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Two women, one from the United States and one from the United Kingdom, swap homes at Christmastime after bad breakups with their boyfriends. Each woman finds romance with a local man but realizes that the imminent return home may end the relationship.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2006-12-08

Runtime 136 minutes

Budget $85m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.1


onelonelyplanet null's profile image

onelonelyplanet shared a tip "A bit slow at times but still a good watch!"

Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "Not new, but definitely one to add to your holiday movies to watch list."

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rewatch"

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tanya_bass shared a tip "Best modern Holiday movie"

rebeccaYeti shared a tip "Berry Kiss"

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trish_martin shared a tip "Watch in August on Netflix before its gone!"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Love this movie"

Monique Contreras's profile image

monique_contreras shared a tip "A good light-hearted, feel-good rom-com with a really charming and impressive cast."

Carolyn 's profile image

Hotwheels85 shared a tip "Jack Black was my favorite part of this entire movie"

michele_lomax shared a tip "Great movie. I’ve watched it several times!"

Stephanie Simons's profile image

stephanie_simons shared a tip "My all time Christmas fave. It's a must-watch at least twice per year. ♡♡♡"

michelle_5481 shared a tip "Sweet rom com"

Timothy Hampton's profile image

timothy_hampton shared a tip "Yes my wife and I love watching it at Christmas 🎄 time"

Timothy Hampton's profile image

timothy_hampton shared a tip "Yes so doI. My wife and I have a tradition of watching it at Christmas 🎄 time."

Patsy Fisher's profile image

patsy_fisher shared a tip "feel good, watch it over and over"

sally_huntley shared a tip "I don't know which actor melted my heart the most; Jude Law, Jack Black or Eli Wallach.❤️"

Elizabeth 's profile image

elizabethamongpages shared a tip "I love all the bits with the older neighbor, hes so funny and cute!"

Karen Lugt's profile image

karen_lugt shared a tip "Nice, clean romcom fun"

Linda Servera's profile image

linda_servera shared a tip "Love this movie"

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maria_molinari shared a tip "I love this movie!"

Emily Denney's profile image

emily_denney shared a tip "Love love love this adorable feel good movie"

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sherri_maserang shared a tip "Great movie #romantic_comedy"

shannon_cantu shared a tip "This was such a charming, funny, endearing love stories. In my top 10 love movies."

Gisele Benoit's profile image

gisele_benoit_7103 shared a tip "When Harry Met Sally"

tapho 's profile image

statistical_anomaly shared a tip "It was enjoyable. A fun light-hearted watch. :)"

Iliketochacha 's profile image

iliketochacha shared a tip "Yes! One of the good romantic comedies"

sue_peters_9814 shared a tip "My “go to” when I need a feel good movie."

Terri O'Grady's profile image

terri_ogrady shared a tip "Ok"

Aziza 's profile image

aziza_7314 shared a tip "Cameron Diaz was the draw"

Shruti Rao's profile image

shruti_ shared a tip "Hi.. this is a rather unconventional story.. very refreshing and interesting. You should definitely watch it."

Heather Stewart Topping's profile image

heather_stewart_top shared a tip "I don't know if I have a favorite. I have several that I could watch over and over and never get tired of them."

Heather Stewart Topping's profile image

heather_stewart_top shared a tip "What do you recommend?"

kristi_dann shared a tip "Depends on my mood actually. My recent repeat watches have been Knives Out, Mr. Right, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."

Marquala Basnight's profile image

marquala_basnight shared a tip "Sooooo cute. The perfect holiday movie."

Natalie murphy's profile image

natalie_murphy_802 shared a tip "It was funny to me"

amanda_hanna_6979 shared a tip "I think this is a great movie, sweet romantic."

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "Classic Christmas movie, love it. I watch it every year."

Kristina Weiss's profile image

kristina_weiss shared a tip "My favorite!"

Gaye Spivey's profile image

gaye_spivey shared a tip "Great movie to watch at Christmas and Jude Law is just sexy in it!"

madalyn_baer shared a tip "Sweet, funny, a great cast and a beautiful story. My all-time favorite!"

omayra diaz's profile image

omayra_diaz shared a tip "One of my favorite"

brenda_hensley_3073 shared a tip "I laugh and cry every time I watch this"

bukky shared a tip "It's a cute movie!"

Rachel Stockton's profile image

rachel_stockton shared a tip "There are so many good parts! I love the scene in the movie store and any scene with the adorable daughters"

Sarah Shuler's profile image

sarah_shuler shared a tip "Me to I watch it alot."

Natasha Morris's profile image

natasha_morris_8262 shared a tip "So many the whole movie is great, but I love the friendship between Iris and the old man Arthur."

Catherine Gourlay's profile image

catherine_gourlay shared a tip "Love actually, definitively !! 🥰💋"

Samantha Pappalau's profile image

samantha_pappalau shared a tip "I loved it sooo much"

Sam Wohlers's profile image

sam_wohlers shared a tip "One of my favs! Super cute Rom com"

deb_wade shared a tip "I liked it!"

karen_haley_2887 shared a tip "One of my favourite Christmas movies"

gaye_farnam shared a tip "I like the whole movie"

vivian_hernandez_4553 shared a tip "I love the scene when Amanda meets Graham’s daughters!"

Ellie Musmeci's profile image

ellie_musmeci shared a tip "Kinda sappy and cheesy but I liked it."

Alex 's profile image

Linklex7 shared a tip "I usually hate RomComs, but this one is underrated. I really enjoyed it."

BabySpinach 's profile image

babyspinach08 shared a tip "This movie is so "meet cute"!"

