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Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a patient named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritte

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2014-05-16

Runtime 126 minutes

Budget $12m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.6


Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "Such a good movie! It’s so heartfelt and in the end I remember bawling my eyes out! #thefaultinourstars"

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kathy_clyne shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie it is a great romantic film"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Love this movie"

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martha_potts_7049 shared a tip "Your welcome! 😊"

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ella_eckerley shared a tip "Amazing!!"

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avadaniel shared a tip "Amazing!!!"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "It's a tearjerker, have the tissues nearby, very good movie!"

rhianna_wright shared a tip "The most gut wrenching emotional painful but beautiful loving extraordinarily amazing movie"

christina_paz shared a tip "It was a romantic film and very sad" 's profile image shared a tip "Ehhh sappy"

samantha_4843 shared a tip "It’s great! Definitely heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, but it’s one of my favorites for sure"

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kaylee_cochran shared a tip "Major tear-jerker"

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "hate the book, like the movie"

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clara- shared a tip "i love this movie"

Tina Jans's profile image

tina_jans shared a tip "Probably Ansel Elgort’s acting, probably overly dramatic, but didn’t seem overdone."

Richele Pearson's profile image

richele_pearson shared a tip "Total tear jerker!"

Adrianna 's profile image

adrianna_287 shared a tip "I seen Paper Towns and thought it was pretty good. Or Me before You"

Madison martinez's profile image

madison_martinez_5477 shared a tip "Five feet apart is just like it. It’s Romantic and sad and happy. Literally every emotion you feel watching five feet apart"

Myranda Morales's profile image

myranda_morales_7361 shared a tip "My absolute favorite is Saving Private Ryan"

Myranda Morales's profile image

myranda_morales_7361 shared a tip "What is yours?"

Mikaela Culpepper's profile image

mikaela_culpepper_7351 shared a tip "Be prepared to SOB."

Amanda Wingert's profile image

amanda_wingert_5809 shared a tip "My favorite movie is Chocolat with Jonny Depp"

Jane Couples's profile image

jane_couples shared a tip "Definitely keep a box of tissues close to you with this one."

finnthefuzz shared a tip "Watch this if you’ve ever been in love."

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GothGirl4God shared a tip "Highly recommend. Though honestly I didn't reallh like the book when I read it. But I absolutely love the movie!"

maddie_murray shared a tip "If you like this movie I think you will like the book/movie everything everything! That’s also sooo good:)"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

sophie_shreve shared a tip "I absolutely loved the movie it was an amazing watch, definitely a tear jerker."

Roxy Paxtor's profile image

roxy_paxtor shared a tip "I liked the relationship between them even if they had problems but the thing is that it mad me cry."

brigid_g shared a tip "Hmm maybe Me Before You or A Walk to Remember"

nesshdz shared a tip "Tear jerker for sure ❤️"

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SashaMcB shared a tip "I cry every time #tearjerkers"

Kristina Pernell's profile image

kristina_pernell shared a tip "Probably one of the best book adaptations I've ever watched!"

praarthana_ramakris shared a tip "One of my favorite is “Good Will Hunting”"

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anthony_davis_7738 shared a tip "Loved it"

A. E. Buhr's profile image

a._e._buhr shared a tip "I was crying my eyes out by the end. But I thought the storyline and characters had good development."

Karyn Sullivan-Frost's profile image

karyn_sullivan-frost shared a tip "It's a tear jerker"

Noelani Uebel's profile image

noelani_uebel shared a tip "This one was super good. Little bit of a tear jerker"

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jami_williams shared a tip "It’s really good! It’s a very sweet and dramatic story that will have you in tears."

kathy_8260 shared a tip "🙂"

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gabs_2005 shared a tip "so good and pretty close to the book! it does make me cry harder every time i watch so be aware of that."

janean_tallman shared a tip "i loved the whole book and movie!"

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maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "Sad but beautiful"

Lyn Peters's profile image

lyn_peters shared a tip "My sister's keeper is a great movie too."

Jennifer Ruiz's profile image

jennifer_ruiz_9574 shared a tip "I hope you love it just as much as I did !!"

Madison Ezika's profile image

madison_ezika shared a tip "U should! It is a very emotional heartfelt movie like 6 feet apart"

Madison Ezika's profile image

madison_ezika shared a tip "If u can, read the book too and tell me which version you like best."

Shaughnessy Noble's profile image

shaughnessy_noble shared a tip "In my top tier list of movies."

Jasmine Ureno's profile image

jasmine_ureno shared a tip "Made me cry . I loved it !"

Jazzi Lopez's profile image

jazzi_lopez shared a tip "Had me SOBBING it's a must watch"

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Good and sad. It's a movie like Keith, then we met, me before you, if I stay and a walk to remember"

Angelina cartusiano's profile image

angelina_cartusiano shared a tip "😭✌︎"

Katrena Mudd's profile image

katrena_mudd shared a tip "Probably Augustus😅 he was very relatable and, seemed like someone I would have befriended in real life."

Abbey Henson's profile image

abbey_henson shared a tip "Ues"

Fazil Rahman's profile image

fazil_rahman shared a tip "Love Simon, Five feet apart"

Melody Hinds's profile image

melody_hinds shared a tip "Best movie ever, amazing"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "Heart-warming and so so sweet."

