of like about soap and having gay sex"

Ecstasyleech 's profile image

ecstasyleech shared a tip "You see meatloafs titties"

fallon_vale shared a tip "I loved this one, I watched it so many times just to see a new clue each time."

Hunter Wardian's profile image

hunter_wardian shared a tip "Watch this with your bro's!"

brett_williams shared a tip "Great movie that gets better each time that you watch it."

kevin_ogletree shared a tip "Must watch has great cast and makes you think."

MightyxPenguin2 's profile image

mightyxpenguin2 shared a tip "Tyler Durden 😉"

Thomas Guadalajara's profile image

thomas_guadalajara shared a tip "Watch multiple times you always will catch somthing new."

Kimberly Redman's profile image

kimberly_redman shared a tip "The third rule of Fight Club is, you cannot comment about Fight Club."

brandon_st_mark shared a tip "it's been a while since I've seen it so I can't really say"

Cencio Gonzalez's profile image

cencio_gonzalez shared a tip "I dont have a favorite part. I just loved the whole movie."

Susan Henderson's profile image

susan_henderson_8694 shared a tip "Original storyline"

mitch_gilmer shared a tip "Amazing"

C M Nafi's profile image

c_m_nafi shared a tip "Oh the whole movie is amazing, I like the beginning where he discussed consumerism, also support group scenes are funny"

Michael Hall's profile image

michael_hall_8852 shared a tip "Due to the rules of fight club I can't tell you I enjoyed this movie 🎬"

luke_earle shared a tip "Mind blowing ending"

Bigg Boy's profile image

bigg_boy shared a tip "His name is Robert Paulson"

Kaela 's profile image

hellokaela shared a tip "A classic. A story I couldn’t have predicted my first watch."

Jennifer Bork's profile image

jennifer_bork shared a tip "Surprisingly spot on for internal dialogue of Gen x’ers."

Mike solis's profile image

mike_solis shared a tip "Slide..."

gloria_lowery shared a tip "Who doesn’t know about Fight good, so twisted"

Michael Schmelz's profile image

michael_schmelz shared a tip "Top Five"

Brad Link's profile image

brad_link shared a tip "The ending is my favorite. You?"

Marie Thomas's profile image

marie_thomas_3985 shared a tip "Another Brad Pitt movie that will leave u staying WHAT,????!!"

Mike Two's profile image

mike_two shared a tip "One of my top ten favorite movies of all time."

Laurent Martenot's profile image

laurent_martenot shared a tip "Perfect book for a perfect movie."

juan_manuel_andaver shared a tip "Yes it is!...umm, it would be when he beats himself up and frames his boss for the assault."

Michelle Holmes's profile image

michelle_holmes shared a tip "The first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club."

Tabitha Langford's profile image

tabitha_langford shared a tip "Best thinker. Great rewatch. Chaotic fun you get to leave on the screen and walk away from. I love it"

Clay Harris's profile image

clay_harris shared a tip "Really makes you think about life"

Crisis Release's profile image

crisis_release shared a tip "Let's just say I miss powerful performances by Mr.Norton."

Yang Zhang's profile image

yang_zhang shared a tip "Good acting+twist ending"

Michael Kurland's profile image

michael_kurland shared a tip "Saw this movie like 6 times"

dan_silver_6051 shared a tip "Builds to an ending I didn’t see coming. And I usually see them coming."

Kelly Pooler's profile image

kelly_pooler shared a tip "It's so good and has an epic plot twist. Highly recommend!"

scott_killen shared a tip "The first rule of fight club is?"

Richard Abaloyan's profile image

richard_abaloyan shared a tip "If I'm being honest, I only watched it once during a lecture in college. I don't remember it all too well lol"

jack_9813 shared a tip "Tyler!"

Zoe Treadwell's profile image

zoe_treadwell shared a tip "only movie i liked better than the book"

Alley Dee's profile image

alley_dee shared a tip "I love how the irony of this movie completely went over my head as a teen."

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "I've got to admit i liked it but this is also the stupidest movie I've ever seen, no wonder film bros love it"

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