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A team of American scientists investigate the empty, destroyed base of their Norwegian counterparts in Antarctica, only to discover a terrifying life force that can take the form of its prey.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1982-06-25

Runtime 109 minutes

Budget $15m

Revenue $20m


TMDB 8.0


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queer-giraffe shared a tip "My favorite horror movie. A Halloween night tradition."

Calum Clark's profile image

calum shared a tip "A good movie for snow days!"

Kenny Tai's profile image

kenny_tai shared a tip "Greatest horror movie ever, watched it every year."

Rhonda Jean's profile image

rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "Classic"

Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Ask Yourself What Is The True Monster After Watching This"

Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "Interesting I like it but it took forever to get to the point again a good movie though."

Jay Renee's profile image

jaymustdieee shared a tip "This is the movie that scared my mom so bad she never watched a horror again. That means it was truly terrifying."

Samovila138 's profile image

Samovila138 shared a tip "It’s a classic in the horror genre, watch it once at least. It is cheesy though"

Stephanie Conti's profile image

stephanie_conti shared a tip "10/10 - My favorite film of all time."

Ariana Gonzalez's profile image

argoreads shared a tip "Great body horror and suspense, but I crack up every time Kurt Russell shows up on screen with that giant hat"

Bryce Weerheim's profile image

bryce_weerheim shared a tip "all cheese, but well acted"

statxecrys_80s 's profile image

STATXECRYS shared a tip "My favorite. It has you on the edge of your seat since you don't know who is the thing. Very bloody and gory. Cool effects too."

Patrick J's profile image

patrick_j shared a tip "An all time favorite of mine!! Science fiction/horror done right!"

FlaminGlory 's profile image

flaminglory shared a tip "Good movie to watch during a blizzard."

Alfonso Alarcón's profile image

alfonso_alarcn shared a tip "Probably my all-time favorite horror film!"

Peter Morada's profile image

Peter.Morada shared a tip "Good for Halloween!"

Christopher Shaner's profile image

christopher_shaner shared a tip "Shining example why practical effects should be used more in movies. Still one of the greatest horror movies of all-time."

Alex Drinnon 's profile image

alex_rojas_7469 shared a tip "Actually hoping to watch the void next! I heard it’s got a very similar vibe"

Holley Rilko's profile image

holley_rilko shared a tip "This movie scared me to death as a kid."

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_jellyfish_ shared a tip "Just an incredible film"

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lyndon_bray shared a tip "Awesome"

Charles H. Piatt's profile image

charles_h._piatt shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites. Personal I think it's John Carpenters best movie."

Bueller Productions's profile image

bueller_productions shared a tip "A psychological monster horror of no compare. Pure John Carpenter gold."

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jennifer_scarborough shared a tip "Love it"

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chris_tajoy shared a tip "I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it!"

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norvan_zanders shared a tip "Classic."

Tinesi Philogene's profile image

tinesi_philogene shared a tip "This is a classic 80s sci-fi movie."

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cyberkitten shared a tip "Absolutely terrifying"

Bryan Stoll's profile image

bryan_stoll_3319 shared a tip "Good movie"

Kody Hynek's profile image

kody_hynek shared a tip "It's campy, cheesey, and absolutely thrilling."

Romana Miller's profile image

romana_miller shared a tip "One of the best horror movies of all time."

Marco Garcia's profile image

marco_garcia_2071 shared a tip "A absolute classic sci-fi movie."

Jeremy 's profile image

jerryd shared a tip "Brilliant practical effects, overall a fun watch"

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ChrisVanharmelen shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time, no discussion."

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RJ.DVS.NTT shared a tip "A must watch if you love good horror."

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robert_smith_1043 shared a tip "It's as close to perfect as you can get"

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brian_wilson_4300 shared a tip "Just terrifying."

waffle dorsett's profile image

waffle_dorsett shared a tip "In my top 5 horror movies"

Leo Poff's profile image

leo_poff shared a tip "The thing is the best movie. That dog is a little suspicious. Oh no. Good movie."

Yvan Menard's profile image

yvan_menard shared a tip "One of the best horror movies"

N Sorensen's profile image

n_sorensen shared a tip "Carpenter at his best! Amazing practical effects and the beginning of my life long man crush on Kurt Russell."

Erika Bernatz's profile image

erika_bernatz shared a tip "I miss the old animatronic horror movies. CGI can ruin it for me sometimes"

jodi_eaton shared a tip "My all time favorite! Scary with humor with mystery and suspense"

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creel_mclean shared a tip "This movie still scares me"

Brian Blair's profile image

brian_blair_210 shared a tip "Great Filmmaking!"

Syn 's profile image

dtofthedarkthief shared a tip "definitely a must-watch to add to your movie repetoire"

blas nache's profile image

blas_nache shared a tip "The Practical effects are perfection"

anthony_white_9681 shared a tip "Watch the Old School version not the new reboot."

colin_clayton shared a tip "Great psychological scifi horror movie"

Kippy 's profile image

kipyip shared a tip "Never watching again!!! :)))"

Walter Croft's profile image

walter_croft shared a tip "Ultimate Fav Sci-fi Horror Movie! Classic John Carpenter at his finest."

akansh Jaiswal's profile image

akansh_jaiswal shared a tip "@esmiliani_zabala_ ready to watch this one? 🤭"

Alisha Stireman-Beyer's profile image

alisha_stireman-bey shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite horror flicks. Top 5, at least."

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Ward68 shared a tip "This is one great horror movie."

Pawney Dilley's profile image

pawney_dilley shared a tip "All time favorite"

Mike solis's profile image

mike_solis shared a tip "Man is the warmest place to hide..."

Brett Prynne 's profile image

BrettPrynne shared a tip "One of my all time favorite horror films!"

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fred_gutz shared a tip "Best scifi thriller of the 80s if not all time👌"

wes_hughes shared a tip "my favorite horror movie"

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acole_2018 shared a tip "The practical vfx in this film are a staple in the industry. What an inventive concept. #classic"

jonas_bomster shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time! Great for a day stuck inside or when wanting to cool down"

christopher_maclean shared a tip "This movie kept me up at night. A classic John Carpenter."

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mark_pelini shared a tip "Great horror movie, that blast your mind with visuals and tension. One of John Carpenters best"

Derrick McBride's profile image

derrick_mcbride shared a tip "The practical effects and the intelligent characters"

Clayton Hansen's profile image

clayton_hansen shared a tip "One of my absolute favorites! Amazing SFX!#thething #kurtrussell #alien"

Kaitlyn Evans's profile image

kaitlyn_evans_5568 shared a tip "The original is always the best but the second movie is kind of like a prequel."

Christina Peterson's profile image

christina_peterson_2150 shared a tip "One of my fav. horror movies"

Akula lewis's profile image

akula_lewis shared a tip "Some things should be left alone"

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elise_dukart shared a tip "Absolutely spectacular. Incredible practical effects, and the performances are great."

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