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The story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2014-12-13

Runtime 129 minutes

Budget $81m

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 7.6


Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "Love Colin Firth in this - like a tongue-in-cheek Bond film"

Shiyi Luo's profile image

Shiyi.Luo shared a tip ""Manner Maketh Man.""

Donna Q's profile image

d_m shared a tip "Nice mix of spy, comedy and intrigue"

JD 's profile image

j_duranduran shared a tip "Comedy, action, style, actors"

Jeff Teuton's profile image

jeff_teuton shared a tip "An absolute trip of an over the tip film. The church scene is a blast. It is one of my favorite action/comedies."

KevinKJ Smith's profile image

kevinkj_smith shared a tip "Great cheesy film with amazing cast. Fun plot"

Barred Spark's profile image

barred_spark shared a tip "An inventive, funny action movie... The church scene is worth the price of admission alone!"

Aneesah Mahasin's profile image

aneesah_mahasin shared a tip "Angelina Jolie movie is called Wanted, i love stuff like this"

Ryan McIntosh's profile image

ryan_mcintosh_3747 shared a tip "Unfortunately no, a movie like this is fairly off brand for me 😅. I did enjoy Mathew Vaughn’s previous film kick-ass."

Ebony 's profile image

Obsidian-Reads shared a tip "British Gentelmen as spies could not be a better combination in my opinion. Loved it."

aj_5320 shared a tip "Absolutely entertaining"

Robert Borland's profile image

robert_borland shared a tip "A comedy that captures everything that made the older James Bond films so good."

james_sherwin shared a tip "Eggsy. Wby?"

Marquala Basnight's profile image

marquala_basnight shared a tip "One of my favorites. Comedy and crime all in one. 9/10."

Darlene Boos's profile image

darlene_boos shared a tip "Thoroughly enjoyed it! Reminded me of the old Wild Wild West shows with Robert Conrad, mainly because of the cool spy gadgets!"

Rachel Levy's profile image

rachel_levy_9352 shared a tip "The cinematography has no right to be as good as it is- especially the fight scenes"

Marci Love's profile image

marci_love shared a tip "The action,the intense atmosphere, the evil sidekick gave me life. It's just so freakin good"

Kimberly Bryant Atwell's profile image

kimberly_bryant_atw shared a tip "That fight scene 🔥🔥🔥"

Ava Dziak's profile image

ava_dziak shared a tip "Colin firth is amazing"

Jocelyn Chandler's profile image

jocelyn_chandler shared a tip "My fiancé and I loved it! The ending is super funny"

Itz_Ryan 's profile image

itz_ryan_8621 shared a tip "I dotn think i watched the first part of it but i liked the movie nonetheless"

Grace Wesche's profile image

grace_wesche shared a tip "The best movie ever"

Hex 's profile image

hex_2597 shared a tip "Clever, dark and fast paced. One of my all time faves"

eric_dee shared a tip "A genre-mixing, over-the-top blast. Part spy, action, comic and comedy."

Lisa Delgrosso's profile image

lisa_delgrosso shared a tip "Yes, not as good as the 1st IMO."

Larry Goldstock's profile image

bookworm shared a tip "Worse than terrible"

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "A surprisingly fun movie. Solid choice"

Raphael Vieira's profile image

raphael_vieira shared a tip "good"

cam mills's profile image

cam_mills shared a tip "Like the entire training montage"

Zachary Schroeder's profile image

zachary_schroeder shared a tip "Such a great action movie with incredible flow."

Sam Smith's profile image

sam_smith_2193 shared a tip "All the best aspects of a Bond film but also parodies them just enough to be unique and still great action story"

Cindy Shehu's profile image

cindy_shehu shared a tip "Pretty good."

Emelia Daneault's profile image

emelia_daneault shared a tip "Love it!!!"

kena_gadissa shared a tip "This show was AMAZING"

Bryan Gallagher's profile image

bryan_gallagher shared a tip "It's fun despite its predictability. If you loke action with some good humor, give it a whirl."

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