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During a summer of friendship and adventure, one boy becomes a part of the gang, nine boys become a team and their leader becomes a legend by confronting the terrifying mystery beyond the right field wall.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1993-04-07

Runtime 101 minutes

Revenue $32m


TMDB 7.5


Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "Funny, nostalgic and just plain great!"

Gypsy Rose's profile image

gypsy_rose_4528 shared a tip "Childhood favorite. Really tapped into my inner child."

Jessica 's profile image

Hope_Belle shared a tip "“You’re killing me Smalls!”"

Jordan 's profile image

jordan_7332 shared a tip "One of the famous baseball movies ever to be made. Favorite line is you’re killing me smalls😄"

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Great kids movie about baseball."

Wilma Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "I love "The Sandlot!""

Chloe Idk's profile image

chloe_idk shared a tip "good asf reminds me on when i was like 7"

Avery 's profile image

avery_755 shared a tip "Love this movie soooo much"

Layla Johnson's profile image

layla_johnson_1190 shared a tip "This movie was so funny, my younger siblings quote it all the time!"

Ecstasyleech 's profile image

ecstasyleech shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie"

James Dunphy's profile image

james_dunphy shared a tip "The Best baseball movie. All time classic!!"

Amy Lourenco's profile image

amy_lourenco shared a tip "Sweet, nostalgic and funny"

Mo 's profile image

mo_om shared a tip "One of the bedt movies if you are a baseball fan"

Kathleen  's profile image

kathleen_hyslop shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! ⚾️"

ariel smith-golub's profile image

ariell.skye shared a tip "you’re killing me smalls"

Mrs. Salvatore 's profile image

Skyelander shared a tip "One of my favorite family classics"

Ashley Anderson's profile image

ashley_anderson shared a tip "Classic movie!"

Jilina Mercier's profile image

jilina_mercier shared a tip "cmon its a classic"

marlena_a._esquivel shared a tip "One of the best Classics."

caitlyn 's profile image

_groovy_ shared a tip "Funni goofy ahh"

nevaeh_keller_7564 shared a tip "Every thing"

Monique Contreras's profile image

monique_contreras shared a tip "Famous line "You're killing me smalls!""

HippieGal 's profile image

kcmess57 shared a tip "Always a favorite"

Angela Temple's profile image

angela_temple shared a tip "Great movie my boys watched this 100 times.."

ruth_loomis shared a tip "Fun, feel good movie that brought me back to my childhood playing neighborhood ball with friends."

Heavan_larose 's profile image

heaven-larose shared a tip "This movie was fun to see and I have seen it lots of time"

River 's profile image

River._. shared a tip "I grew up watching this movie and It never gets old"

Katelyn Vallecillo's profile image

katelyn_vallecillo shared a tip "Favorite movie ever"

John Thomas's profile image

jthomasis shared a tip "Nostalgia to way before my childhood but still nostalgia!"

kandklove1 .'s profile image

kandklove1_. shared a tip "One of me and my sisters all time favorite classic growing up"

natalie_hatch_1397 shared a tip "Classic!"

Ginamarie Arakaki's profile image

ginamarie_arakaki shared a tip "James Earl Jones"

Randee Warga's profile image

randee_warga_2023 shared a tip "This is a classic in our house. A must!!! "It's the great Bambino!!""

Calie Barcheers's profile image

calie_barcheers shared a tip "It was just a really good movie in my opinion"

Htbeany 's profile image

htbeany shared a tip "Everyone should see this once!"

Bailey Juliette's profile image

bailey_juliette shared a tip "I really liked the Sandler because it shows a bunch of kids goin out to play there favorite sport everyday."

Maura Conlan's profile image

maura_conlan shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time"

buttercup🥴 's profile image

teasin shared a tip "literally one of my favs💕"

awesome_user_466383 's profile image

awesome_user_466383 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time. (Hams is my favorite character)"

awesome_user_537317 's profile image

cat_mama18 shared a tip "Dad's favorite"

Jude Gourdet's profile image

jude_gourdet shared a tip "A classic coming of age film for the ages. If you haven't seen it're killing me Smalls!!!"