Dylan Smith's profile image

dylan_smith_4216 shared a tip "The romance in this movie is to die for."

Amanda Peacock's profile image

amanda_peacock_9033 shared a tip "@ley_ley I found the book had alot more detail the movie was really good but the book was better"

Tanna Lynn Golden Shirk's profile image

tanna_lynn_golden_s shared a tip "This movie brings me to tears every time I watch it. It’s a great movie and great acting. If you need to cry watch this"

Nyomi Soto's profile image

nyomi_soto shared a tip "If you don’t want to cry then don’t watch it because I balled my eyes out😭"

Cassidy Candell's profile image

cassidy_candell shared a tip "I seen this movie long ago. I cried so much that my head hurt, and I couldn't breathe, but 1000/10, definitely recommend"

abigail_5430 shared a tip ""Time is a ****, It eventually screws everyone..." this Quote is from the book, But the movie is everything in this quote."

Howie Bryant's profile image

howie_bryant shared a tip "Made me 😭😭😭"

Isabella Duran's profile image

isabella_duran_4502 shared a tip "Requires tissues! But a good one!"

Saphira Okert's profile image

saphira_okert shared a tip "I love it too! Sad but amazing ☺️"

Lynaya Hester's profile image

lynaya_hester shared a tip "Because of there love story"

Maria Perales's profile image

maria_perales shared a tip "Yes"

sara_rad shared a tip "This movie is just beyond amazing"

Kassandra Gutierrez's profile image

kassandra_gutierrez shared a tip "It is so good if you wanna have a good cry."

matthew_mcginnis shared a tip "Love"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617603391017 shared a tip "two teens meet at a cancer support group and eventually end up sharing love for a book called An Imperial Affliction."

ELISA SHUDO's profile image

elisa_shudo shared a tip "No"

Evelyn Gomez's profile image

evelyn_gomez shared a tip "Yeah"

Bailey Lowry's profile image

bailey_lowry shared a tip "It’s very exciting but sad movie/book"

benjamin Quinones's profile image

benjamin_quinones shared a tip "If you need of good cry this your movie"

Victoria Perlman's profile image

victoria_perlman shared a tip "No but I heard it was really good!!"

kristalyn shared a tip "Seen it"

Parker Arabia's profile image

parker_arabia shared a tip "No but the perks of being a wallflower is a different story"

Valerie Betancourt's profile image

valerie_betancourt shared a tip "Me before you and a walk to remember"

lenneishka_torres shared a tip "This movie is so good. The romance is just... WOW and It will literally make you cry"

Mary Taylor's profile image

mary_taylor_1641 shared a tip "I loved the book too!"

scarlett_remund shared a tip "Loved it!! I Immediately after ordered the book and read it within five days. Nothing but good words on this one!"

shreya sooraj's profile image

shreya_sooraj shared a tip "It's almost like 5 feet apart, and I love the way that they have eachother and that's all that mattered to them"

emy_dallaire shared a tip "So good and augustus is cind of cute."

How To Kev's profile image

how_to_kev shared a tip "Everything"

Hina Rohillah's profile image

hina_rohillah shared a tip "I haven't watched anything else by this director tbh"

HeavenLeigh McCarley's profile image

heavenleigh_mccarley shared a tip "its beautiful, deep, and unexpected. will really bring you to tears."

Kiara Royle's profile image

kiara_royle shared a tip "It's a great movie for date nights, but it's also really sad too."

katharine_6812 shared a tip "One of the best romance movies of all time"

leela_morgan shared a tip "❤️❤️"

Kevin Jacquet's profile image

kevin_jacquet shared a tip "I loved it"

Kaylee Slagle's profile image

kaylee_slagle shared a tip "I cried for 2 hours after watching this movie."

Berlynn_ Lopezz's profile image

berlynn__lopezz shared a tip "This movie is so good! Get your tissues ready it’s a truly great romance movie but truly heart breaking!!"

Jermeeka Lipscomb's profile image

jermeeka_lipscomb shared a tip "Its amazing movie"

Kayla Whittemore's profile image

kayla_whittemore shared a tip "I love this movie, it is a mixture between happy and sad moments. Overall it's a definite must see!"

Tiphanie Swiggett's profile image

tiphanie_swiggett shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 my favorite part is definitely at the Anne Frank house."

Kizzy Howard's profile image

kizzy_howard shared a tip "I love this movie my daughter had me watch I was in tears such a touching story"

natalie_rekow shared a tip "Made me cry every time I saw it"

natalie_rekow shared a tip "But really good movie highly recommended"

Jewell Moore's profile image

jewell_moore shared a tip "Very good movie but sad"

Elizabeth Flores's profile image

elizabeth_flores_4040 shared a tip "It's really great and also a bit sad and I love the movie"

Aleesha Ann's profile image

aleesha_ann shared a tip "Amazing, I fell in love with the main characters"

brianna_burton shared a tip "I love the scene where they just stared at each other in the church while everyone else was sharing."

rylie_maegan shared a tip "It was so sad but It was so real… it brings out the type of pain people have to go through when they have cancer."

amby 's profile image

ambgirl shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie and can watch it over and over again 💖. Very sad romance movie 🎥🤍."

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kas.cohen1 shared a tip "Amazing movie that tells you how it is while incorporating humor into such a tragic story."

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