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In the years before the Second World War, a tomboyish postulant at an Austrian abbey becomes a governess in the home of a widowed naval captain with seven children, and brings a new love of life and music into the home.

MPAA Rating G

Status Released

Release Date 1965-03-29

Runtime 175 minutes

Budget $8.2m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.7


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Meredith shared a tip "Mandatory viewing once a year. I love my grandmother, Julie Andrews"

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lisa_ohazurike shared a tip "Amazing movie, 5/5. I watch this movie over and over again and it never gets boring"

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cheezie_face shared a tip "Very nice in everyway"

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avbeyer shared a tip "One of the Greatest musicals to ever exist"

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elisabeth_drain shared a tip "A classic!"

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michelle_russell shared a tip "Such a “Classic!” Love this movie/musical!!"

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irz928 shared a tip "Used to watch this on my grandmother's VHS's it will always be a favorite of mine."

darbi_gould shared a tip "Longer than I remembered. Still good. I love Julie andrews"

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robyn_markow shared a tip "A guilty pleasure(& Julie Andrews was terrific in this 👍🏻)"

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scott_s_davis shared a tip "Best musical of all time. Still holds up after decades!"

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marie_nuss shared a tip "The best film to watch over and over❤️❤️"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "One of my favorite classic movies ever! #timeless"

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "I came to this later in life... Visit Stowe VT to enjoy the American residence."

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ashley_lowther shared a tip "Favorite musical"

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michelle_fisher_2110 shared a tip "Julie Andrews is like a cup of warm tea"

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cifge_not_found shared a tip "Classic!!"

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cem120319 shared a tip "This is my all the time favorite musical!!!"

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sarah_dean-burton shared a tip "One of my favorites of all time"

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masha_schmitt_268 shared a tip "The goat puppet show scene!"

michelle wong's profile image

michelle_wong_1681 shared a tip "I would have to say yes because without the director it would not of been enjoyable."

Yuvonne H's profile image

yuvonne_h shared a tip "Childhood memories I shared with my children ❤️"

mary_jo_williams shared a tip "Always a good watch!!"

mary_jo_williams shared a tip "Your most welcome.😀"

karl_1275 shared a tip "Classic!"

pat_bat shared a tip "It would be hard to pick for all of the movie is wonderful and it is hard to name a part that is not iconic."

drew_sklar shared a tip "It’s a classic. How could you NOT like it?"

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dangerduck_kenyon shared a tip "It's a classic for musical lovers and non-musical lovers alike."

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maryzb23 shared a tip "My favorite movie!!"

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kartik_saraf shared a tip "A must see before you eventually (or suddenly) kick the bucket"

margo_776 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

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wendy_jenkins shared a tip "Best musical ever Julie Andrews is the best!"

a_grant_607 shared a tip "It's my favorite movie"

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kaitlin_suckow shared a tip "Good movie that real Austrians don't know anything about"

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sarah_christianscher shared a tip ""The poor didn't want this dress." Comedy gold. Alternate title could be "Live, Laugh, Love, and Run Away From Nazis""

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heather_brazeau_9588 shared a tip "This was the movie me and my grandmother would watch together on Friday nights when id go to her place for a sleep over 🥰"

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steven_hendrickson shared a tip "I got to see this in the 60's at theater & my mom was always singing songs from this movie, 😁"

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june_1545 shared a tip "Love Julie Andrews"

josh_3122 shared a tip "They all are great! One that stands out at the moment would be Edelweiss"

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faith_patterson shared a tip "Julie Andrews"

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kristin_damiano shared a tip "This is my mom’s favorite movie! Always makes me think of her 💜"

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ClassyBeulah shared a tip "What isn't to love about the sound of music. Come on."

Alicea Porterfield's profile image

alicea_porterfield shared a tip "It's one or my faves but just remember they've built in an intermission for a reason. This is a marathon not a sprint."

Mona Magallanes's profile image

mona_magallanes shared a tip "Julie Andrews!!!"

Kaitlyn Rodwell's profile image

kaitlyn_rodwell shared a tip "If I had to pick one, I'd go with My Favorite Things scene but I love the whole movie and it's a close first."

Mengzhen Hao's profile image

mengzhen_hao shared a tip "I loved this movie growing up. Beautiful story and music."

Bernard Plourde's profile image

bernard_plourde shared a tip "Not really a favorite part per say m. I’m just a big fan of musicals in general"

gabs 's profile image

rabbit_mil shared a tip "I’ve watched it countless times since I was little, I just love the whole movie!"

Chante V's profile image

MyTaee shared a tip "One of my favs"

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soni_mar shared a tip "A classisc way to remember what can happen when we let crazy have power =("

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brent_frakes shared a tip "I loved it alot!"

Lori Logan's profile image

lori_logan shared a tip "The music"

Danat Mulugeta's profile image

danat_mulugeta shared a tip "Classical music"

Piper Parker-Pearson's profile image

piper_parker-pearson shared a tip "I love musicals and the classics. I also enjoyed the story behind it"

holly_gorrell shared a tip "It's a fun musical with good music and suspense at times."

Sean Kahle's profile image

sean_kahle shared a tip "A musical masterpiece featuring the gorgeous voice of Julie Andrews with a classic love story"

Gracie Thornton's profile image

gracie_thornton shared a tip "I really can't remember but if I have it was😊 when I was little."

shanna_tusher shared a tip "Because I like musicals and history"

Tristahx 's profile image

tristahx shared a tip "I used to watch this a lot as a young kid. My mom showed it to me one day and I still love it to this day."

faye_dutkiewicz shared a tip "Wonderful Family movie. Also a nice pick for a Pandemic slump."

