The Devil Wears Prada poster


Andy moves to New York to work in the fashion industry. Her boss is extremely demanding, cruel and won't let her succeed if she doesn't fit into the high class elegant look of their magazine.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2006-06-30

Runtime 109 minutes

Budget $35m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.4


Lisa Ohazurike's profile image

lisa_ohazurike shared a tip "Devilishly enticing and funny"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "I really liked it!"

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trish_martin shared a tip "This movie is a total classic. Exquisite performances from the whole cast. Brilliant 👏"

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casey_8468 shared a tip "Worth watching for the outfits alone (but also an excellent movie)! Meryl Streep was incredible in her role as always."

geneva_moss shared a tip "Fun movie"

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inutrasha shared a tip "Im gonna catch him in a net dangle him infront of a flock of fry starved seagulls"

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inutrasha shared a tip "Im gonna catch him in a net dangle him infront of a flock of fry starved seagulls"

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "My mom loves this movie but I just think it’s fine"

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rae_of_fashion shared a tip "Absolutely love this movie. Performances are all great!"

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judy_nash_8861 shared a tip "Do you really have a favorite movie? I like so many, hard to pick a favorite. I do love the acting in Murder in the First."

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rebecca_lynn_8630 shared a tip "Its a fav of mine!"

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emily_heisler shared a tip "Great movie"

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jermwalker shared a tip "Get his ass, Faye"

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jermwalker shared a tip "I am going to bite the loser boyfriend on the head"

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stephanie_deane shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. Meryl Streep is good as always."

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sammie_bergs shared a tip "It’s a great classic!"

kimberly_hunter_5324 shared a tip "Great movie! Let me know what you think. Enjoy."

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itsveganyo shared a tip "All-time fave! I could watch this over and over."

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sleepy_panda shared a tip "Movie is great! Book is also good"

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karey_casto-chrin shared a tip "It’s great"

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nascent_ancient shared a tip "An all time favorite."

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chy shared a tip "Iconic"

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pattie_argo shared a tip "One of the best"

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sherri_maserang shared a tip "Great movie #workplace_comedy"

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brenda_marion shared a tip "Enjoyed the main characters!"

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joshua_dvorak shared a tip "Meryl Streep could snap me and I would say thank you"

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joshua_dvorak shared a tip "*slap oml"

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sheen_sehgal shared a tip "The story line and fashion"

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caroline_francoeur shared a tip "When Ursula start to love her !"

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robert_davis_7351 shared a tip "Meryl Streep is my favorite; I love and support everything that she does!!"

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alison_waite shared a tip "Good, cute! Great cast!"

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alyssa_brannon shared a tip "I loved it! Such a classic"

leah_lewis_3882 shared a tip "It’s an inspirational work place classic. Beyond wonderful 🌟"

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rachel_huggins_4427 shared a tip "I would have to say Confessions of a Shopaholic was also a good movie not sure if they are the same"

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kola_4173 shared a tip "Casino or fight club .. u?"

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cynthia_c86 shared a tip "Ive watched it so many times. I live it lol"

pearl_saint shared a tip "Coco before Chanel is amazing and still in the Fashion genre."

tonia_pope shared a tip "Awesome did you watch yet?"

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danielle_longamore shared a tip "I never think the movie lived up to the book lol! They did good though!"

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miss_ty shared a tip "Love Jones, Sweet Home Alabama and Wedding Planner. What’s yours?"

claudia_blackman shared a tip "French kiss!"

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jeanette_ellis_50 shared a tip "I love the whole movie."

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mdc shared a tip "One of the movies I will always watch if it's on TV. Guilty pleasure. 🤷🏻"

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michelle_st._peter shared a tip "Good movie"

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gabrielle_faucher shared a tip "A classic 😁😁"

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caroline_corbett shared a tip "Very funny and dramatic"

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ash_c_2875 shared a tip "best ever"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

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joey_mathieu shared a tip "It was a good movie"

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chelise_hogue shared a tip "You've never seen it? It's great! Especially if you love fashion"

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basia_switalski shared a tip "The makeover and everyone is shocked"

seta_gharadaghian shared a tip "That’s all!! Anytime Miranda said that!!!"

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holley_mckaskle shared a tip "The Philadelphia Story"

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charlotte_5345 shared a tip "After watching this movie I wanted to watch the Hustle, but I have not really seen anything else like this movie."

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gio_d shared a tip "Yea there a few: The September Issue(2009), Rage (2009) and Confessions of a Shopaholic(2009)"

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donna_gross shared a tip "Love it"

lori_trahan shared a tip "Love it, excellent acting, hilarious, I've seen it several times abs would watch it again."