Elijah Taylor 's profile image

elijah_taylor_6608 shared a tip "YOURE KILLING ME SMALLS!"

Tyler Atwood's profile image

shimloo shared a tip "Loved it, American classic"

Dakota J's profile image

dakota_j_495 shared a tip "A classic for all! If you know, ya know."

Dee H's profile image

debo9804 shared a tip "Your killing me smalls"

hailey_lozano_1289 shared a tip "Benny"

Kendra Johnson's profile image

notkendraj shared a tip "amazing movie 😋"

Life with JELSI's profile image

life_with_jelsi shared a tip "So gooood"

crystal_easley_2758 shared a tip "Absolutely love this movie!"

Keaganne Glidden's profile image

keaganne_glidden shared a tip "I love the movie over all❤️"

Rachel Valentino's profile image

rockett_zeffertino shared a tip "Will forever be a classic #family_friendly #baseball"

Alice Undead's profile image

alice_undead shared a tip "Classic"

Clare Wilson's profile image

Spud_Gun2477 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies as a kid. Still think it's great"

Bella Markis's profile image

bella_markis shared a tip "Great family comedy!!"

lyndsay_campbell_5944 shared a tip "It’s a classic."

Sierra Spencer's profile image

sierra_spencer_5333 shared a tip "Not funnier than The Little Rascals but… pretty funny."

alondra_murillo shared a tip "100/100"

Samantha Upiter's profile image

samantha_upiter shared a tip "Samanthaupiter"

Mathew granberg's profile image

mathew_granberg shared a tip "Stfu"

Clay Harris's profile image

clay_harris shared a tip "An american classic"

Morgan ANN's profile image

morgan_ann_5613 shared a tip "Great classic movie!!!!! Lots of childhood memories when I watch this"

tori_5864 shared a tip "Loved it, great feel good/kids movie I even still watch it as an adult."

Kate S's profile image

kate_s_9049 shared a tip "#classic"

Champagnegeorgie 133's profile image

champagnegeorgie_133 shared a tip "Instant Classic!!"

nick_stefanski shared a tip "Iconic."

Alexandra Groulx's profile image

alexandra_groulx_5348 shared a tip "I loved that movie as a kis"

Abby Keshena's profile image

abby_keshena shared a tip "Benny is bae"

Brandon Brich's profile image

brandon_brich shared a tip "You're killing me Smalls!!"

kelsey_blommel shared a tip "I love this movie. It is one of my favorite classics that you must watch"

Gina Milburn-Phipps's profile image

gina_milburn-phipps shared a tip "You killing me smallz"

William Wood's profile image

williamwood shared a tip "My favorite part would have to be the scene with the iconic “You’re killing smalls!” When they are all in the tree house!"

r._g. shared a tip "One if the best movies ever made ."

Aleasha Hintz's profile image

aleasha_hintz shared a tip "A classic. Maybe not politically correct, but a classic."

Marissa Murphy's profile image

marissa_murphy_7904 shared a tip "Probably this movie, the mighty ducks, or clueless :)"

dallas_core shared a tip "Great childhood coming-of-age story"

Ur mom's profile image

corley.5 shared a tip "Best movie I had ever seen for like 3 or 4 years"

elizabeth_simmons_1396 shared a tip "Just rewatched this a decade later, still a classic for a reason"

Kennedy Kuberski's profile image

kennedy_kuberski shared a tip "I loved this movie so much!!!!"

Ashunti Russell's profile image

ashunti_russell shared a tip "Very good movie!Watch this since I was young and love adventure of the boys of loving of baseball!"

Angela Whisnant's profile image

angela_whisnant shared a tip "Classic…my kids loved this movie. Impossible to watch too many times."

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