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To All the Boys I've Loved Before poster


Lara Jean's love life goes from imaginary to out of control when her secret letters to every boy she's ever fallen for are mysteriously mailed out.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-08-16

Runtime 100 minutes


TMDB 7.8


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "I’m a sucker for a good coming of age romcom combo, it’s like a one-two punch to the heartstrings and good ole days nostalgia"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "First one was good, wasn't impressed by the second one."

Jess Primavera's profile image

wanderlustprima shared a tip "#high_school"

hello 's profile image

imon shared a tip "This might be the cutest movie I’ve ever seen"

Sasha Gorokhovsky's profile image

sasha_gorokhovsky shared a tip "In what?"

fatima_tohfe shared a tip "It’s the best movie that Netflix ever made"

Kayla Proctor's profile image

kayla_proctor shared a tip "I just love Lara Jean"

skytra lol's profile image

skyesaige shared a tip "So cute! If you read the book like I did though it is not the same😪 still great though☺️"

Kiran Mascarenhas's profile image

kiran_mascarenhas shared a tip "This is a new kind of rom-com. Moves the genre into the 21st century."

Lyla Campbell's profile image

lyla_campbell shared a tip "Such a good love story totally recomend"

April Leveille's profile image

april_leveille shared a tip "Daughter movie"

Molly Quinn's profile image

molly_quinn_6853 shared a tip "Is great A+"

Jennifer Anderson's profile image

jennifer_anderson_1034 shared a tip "Thanks to whomever recommended this movie. It was wonderful. It reminded me of the movie The Duff but it was even better."

Sarah Auger's profile image

sarah_auger shared a tip "Suprisingly good !"

charmele brinson's profile image

charmele_brinson shared a tip "I love this movie"

Rose Schommer's profile image

rose_schommer shared a tip "I do yes bc this is one of the very few movies that actually has a lot of the similarities to the books"

Tys Palace's profile image

tys_palace shared a tip "This movie made me curious I’d give it a 9.5/10 you should watch part 1 and 2"

Owl Flavoredelf's profile image

owl_flavoredelf shared a tip "Yes I have actually, I enjoyed both."

Destiny Esser's profile image

destiny_esser shared a tip "First one is the best for sure"

jerrica_6870 shared a tip "@megan_stone i love the part where all the boys come to see her."

Willafred Patel's profile image

willafred_patel shared a tip "It's a great movie, if you have time watch the first one and the second!"

elisha_johnson shared a tip "Lol I really don’t know like tbh the whole movie was js so memorable and I js love it 😂🥳"

addison_cain shared a tip "Not yet, I will soon though!"

Giovanna kelker's profile image

giovanna_kelker shared a tip "Really good plot line, and great acting."

zoe_923 shared a tip "Yes"

Charlotte 's profile image

charlotte_2967 shared a tip "Comedy romance"

stella_1879 shared a tip "One of my favs !!!"

Bella Ratnest's profile image

bella_ratnest shared a tip "A little bit of comedy romance and a little bit of everything"

Mia🌻🍯 's profile image

Miajanebrakel shared a tip "It’s such a great movie for sleepovers or a night by yourself"

stefany_7982 shared a tip "#the#best"

marlana robertson's profile image

marlana_robertson shared a tip "#romance"

sahasra_pola shared a tip "Good"

alanna_porter shared a tip "Its the perfect date night movie!"

Cassidy Shailyn's profile image

cassidy_shailyn shared a tip "I liked the connection between the 2 like its amazing"

Ollie Hamilton's profile image

ollie_hamilton shared a tip "Probably when her sister mailed out all the letters which made Lara Jean get out of her comfort zone. Hbu?"

Jade Manz's profile image

jade_manz shared a tip "I love love story’s and is by far one of my favorite story’s 🥺"

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "I love these types of coming of age movies."

Madi Hathaway's profile image

madi_hathaway shared a tip "This is a great movie. Love the series!"

rg_3275 shared a tip "I loved it. Like to steer away from serious stuff and just watch something light and sweet. I especially loved the 2nd one."

Frank Moya's profile image

frank_moya shared a tip "I haven't seen this movie"

Destiny Sierra's profile image

destiny_sierra shared a tip "9/10"

K F's profile image

k_f_4954 shared a tip "I think kitty is my favorite. You?"

alaina walker's profile image

alaina_walker shared a tip "No"

Maggie L's profile image

maggie_l_5846 shared a tip "good movie"

allyson_lopez shared a tip "To all the girls who have boy drama Or people who just broke up"

Aliza Roman's profile image

aliza_roman shared a tip "Live it"

Emily Cornett's profile image

emily_cornett shared a tip "No"

jada_aleays_jones shared a tip "This is a amazing movie so are the others so go check them out"

simplyofficixl 's profile image

simplyofficixl shared a tip "So good!"

la_jax shared a tip "The books are great!"