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josuelin_salas shared a tip "Perfect comedy for Sunday"

maria_robar shared a tip "Favorite"

el despac1t0 's profile image

el_despac1t0 shared a tip "The most iconic cultural reset in movie history"

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lisa_mcewen shared a tip "I love Emily Blount's line about one good stomach flu away from my goal weight 😂"

sm_4870 shared a tip "Coco avant chanel perhaps"

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juli_fm_cos shared a tip "It's one of my go to's"

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shannon_hickey_5336 shared a tip "Great actors @merylstreep @AnneHathaway @EmilyBlunt"

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charlee_clay shared a tip "Not really,but I'm open to suggestions."

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ryan_orndorff_8079 shared a tip "You definitely should it’s a funny movie,I think you will like it."

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ryan_orndorff_8079 shared a tip "You have got some awesome books that have read or liked some I have read and some I will definitely be checking out."

hermela_adnew shared a tip "Was a great movie, should check it out!"

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ashley_williams_2564 shared a tip "It’s entertaining for sure."

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heather_at_lee shared a tip "It is good! A bit of maturing, self realization journey....with comedy"

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pluto_orlyk shared a tip "so sorry for being late! this movie is iconic and just all around pretty alright :)"

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nicole_monceaux shared a tip "Classic! So much love for this movie"

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mariesecondina shared a tip "It is pretty good! I enjoyed it."

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michelle_reno_4459 shared a tip "Hmm I love it all!!"

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john_flohr shared a tip "The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all time favorite movies. I highly recommend it!"

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ashley_morrison_5534 shared a tip "I dont have a favorite movie. I have movies I get obsessed with and watch them over and over till I cant anymore."

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xochi_cruz shared a tip "CAMP"

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zealously_jaded shared a tip "Hmm I loved all of it, but any part with Emily Blunt."

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RileyLFinn shared a tip "I love it cause it's sassy and mean. But you also get to see why the woman is so mean too haha. Plus great cast."

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lemon_l3m0n shared a tip "My favorite scene is when she all like "uh my name is andy""

MARCIA LEMMENES's profile image

marcia_lemmenes shared a tip "Ya it's really good. Also check out Prada to nada"

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juanita_dewitt shared a tip "I hope you enjoy it!"

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brittany_hogan shared a tip "Definitely a classic"

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ny_bosompem shared a tip "You're welcome"

Mirna Serrano Barahona's profile image

mirna_serrano_barah shared a tip "Definitely “Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning.”"

altonye_williams_7192 shared a tip "Great movie"

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lisa_garza shared a tip "💕"

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nafisa_hussn shared a tip "Loved this movie"

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mahal_soleil shared a tip "@gloria_montes my favorite part was her fashion transformation, she looked amazing !!"

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brilee_ford shared a tip "I watched this movie April 3rd"

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minee_rcher shared a tip "must see !! it’s so good and the ending is nice ! 🤍"

chels. shared a tip "Classic."

Estefania Fajardo's profile image

estefania_fajardo shared a tip "Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway . That’s all I have to say to get you to watch it."

MsMint shared a tip "Top notch casting. Stanley Tucci (always great) and Emily Blunt increase this movie's delightfulness tenfold."

christina_appleton shared a tip "Such a fantastic and accurate movie :)"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Good movie."

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deleted_user_1603494410867 shared a tip "I love this movie"

nathan_sanabria shared a tip "J"

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gabby_hernandez_6590 shared a tip "Best movie ever"

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ashtyn_hancock shared a tip "LOOOVE this movie. It’s perfect if you love comedy with a dash of fashion."

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valeria_ruan shared a tip "This is a had to see in a lifetime kind of movie"

jourdan_wood shared a tip "Yes so many but the part where she makes her get the Harry Potter released early"

hannahbeth_hughes shared a tip "It is iconic"

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or_bendrimer shared a tip "Meryl Streep of course 😉"

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or_bendrimer shared a tip "Love this movie"

mia_boudreau shared a tip "Its was really good"

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jim_sutcliffe shared a tip "This is in the “Watch almost every time it comes on”"

fiona_b_2031 shared a tip "Confessions of a shopaholic or the other woman. Both pretty good!!"

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tabitha_brewer shared a tip "The intern and the proposal are both kinda like thay."

cindy_zimmermann shared a tip "Good, a chic flick."

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robyn_cheri shared a tip "Definite kudos to who hired the main character!! She makes the movie!!"

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lauren_copeland shared a tip "It’s a fun movie!"

swati_gulati shared a tip "Just love it"

scott_killen shared a tip "Meryl Streep is fantastic!"

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anna_archer_3185 shared a tip "I love the makeover part. Have not seen this movie in years."

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