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Craig and Smokey are two guys in Los Angeles hanging out on their porch on a Friday afternoon, smoking and drinking, looking for something to do.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1995-04-26

Runtime 91 minutes

Budget $3.5m

Revenue $28m


TMDB 7.1


somechick73 .'s profile image

lylathewicked shared a tip "One of the funniest stoner movies of all time."

Tiffany GONSOLAND's profile image

SistaTiph shared a tip "yes"

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heather_stevens shared a tip "One of the funniest movies I have ever seen!"

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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "I don't think I've seen no movie more times then I seen Friday....I can recite the movie word for word....classic"

Joanna Paredes's profile image

joanna_paredes shared a tip "The first one for sure!"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Bye Felicia"

Elizabeth Sanders's profile image

elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Great movie"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of those movies that I watch every time it's on,seen it so much!"

douv_miller shared a tip "Same"

Jennifer Clark's profile image

jennifer_clark_2705 shared a tip "Proof wasting time is time well spent 🤤"

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ivan_segura shared a tip "Hilarious! Great chemistry. Side-splitting laughter. Sequels are just as funny."

M.J. Black's profile image

m.j._black shared a tip "Damn...I hate that question bc I have more than one! 😄"

a_rid shared a tip "A Classic movie!"

Justin Ropson's profile image

justin_ropson shared a tip "Funny"

Brenda Marion's profile image

brenda_marion shared a tip "Hilarious!!!"

Kelly Marcoe's profile image

kelly_marcoe shared a tip "All time fav is dirty dancing"

Nancy VanWinkle's profile image

nancy_vanwinkle shared a tip "Hilarious is you like slap-stick comedy. It's a bit stereotypical but it's an older movie and a classic!"

Angie B's profile image

angie_b shared a tip "My favorite comedy of all time"

Kevin R's profile image

kevin_r_8807 shared a tip "Bye, Felicia."

Rachelle Bell's profile image

rachelle_bell shared a tip ""y'all ain't NEVER got two things that match""

hayden_. shared a tip "pee"

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cynthia_paul shared a tip "Haha BYE felicia"

DaMarco Chrisp's profile image

DonJaunDaMarco shared a tip "🗣HOOD CLASSIC MY DAWGGGG"

alexis_martin_2836 shared a tip "One of the most quotable movies of all time. Cult classic."

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brad_jones_6407 shared a tip "My favorite is The Shawshank Redemption. What about you?"

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natasha_mayberry shared a tip "I can totally quote this ENTIRE movie!!! It's all my favorite."

kim_stevens_8370 shared a tip "Hilarious! Great cast."

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ryan_wells_4286 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

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lori_stoddart shared a tip "So funny"

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scott_jarrell shared a tip "I found it amusing. It was recommended to me by a friend."

vincent_phipps shared a tip "Amazing! Probably the best movie that took up the least amount of space. Let me know your favorite characters."

Billy Edwards's profile image

billy_edwards shared a tip "I'm old school. Godfather 2."

Camren Kitchens's profile image

camren_kitchens shared a tip "Please do it’s a classic"

Watch Freshy's profile image

watch_freshy shared a tip "Least favorite? Gotta be the "you win some, you lose some" speech. I kno, I kno lol"

lawrence_barnard shared a tip "That’s hard…Jojo Rabbit, the Big Lebowski, Free Guy and Friday. All over the place. Lol. What about you?"

andre_5662 shared a tip "It's was a great movie lots of laughs 😃"

roughdouglas shared a tip "A classic comedy. You can call it a stoner movie if you want to."

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erica_rowe shared a tip "I think its hilarious."

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oscar_mercado_8943 shared a tip "Great movie it’s so funny"

Brooke Shaw's profile image

brooke_shaw_5044 shared a tip "definitely one of my favorites"

Alisha Madison's profile image

alisha_madison shared a tip "The first one will forever be the best!"

Jason Rankin's profile image

jason_rankin shared a tip "First one was the best!"

Dorian Matheu's profile image

dorian_matheu shared a tip "It’s wack you can’t see the movies"

shontee_edwards shared a tip "Classic"

Jacob McVicker's profile image

jacob_mcvicker shared a tip "Idk it's all so good what's your favorite movie or show and your favorite scene?"

tamara_6314 shared a tip "It’s so manyyy 😭 wby?!"

haylie_singletary shared a tip "All of it its just a great movie in all"

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big_slick shared a tip "Defenitley a classic! A must watch for late night comedy-lovers."

Javian Garcia's profile image

javian_garcia shared a tip "It was teally funny"

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danielle_labonte shared a tip "Funny! A classic."

des_d shared a tip "Classic stoner movie!"

brayden_powers shared a tip "How do I play it"

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blixplays shared a tip "Funny asf"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "CLASSIC!"

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kingscare_gaming shared a tip "You got knocked the f*** out!!!"

lassina_ouattara shared a tip "❤️✌️😆"

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blackeye_807 shared a tip "Oh wait you mean of friday"

Blackeye 807's profile image

blackeye_807 shared a tip "Then it is friday 2"

Blackeye 807's profile image

blackeye_807 shared a tip "Aka next friday"

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john_hefner shared a tip "@mz_pigg"

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hope_johnson_5390 shared a tip "Can't call it @taylor_osterbind, I've seen the movie but can't call a favorite scene...."

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esther_ramirez_3595 shared a tip "Smokey"

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landon_paradies shared a tip "@Likewise @@#comedy #fantasy #"

alanna_mercereau shared a tip "Classic movie. Can never go weong with it."

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ebonie_priar shared a tip "Classic"

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donald_bailey_3708 shared a tip "Classic movie"

olivia_zucco shared a tip "It’s hard to choose a favorite movie but I love all the Harry Potter ones!!"

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