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Spud_Gun2477 shared a tip "Another one of my all-time favorites"

nyssa_bb shared a tip "Awesome"

Crystalina Epperson's profile image

crystalina_epperson shared a tip "A foundational film."

Killjoys4Eva 's profile image

Sunnyday shared a tip "It’s great! Julie Andrews is a great actor!"

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gwenstefani shared a tip "[Source:]"

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sethmacfarlane shared a tip "[Source:]"

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jessica_moreno shared a tip "True classic. One of my favs."

CandyMarie Cruz's profile image

candymarie_cruz shared a tip "This is the best movies I will love to watch every day."

Nancy Alfred's profile image

nancy_alfred shared a tip "Saw this movie when I was six years old and have loved ever since"

Sandra Laszkiewicz's profile image

sandra_laszkiewicz shared a tip "My aunt took me to see it when I was 7 in a downtown theater. Memory burned into my childhood!"

Steven Meanley's profile image

steven_meanley shared a tip "This will always be my favorite movie"

charlene_steben shared a tip "There's no way to pick a fav! Been watching it since I was 6, I'm now 50 and it's like watching it for the first time everytime!"

marilyn_silverberg shared a tip "Still cry at her wedding. Been watching since I was 5"

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jessica_israni shared a tip "Jessica"

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melissa_wilson_1936 shared a tip "Can I watch it here? I'm new to this app"

KHADEIJAH MANKA's profile image

khadeijah_manka shared a tip "Favorite show"

Brooke Tape's profile image

brooke_tape shared a tip "All around joyful."

Susan Tipton's profile image

susan_tipton shared a tip "Stylized history, a classic blending of music, characters, and scenery."

Meghan Pemberton's profile image

meghan_pemberton shared a tip "A musical with Nazis AND Julie Andrews? How can it get any better than this?"

Vicky Perdue's profile image

Perdue-Lopez shared a tip "Its a classic"

Sofia Mangel's profile image

sofia_mangel shared a tip "My favorite all time classic!"

makenzie_jacob_nels shared a tip "It’s a great musical"

emodeafchick shared a tip "Amazing music and lovely story! I have always loved this film and i always will!"

annakah shared a tip "I’m actually not a fan of musicals but I really liked this one."

Erica Lamanna's profile image

erica_lamanna shared a tip "I can watch this movie 1000 times in one day and it will not get boring!! #amazing"

Alexis Taylor's profile image

alexis_taylor_8198 shared a tip "Love Julie Andrews so much. Such an amazing voice and such an amazing movie"

Justice Kent's profile image

justice_kent shared a tip "Love the movie and the songs are all incredible. An instant classic."

steph_e shared a tip "Le Miserable"

Julie Lynskey's profile image

julie_lynskey shared a tip "Classic musical and Julie Andrews need I say more"

Iris Aparicio's profile image

iris_aparicio shared a tip "Love this classic. Watched it on Christmas"

gayla_elam shared a tip "I love it! If you like partial’s a classic that i played every Christmas for my kids. They still love it!"

gayla_elam shared a tip "I will try to add more to my list......"

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ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "Julie Andrews was great in this."

Samantha Luscombe's profile image

samantha_luscombe shared a tip "All the music! So many great songs :)"

aliza_black shared a tip "I love this movie when it came tv during the holidays"

Laurie Palmer's profile image

laurie_palmer_6627 shared a tip "My favorite!!"

diane_schott shared a tip "Julie Andrews had incredible singing ability"

patti_fluxgold shared a tip "Incredible! A classic! I know the words of every song."

M Q's profile image

m_q shared a tip "Yeah, it's also kids friendly."

Lou Bravo's profile image

lou_bravo shared a tip "It's a classic. Very well done and the singing is excellent."

Megan Schindhelm's profile image

megan_schindhelm shared a tip "Such a classic reminds me of elementary school music class lol"

Jann Siwa's profile image

jann_siwa shared a tip "I probably would have to say "Harold and Maude", altho I LOVE a lot of the old "sing along" musicals!"

Melinda Steele-StCyr's profile image

melinda_steele-stcyr shared a tip "The thunderstorm when she wins the children over. :)"

Diane Schlehuber's profile image

diane_schlehuber shared a tip "Love how the family stays together at all costs"

Keri-jo Dilts's profile image

keri-jo_dilts shared a tip "Because Julie Andrews!"

kathleen_leadford shared a tip "Great movie. Never goes out of style."

Jules 's profile image

julesthebibliophile shared a tip "The music, the scenery, and the story are all lovely and make me feel happy."

dallas_core shared a tip "5/5 a perfect classic"

Dara Butler 's profile image

dara_butler shared a tip "OMG!! This movie is so perfect! The songs make you want to sing along, and the love story makes you want to fall in love!"

Elizabeth Ketteman's profile image

elizabeth_ketteman shared a tip "What a classic. Must see musical, along with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

stephen_pardue shared a tip "Jennifer’s Body"

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kim_hurt_9558 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

Jennifer Brady's profile image

jennifer_brady_8996 shared a tip "Musical"

briana_lewis_2449 shared a tip "One of my favorite musical movies ever. It has everything from romance to intrigue. I could watch this movie forever"

erin_ogorman_5222 shared a tip "A classic! My all time favorite movie and musical. Julie Andrews is amazing as Maria."

theresa_hegstetter shared a tip "Entertaining"

Melanie Freeman's profile image

melanie_freeman_9014 shared a tip "Classic music, cast, setting is beautiful. Always loved watching at my grandparents as a child and still love it!"

Nerrissa Brown Gustin's profile image

nerrissa_brown_gust shared a tip "Classic beautiful movie!"

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rebecca_stewart_7745 shared a tip "Julie Andrews Christopher plumber love music need I say more"

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