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Captured by smugglers when he was just a hatchling, a macaw named Blu never learned to fly and lives a happily domesticated life in Minnesota with his human friend, Linda. Blu is thought to be the last of his kind, but when word comes that Jewel, a lone female, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Blu and Linda

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 2011-04-03

Runtime 96 minutes

Budget $90m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 6.7


Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "3 out of 5 stars"

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canda_dixon shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐"

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jordan_cruz_6314 shared a tip "Very entertaining and hilarious!"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "The color is beautiful"

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heather_sampson_5239 shared a tip "It's a great story of the importance of animals in the Amazon and the beautiful and dangerous culture you might find in Rio."

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hannah_wallratth shared a tip "Love the songs and all the colors"

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kimberly_simmons shared a tip "Man this us a great #animated #musical #family movie"

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jillian_lett shared a tip "This is such a cute light hearted movie"

krisy_patzlaff shared a tip "My brother loved the animals and the plot gives depth"

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danielle_overlock shared a tip "Super cute story, great music. Fun for adults and kids. Great family movie night movie."

Lashawndra Evans's profile image

lashawndra_evans shared a tip "Cute and funny movie!"

Alejandro Garcia's profile image

alejandro_garcia_318 shared a tip "I liked the deforestation part"

Priya Cordeiro's profile image

priya_cordeiro shared a tip "Favorite movie to watch with my family"

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mary_rzepka shared a tip "Its really a cute movie:)"

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bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good love birds"

britney_castillo shared a tip "The soundtrack for this movie is phenomenal!!"

Trina Vercammen's profile image

trina_vercammen shared a tip "Loved it"

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enrique_navarro_168 shared a tip "I don’t have favourite but i like them all."

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jolene_lorraine shared a tip "I’ve seen it too much 😭"

Christine Davies's profile image

christine_davies shared a tip "I think my favourite part is all the music"

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beeswaxnotyoursllc shared a tip "Into adulthood this continues to be one of my favorite movies ever."

david_desouza shared a tip "No I didn’t!"

kailei_davis_341 shared a tip "@stephen_totemeier My favorite part is the bulldog dancing, what about yourself?"

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itsjustdest shared a tip "It's the perfect child hood movie outcast turns into hero"

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abraham_ray shared a tip "It’s a interesting animated movie!"

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bobbie_beechin shared a tip "The whole movie is great! Even the second one was good!"

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rockett_zeffertino shared a tip "Cute movie #animation #comedy #family_friendly"

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madison_thompson_5474 shared a tip "Oh I love the whole movie, but one of the best parts has got to be when Luis is dancing on the float😂"

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sunflowerbaby19 shared a tip "I loved Blu."

eduardo_garcia_3906 shared a tip "Let me ******* see ot"

eimy_perez shared a tip "Rrr#"

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savannah_pearce shared a tip "Adventures are awsome and colorfull and fun i love this!!! Overall 9.5/10"

Grace M.'s profile image

grace_m. shared a tip "loved it! me and my brother watch it all the time together"

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elizabeth_villatoro shared a tip "I have watched this movie like 10 times. I love it!!"

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justine_kalassa shared a tip "This movie keeps you awake, so you want a movie that you can stay awake all night! Well here it is!!!"

Anastasia Tipton's profile image

anastasia_tipton shared a tip "Great family movie for all of us to injoy!"

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luke_arrambide shared a tip "@jayde_5691 not that I know of but if I find one I will tag you"

shawn_rickard_7713 shared a tip "Blue"

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emily_pollard_8716 shared a tip "My favorite part is when they hold a singing competition."

naomi saravia's profile image

naomi_saravia shared a tip "@ashley_hostetter the whole movie was fun and colorful, I loved the music and the zamba dances"

adera_sampson shared a tip "When they were having a date on the train🤗"

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maddie_saafford shared a tip "I like the Bulldog Luiz"

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lee_bee_5804 shared a tip "Nico"

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harry_james_6443 shared a tip "Absolutely the 1st one"

Ashley Rodriguez's profile image

ashley_rodriguez_2412 shared a tip "I haven’t seen it in years, so I don’t remember much of it 😭"

Teresa Valencia's profile image

teresa_valencia shared a tip "Personally I loved the first one 💖"

Tricia Noel's profile image

tricia_noel shared a tip "Rafael is my favorite character in this movie!"

Reagan Melton's profile image

reagan_melton_9229 shared a tip "It is a tie between Pedro and Nico!"

natashaleze_diaz shared a tip "Im in love"

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jason_schrock shared a tip "It’s a decent fun kids movie"

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cesar_mendez_4785 shared a tip "It's a nice movie cause it has a lot of action and adventure.#comedy"

Kailee McGuire's profile image

kailee_mcguire shared a tip "My kids love it! Lots of fun music 😁"

starlight Adam's's profile image

starlight_adams shared a tip "One of my fave movies I had to watch with my younger sister"

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crown_vic shared a tip "Definitely Nigel!"

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darcy_christensen shared a tip "I love the music and the colors. My kids enjoy this movie too."

angela_loria shared a tip "Such a cute movie with a great soundtrack!"

Ski Mask The Slump God’s Right Knee's profile image

ski_mask_the_slump_ shared a tip "Another one of the greatest kids movies ever, great for all ages and everyone loves Rio!"

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