Nicole Monceaux's profile image

nicole_monceaux shared a tip "Always part of my holiday movies"

gayle_ferguson shared a tip "While You Were Sleeping."

Haley Whorton's profile image

haley_whorton shared a tip "Hands down one of the top 5 Holiday movie must watches!!!💚🥲"

Alida Rey's profile image

alida_rey shared a tip "It's a great movie, I've watched it dozens of times and it never gets old!"

Janice Obarowski's profile image

janice_obarowski shared a tip "Cute!!"

lucyp shared a tip "omg best show! you should definitely watch it. i love watching it at christmas time."

nicole_8144 shared a tip "I watch it ever Christmas….usually in the time between Christmas & New Years."

Michèle Vézina's profile image

michle_vzina shared a tip "Can't stop watching this one"

Lauren Lott's profile image

lauren_lott shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time ❤️"

ladan_sa shared a tip "Lovely"

Kessa Stephenson-Taylor's profile image

kessa_stephenson-taylor shared a tip "Love love love this movie!"

Dirk Williams's profile image

dirk_williams shared a tip "One of our annual must see Christmas films every year."

piper_hartley shared a tip "I have seen this movie over and over again and it just the same greatness"

Beka Lynn's profile image

beka_lynn shared a tip "Good for a different kind of rom-com."

Sophia Knowles's profile image

sophia_knowles shared a tip "The best wonderful to see my favorite guy Eli Wallach."

Dawn Puusa's profile image

dawn_puusa shared a tip "One of my top 10 for sure"

Marissa Moore's profile image

marissa_moore_4356 shared a tip "One of my favorite holiday movies. Sooo good!"

gwyn_8014 shared a tip "Just cute"

shellie_lawson_4516 shared a tip "Predictable but fun and sweet"

Kalisha Carter's profile image

kalisha_carter shared a tip "Such a cute holiday movie."

Elizabeth Colon's profile image

elizabeth_colon shared a tip "Hmm probably book club and I think it's called oceans 8 with Sandra bullock, I could rewatch forever lol."

Lauren Turbes's profile image

fierycavalier shared a tip "I have to watch this every Christmas. Everyone in it is equally amazing."

Erin Messier's profile image

erin_messier shared a tip "One of my favorite movies to watch! Great cast!"

Cassiano Young's profile image

cassiano_young shared a tip "Chill, funny, entertaining"

Poppy Stevens's profile image

poppy_stevens shared a tip "Fab Christmas movie!"

Ramesh Moorthy's profile image

ramesh_moorthy shared a tip "Great holiday movie"

Heather Skerry's profile image

heather_skerry shared a tip "Loved this movie!!! Such sweet love stories"

Danah Mac's profile image

danah_mac shared a tip "Overall feel good great movie!"

Frances CoffeeBooksMusic's profile image

frances_coffeebooksmusic shared a tip "Great romantic comedy"

Katie Blinn's profile image

katie_2222 shared a tip "One of the best holiday/love story rom-coms."

genevieve_nunya shared a tip "If comfort food was a movie"

Ishan Datta's profile image

ishan_datta shared a tip "With a cup a cup of hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket, thank me later."

jessika_paredes_perez shared a tip "El soundtrack de esta película es maravilloso"

Katori V Davis's profile image

katori_v_davis shared a tip "A good movie to watch to pick you up and give you a smile"

Cait Hutchinson's profile image

cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Top ten favourite."

Lily Buono's profile image

lily_buono shared a tip "this movie is so sweet💗 i love the little old man (arthur) that Iris meets in L.A.🥺"

jon_9660 shared a tip "LOVE this movie. A perfect rom com for the holidays."

leanne_coulson_9139 shared a tip "Another one of my all time favourites, any time of year!!!!"

Angelica M. Lopez's profile image

angelica_m._lopez shared a tip "Yassss love love love"

Jessica Watson's profile image

jessicarobyn shared a tip "Not just a good holiday movie, but a top teir romance. "I used only the good notes" is the most romantic line in film history."

Kaitlyn Bracey's profile image

kaitlyn_bracey shared a tip "I love this movie, it's my go to holiday movie."

Natalie jones's profile image

nataliejanne shared a tip "Me and my sister watch this movie all throughout the year, it’s a perfect little rom-com, and JUDE LAW."

Charles Cramer's profile image

charles_cramer shared a tip "Great story even though I dislike Jack Black."

Valerie Panda's profile image

valerie_panda shared a tip "I really liked this romantic comedy. I have watched it several times. This movie I would suggest."

madeline_holloway shared a tip "Love this movie so much! Classic early 2000s and a star studded cast. Never loved Jack Black more!"

Nicola Humenik's profile image

nicola_humenik shared a tip "Must have at Christmas time. Beautifully acted, wonderful script, and lessons a lot of us women need to learn."

Tashinka Roz's profile image

tashinka_roz shared a tip "Love this movie."

TJ 's profile image

tj_6816 shared a tip "I watch it every year when the holidays roll around"

brooke_alfrey shared a tip "Such a wonderful feel good movie around the holidays or even when you need a little pick me up!"

karen_4727 shared a tip "Gosh! Hard one to answer! I like so many!!!"

amanda harvin's profile image

amanda_harvin shared a tip "This is one I watch over and over. It's one of my favorites."

Sandi Kaiser's profile image

sandi_kaiser_824 shared a tip "Not a great movie by any means but Diaz and Winslet really shine"

joyce_cooper_1132 shared a tip "One that you can watch once a week and never get tired of. Same goes for the Bridget movies"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1622814183402 shared a tip "Makes me feel happy! :)"

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