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A teenage girl deals with her parents forgetting her birthday and a crush on her high school's heartthrob.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1984-05-04

Runtime 93 minutes

Budget $6.5m

Revenue $24m


TMDB 6.8


Sam Cordaro's profile image

sam_cordaro shared a tip "Better than Ridgemont high...a very cool movie!"

Kelli Jean's profile image

kelli_Jean shared a tip "I love 80’s movies but couldn’t get into this one."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "This Is An 80's Essential"

Angela Thompson's profile image

angela_thompson_7114 shared a tip "I'm a huge fan of any John Hughes film"

Cinny 's profile image

Cinnamon_ shared a tip "It was a little fast paced but I really liked it. I related a lot to Sam. The characters are really really likable."

Amethysta 's profile image

amethysta shared a tip "I have to watch this with my future soulmate"

Lemon Baardsen's profile image

lemon_baardsen shared a tip "Awfully rapey and racist"

taryn smart's profile image

taryn_smart shared a tip "A classic"

Rose Nash's profile image

rose_nash_4769 shared a tip "John Hughes was brilliant."

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌"

Jamie McGuire's profile image

jamie_mcguire shared a tip "One of my top ten movies of all time."

Piper 's profile image

piper_7167 shared a tip "This is my favorite move ever. I have watched it so many times and going to watch it so many more. #high_school"

Erika Goodmanson's profile image

erika_goodmanson shared a tip "While I love this movie, it hasn’t aged well... with the racism, consent issues and degradation of women..."

Julie Cross's profile image

julie_cross_8558 shared a tip "I saw it a long time ago but I liked it, it was funny and entertaining."

Nicole Samuels's profile image

nicole_samuels shared a tip "Are you even human if you havent seen!"

lorna_lang shared a tip "This movie is definitely of its time, in that many of the themes and storylines are problematic through today's social lens."

kaitlyn_alderton shared a tip "A classic must watch"

grace_brooks_7175 shared a tip "It’s so good! A classic imo!"

angela_atherton shared a tip "Anything John Hughes really."

Billie Cobain's profile image

billie_cobain shared a tip "I think my favorite part is the ending where she leans over the cake and kisses Jake Ryan. ❤ So cute!🥰"

Stephanie Peterman's profile image

stephanie_peterman shared a tip ""They ******* forgot my birthday. Unbelievable!" - Sam, Molly Ringwald's character"

Colleen Scidmore's profile image

colleen_scidmore shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time!"

teri_parke shared a tip "Favorite movie of my teens!!!!"

sterling_williams shared a tip "❤️ from my fav all time director RIP Mr Hughes, thank you for all you brought us from the best era ever! #80sForever"

megan_grzymala shared a tip "Classic"

LIBERTAD RODRIGUEZ's profile image

libertad_rodriguez_6911 shared a tip "it was okay, i mean i kinda liked it but the end was just wrong and kinda stupid lol"

angie garcia's profile image

angie_garcia_9687 shared a tip "Its a little racist but hilarious and an 80s must see!"

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "loved this one!"

jamil_cantillo shared a tip "The dance"

susan_miyashiro shared a tip "Don't we all want a Jake as a boyfriend?"

laura_mccrone shared a tip "Married? Yes, married!"

lily_dotson shared a tip "cute and lightweight movie"

joshua_cole_9397 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

pete_zifnakis shared a tip "Classic, some people said i used to look like Jake (used to!)."

elle_laidlaw shared a tip "#cultclassic for a reason"

Sajah Kuderman's profile image

sajah_kuderman shared a tip "liked initially, but i find it virtually impossible to watch now."

Kristen Rivera's profile image

kristen_rivera shared a tip "One of my favorite movies if my past."

Colleen Lyons-Cubides's profile image

colleen_lyons-cubides shared a tip "Long Duck Dong he is the best"

casey_heenan_spino shared a tip "Love John Hughes as much as Jake Ryan"

Sofia Sofia's profile image

sofiareynoso shared a tip "classic 80s movie that definitely lives up to its name"

alisa_trotter shared a tip "This was my absolute favorite movie when I was in high school! I still love it."

Bri Deopere's profile image

bri_deopere shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time!"

Megan 's profile image

megan_bryant_9794 shared a tip "Hi! What happened to the messaging feature on here? I came by the message you and can't find the option now!"

Mel Clapp's profile image

mel_clapp shared a tip "Great movie, a blast from the past."

alyssa marie's profile image

ackerm6n shared a tip "my fav movie ever"

Amy Lourenco's profile image

amy_lourenco shared a tip "Love this movie! In retrospect, some of the story is wrong, but still a great flick"

Jay Walking's profile image

jay_walking shared a tip "♥️♥️♥️ One of my top 10 movie favorites"

Patty Goodwin's profile image

patty_goodwin shared a tip "Lol “the Donger needs food”"

Inès Bachelot's profile image

ines_bachelot shared a tip "The last scene on the table is memorable, iconic..."

Alex Angelica's profile image

alex_angelica shared a tip "This is one of those movies that explaines why I am the why I am."

Stacey Mulligan's profile image

stacey_mulligan shared a tip "Greatest 80’s movie"

audrey<3 's profile image

audrey_erickson shared a tip "you’re welcome bestie"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "loved this"

Alexis Ryanna's profile image

alexis_ryanna shared a tip "Sorry, just now seeing this comment. I really like “The Breakfast Club” too!"

Denali Nebel's profile image

naliiii shared a tip "A classic. It may be old but still good."

Steve Adams's profile image

steve_adams_1472 shared a tip "Long Duck Dong steals the show, sexy girlfriend"

Christina McErlain's profile image

christina_mcerlain shared a tip "I like this movie because it’s really cute and I love the cast"

Melissa Stroud's profile image

melissa_stroud_6687 shared a tip "I have watched this hundreds of times."

Kristin Speth's profile image

kristin_speth shared a tip "One of my favs."

Tauntie 's profile image

tauntie shared a tip "One of my favs!"

clara_doroh shared a tip "One of my favorites, oldie but goodie"

leslie_garcia_1552 shared a tip "Literally on my list of favorite movies of all time"

Anna Blackwood's profile image

anna_blackwood_3714 shared a tip "Loved growing up"

pamela_maceachern shared a tip "Still love this movie after all this time!!!"

claire_young shared a tip "coming of age movie"

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Ria_7621 shared a tip "Love it!"

Stacy Ashmore's profile image

stacy_ashmore shared a tip "Everyone needs to watch this movie. Pure 80’s"

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