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After he and his first wife separate, journalist David Sheff struggles to help their teenage son, who goes from experimenting with drugs to becoming devastatingly addicted to methamphetamine.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2018-10-12

Runtime 121 minutes

Budget $25m

Revenue $7.6m


TMDB 7.5


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "Very touching and it really made me feel my age. I recommend this, especially if you are a parent."

Daniel (she/her) 🌈 's profile image

daniella_2577 shared a tip "Beautiful! #timotheechalamet #tearjerkers #drama #recovery #inspirational"

Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "such a sad but beautiful storyline, love the set-up and directing"

Ta’Corei Brown's profile image

theefinalboy shared a tip "and where was Timothée’s oscar for this??"

bethany_slater_ shared a tip "7.10.21"

madi 's profile image

madison_mcdonald_8956 shared a tip "10/10 heartbreaking and eye opening."

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Well done. Opens your eyes to the experience of the parents of someone struggling with addiction."

Brianna Billos's profile image

brianna_billos shared a tip "This movie felt so real. I could not BELIEVE how crazy good the acting, cinematography, writing, SOUNDTRACK, everything."

Benjamin Lemley's profile image

bcl shared a tip "The story was written so well and Steve Carell gives my favorite performance of his to date. 8.4/10"

soph 's profile image

sophia_florentino shared a tip "one of my comfort movies <3"

scott_squires shared a tip "Real life drug situation affecting family"

Alexandra Lazarow's profile image

alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "Beautiful acting and very well story telling."

Jaci Poirrier's profile image

jaci_poirrier shared a tip "This movie makes me sob. Everyone must see this movie atleast once in their life."

Calm nights's profile image

cozy.nights shared a tip "This one isn't a romance story but it did make me cry. So I thought I would add it anyway"

jla 's profile image

plutes shared a tip "made me upset 10/10"

taryn smart's profile image

taryn_smart shared a tip "A fantastic and sad movie showing how addiction can effect the whole family. May be triggering to some."

Vanessa Erin's profile image

vanessa_erin shared a tip "Incredible acting."

hayley_allman shared a tip "I love Timothée Chalamet and this movie was amazing"

Kai Penn's profile image

kai_penn shared a tip "Awesome movie! Such a good film with headliners and a good coming of age film all around"

Joseph Moffat's profile image

joseph_moffat shared a tip "Underrated, but very good"

Sarah Lazureanu's profile image

sarah_lazureanu shared a tip "Heartbreaking and quite hard to watch but it's a great film"

HippieGal 's profile image

kcmess57 shared a tip "Such a sad story that ends well."

Montgomery Moore's profile image

montymoore shared a tip "Very beautiful 🥲"

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "made me cry super sad but such a good representation of addiction to drugs"

paulina_vallecillo shared a tip "one of the best movies i’ve seen this year. had me sobbing hysterically at the end. amazing film"

Wilson Baker reviews!'s profile image

wilsonb shared a tip "8.4/10"

ruerue shared a tip "love love love this movie!!!! So emotional and great acting. I would watch it 10000 times!"

ruerue shared a tip "I never rewatch movies, but this is worth it."

Cecelia Claire 's profile image

cecelia_claire shared a tip "VERY accurate depiction of a young person struggling with addiction, & the people who love them."

Areebah Bhatti's profile image

areebah_bhatti shared a tip "It was amazing"

Julie Alvarez's profile image

julie_alvarez_1428 shared a tip "Timothee Chalamet killed this role. i’ve never cried so much over a movie, definitely one of my top 10s"

Sonia Forsythe's profile image

sonia_forsythe shared a tip "Hits home"

Rachel Ownbey's profile image

rachxnicole shared a tip "so powerful, raw & realistic"

Simpknee 's profile image

simpknee shared a tip "My god what a perfect duo"

millie 's profile image

megan_m5 shared a tip "my fav movie ever tbh"

Chloey Poitras 's profile image

chloey_poitras shared a tip "best movie by far, the emotion that timothée portrays is life altering."

Jared Holder's profile image

jholder47 shared a tip "This duo kills this movie."

Shelley Nelsen's profile image

shelley_nelsen shared a tip "So very good. Beautiful. Great acting."

timmylover 's profile image

timotheechalametlover shared a tip "i cried watching this. it’s so sad but sooo good #tearjerkers #crying #ilovetimothee"

Maeve_Reed shared a tip "Very emotional and beautiful movie"

jacqueline_3126 shared a tip "This one is heart wrenching!"

Ariel Crawford's profile image

ariel_crawford_1359 shared a tip "so sad but so important to watch"

Alice 's profile image

alice_rodriguez_9350 shared a tip "have tissues ready"

Layla Daoud's profile image

layla_daoud shared a tip "gut wrenchingly sad"

eve_smallwood shared a tip "good crying movie"

Monica Betancourt's profile image

monica_betancourt_7152 shared a tip "Tear jerker"

ted_sin shared a tip "It’s a long journey but the performances are great."

Mae mari's profile image

mae_mari shared a tip "I love"

Jennifer Rancourt's profile image

jennifer_rancourt_7291 shared a tip "Beautiful movie"

Levi 's profile image

levi_5635 shared a tip "It’s sad, but very real of what an addicts life looks like"

louise_sherrill shared a tip "Hard to watch...knowing how it turned out helped"

Molly Steele-Schrimp's profile image

molly_steele-schrimp shared a tip "What a performance by Timothée Chalamet! Hard to watch at times but so moving!"

Jediah Taytayon's profile image

jediah_taytayon shared a tip "Tears"

Erica Rix's profile image

mossbot shared a tip "Made me cry like a baby, in a good way."

Sarah Descoteaux's profile image

sarah_descoteaux shared a tip "This movie is so good! If you have children it can be hard to watch, it quite literally ripped my heart out."

Kate S's profile image

kate_s_9049 shared a tip "This one was sooo sad."

mckenzie 's profile image

mckenzie_3440 shared a tip "i usually don’t cry for movies but this one broke me"

adam_cooper_8959 shared a tip "An amazing story. None of my all time favourites."

david_thorpe_5237 shared a tip "Loved it"

colleen_1060 shared a tip "Touching, relatable, moving story"

linda_lederer shared a tip "One of the hardest shows I’ve ever watched. Based on a beautiful book. Heart wrenching."

Tanya Arlyne's profile image

tanya_arlyne shared a tip "Wonderful story about the strength of family love"

joshua_rodriguez_7535 shared a tip "Great movie ..really shows the depths of addiction and how it affects other people"

Random Lana Stan's profile image

honeymoonenjoyer shared a tip "a heartbreaking movie about the struggles of addiction"

emma 's profile image

emmaforrey shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD MOVIE, made me cry so so so much."

Jo Jadhav's profile image

jo_jadhav shared a tip "really insightful on the path of recovery and how incredibly hard it can be."

dev_solari shared a tip "Powerful. Amazing actors."

oliver 's profile image

birdhsjaodh shared a tip "the best movie i’ve ever seen"

colleen_cicci shared a tip "I haven’t really if I’m being honest🤷🏻‍♀️"

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chandler_madison shared a tip "Right now I starting watching a Silent Voice"

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