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A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2000-04-13

Runtime 102 minutes

Budget $7m

Revenue $34m


TMDB 7.3


Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "Just a classic."

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bcl shared a tip "This is a great watch. I can def see how it influenced the genre. 7.8/10"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "Wonder if I could get a rez at Dorsia??"

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amy_santi shared a tip "Who Want A Christian Bale Hottie Killer?"

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regina1026 shared a tip "This movie was disturbing and was meant to be. Christian Bale was creepy. A scary look at a psychopaths life."

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Freaky"

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Perfect date night flick!"

ginger_k shared a tip "Such a genius, unsettling film. And anyone who cries that it's misogynistic: it was directed by a (pregnant) woman"

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dead_meme_5675 shared a tip "Check these dubs"

Elizabeth Syre's profile image

elizabeth_syre shared a tip "Not for the feint of heart, this viscious satire is a slick and nasty look at American culture in the late last century."

Jennifer Smythe's profile image

jennifer_sied shared a tip "That business card scene, though."

Mariam 's profile image

mariam_4237 shared a tip "It’s a bit graphic, but very well made."

Mairen 's profile image

mairen shared a tip "Some people love it because it’s a horror, I love it because it’s a dark comedy"

saman D's profile image

saman_d shared a tip "Not as good as it looks"

Anthony Garbers's profile image

anthony_garbers shared a tip "Favorite part was the Hip to Be Square scene. I love it so much it’s so twisted and Christian Bale’s performance was incredible."

Aziz Hanifa's profile image

aziz_hanifa shared a tip "One of my favorites! Hilarious movie."

Jessica Shearer 's profile image

jessica_Lynn76 shared a tip "Love Christian Bale and this movie is a classic."

496jas 's profile image

496jas shared a tip "Love this movie"

Quinn Prinz's profile image

quinn_prinz shared a tip "Viscerally uncomfortable the entire time"

Cornelius Brown's profile image

cornelius_brown_8085 shared a tip "That's really tough but probably Rocky or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Lakeyshia Dorsey's profile image

lakeyshia_dorsey shared a tip "Probably the “dance” scene 😂"

KOsprings 's profile image

kosprings shared a tip "I thought Bale made a great Batman, but after seeing this I wonder if he would have been a better Joker"

Kim Richard's profile image

kim_richard shared a tip "The business card scene!!! I think of it all the time!"

Betty Wojnar's profile image

betty_wojnar shared a tip "Love love love very 80s"

Fady Ghali's profile image

fady_ghali shared a tip "I don’t remember the full movie to be honest, but the scene where they were comparing business cards was hillarious."

2020 Vision's profile image

2020_vision shared a tip "Typical Bale-type Antics Dude A G.o.A.T. but I like Underground Classic feel Not Made For Pansies"

Bai C's profile image

bai_c shared a tip "Classic"

Carlie 's profile image

carlie_8724 shared a tip "What a perfectly weird horror period piece!"

Russ Tennant's profile image

russ_tennant shared a tip "This movie is extremely underrated. Great flick."

ash_4793 shared a tip "this is honestly one of my fav thrillers- not too much but enough to keep one engaged."

Jason Carpenter's profile image

jason_carpenter shared a tip "As good as the book. But fr read the book"

Denis Rodriguez's profile image

denis_rodriguez shared a tip "Yeah! Love it. Any recommendations from you?"

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chris_lemay shared a tip "One of the GOAT"

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mitchell_feaster shared a tip "Dis my ****"

bitter gumdrop's profile image

BunnyRabbit shared a tip "A classic thriller with many twists and turns, a must watch for those who are into gore"

jack_9813 shared a tip "Patrick Bateman"

caitlin_mary shared a tip "One of the best thrillers"

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desirae_webb shared a tip "Classic serial killer horror!!"

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