Sn ow's profile image

sn_ow shared a tip "In not sure they are all really good 👍"

mia_niz shared a tip "This is a great movie!!!"

Carlita Valeria Fernandez's profile image

carlita_valeria_fer shared a tip "Super buena"

Leslie Whaley's profile image

leslie_whaley shared a tip "I prefer the books. I have rewatched all the movies and re-read the books all at meant twice. Such a cute happy little world."

staci_rigdon shared a tip "#romantic_comedy"

elayna_brunner shared a tip "I really like this mivie its based off the book and is really good!"

Brette Bliss's profile image

brette_bliss shared a tip "Cute, fun, surprisingly close to the source material"

jb_6474 shared a tip "I haven't been in highschool for many years but this movie has me giddy. The actors are likable. Great movie!"

jessica_6272 shared a tip "I like the realistic lead character. And the memories of teenage angst.. lol"

Amanda Martin's profile image

amanda_martin_7599 shared a tip "It's adorable. If you liked The Duff or Easy A you'll love this one!"

Jamie Beardsley's profile image

jamie_beardsley shared a tip "The best movie and honestly couple goals"

reagan_stanfill shared a tip "I have watched this movie several times and never fails to put a smile on my face"

Evelina Nalbandian's profile image

evelina_nalbandian shared a tip "Yep"

Vee Rin's profile image

vee_rin shared a tip "I particularly don't have a favorite part. I just enjoyed the movie 🙂"

Nina egeler's profile image

nina_egeler shared a tip "Cutest movie, watch on a Friday night with your girl friends"

Danika F's profile image

danika_frazier shared a tip "This movie was so amazing, because it shows you what it is like for a teenage girl to finally realize she’s falling in love!"

Ava 's profile image

ava_4681 shared a tip "THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SHOWS IVE EVER SEEN! Highly recommended!"

Ariel Mullis's profile image

ariel_mullis shared a tip "It’s really good"

katie_linkwisey shared a tip "How do I get to watch the movie it keeps saying official trailer like huh"

jasmine_6724 shared a tip "Love this"

sadiyah_little shared a tip "This is a good movie"

Hanin Hussein's profile image

hanin_hussein shared a tip "watch the second one as well and there’s a third one coming !!!!"

tracey_berry shared a tip "Funny"

Sarah Lambert's profile image

sarah.lambert shared a tip "Really cute, great quality film!"

Emma Ribaudo's profile image

emma_ribaudo shared a tip "read the book"

Cindy Luna's profile image

Westiebestiecindy shared a tip "This was an amazing movie 10/10 u should watch"

giuliaa shared a tip "really cute idea and loved those 2 together!"

Ahtziri 17's profile image

PmB_157 shared a tip "I'm not super into the teen dramas but this is pretty good. 7.5/10"

Viola butler's profile image

viola_butler shared a tip "Love this movie"

Isabella 's profile image

isabella_. shared a tip "Super great for binging a GOOD drama show"

andrea_5024 shared a tip "Perfect date night movie"

Isa Bisa's profile image

isa_bisa shared a tip "Love it"

Thalia Lazarre's profile image

thalia_lazarrespicy shared a tip "It is is really good"

emma_wilson_8293 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

nathan_sanabria shared a tip "W"

julius_jalloh shared a tip "Perfect romance drama!"

mata kuli's profile image

mata_kuli shared a tip "@#family_friendly"

RAIDR GONZALES's profile image

raidr_gonzales_8973 shared a tip "@Likewise #family_friendly"

Alexandria Chapin's profile image

alexandria_chapin shared a tip "I connected with it and it made me feel better about my break up"

Sabrina Rodriguez's profile image

sabrina_rodriguez_6266 shared a tip "watched it like ♾ times"

Na'Trale M's profile image

NaNa_123456 shared a tip "Excellent"

Syd Brodie's profile image

syd_brodie shared a tip "Not for kids under 11!"

Heiley Hernandez's profile image

heiley_hernandez shared a tip "Funny movie, romance is sweet and relatable in a way"

Naima Mompoint's profile image

naima_mompoint shared a tip "One of my favorite movie. I love how cheesy the movie is. Their love was so innocent"

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