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When Sophie, a shy young woman, is cursed with an old body by a spiteful witch, her only chance of breaking the spell lies with a self-indulgent yet insecure young wizard and his companions in his legged, walking castle.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2004-11-19

Runtime 119 minutes

Budget $24m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 8.4


Meghan Young's profile image

missmeghanyoung shared a tip "One of my fave animated films of all time"

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "An all time favorite 😍 especially love the score and story of course!"

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "One my favorite Studio Ghibli movies. I watch it all of the time!"

Kitty Koer's profile image

kitty_koer shared a tip "A sumptuous animation style. I enjoy the story every time I watch it."

Caitlin Cherniak's profile image

caitlin_cherniak shared a tip "My favorite Studio Ghibli film of all time!"

Dan Lawrence's profile image

dan_lawrence_6476 shared a tip "The artwork is awesome."

poeitro shared a tip "Very cute movie, my ANS children enjoy , I turn on during dinner and they laugh, al love Calcifier"

kenzie <3's profile image

kenzieb shared a tip "I grew up watching this movie and I made my little six year old sister watch it and she loved it! one of my favs!!"

Rosie Walker's profile image

rosie_walker shared a tip "Favorite Anime, I love pretty much all The stuff this studio produces"

Abby Rexroth's profile image

abby_rexroth shared a tip "The book was more detailed but a bit the movie!"

Madelyn Pena's profile image

madelyn_pena shared a tip "Steam punk magical romance. What more do you need"

Justice Wood's profile image

justice_wood shared a tip "Its adorable and fun with just enough thought provoking themes. One of those movies I think about often"

Mariah Simler's profile image

BigDreamer913 shared a tip "I love Studio Ghibli's movies and this is my favorite! I even got a tattoo from it."

Sur Graham's profile image

aaron_7939 shared a tip "Worthy of all the praise. Great tale of magical powers and adventure.""

Kelly McCraw's profile image

kelly_mccraw shared a tip "My favorite anime"

Dallin Martin's profile image

dallin_martin shared a tip "Romantic"

Joie Nicks's profile image

joie_nicks shared a tip "That's a hard one.I'd say Spirited Away.What is yours?"

Morgan Roundy's profile image

morgan_roundy shared a tip "I'm not an anime person really but I really loved this movie"

Katlyn Criswell's profile image

katlyn_criswell shared a tip "It is, there's also a book but it's very different. Still good though."

Cameron Omnia's profile image

cameron_omnia shared a tip "If you want to know more of Howl's history and future read the books by #dianawynnejones"

Amber Garner's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "The art in this is incredible, like there are no words to complete describe how amazing it is."

Duru Demir's profile image

duru_d shared a tip "This movie is honestly amazing!!!"

Ferren Regina's profile image

ferreginaa shared a tip "Story and Soundtrack are👌"

Robyn Gee's profile image

robyn_gee shared a tip "One of my favorites, but I recommend watching all of Hayao Myazaki films. All of them are fantastic!"

elena_3400 shared a tip "Great movie literally so heart warming and the animation is amazing I’d say it’s one of the studios best work"

Persephone Williams's profile image

persephone_williams shared a tip "I love anything by studio ghibli"

Lindsey Diemer's profile image

lindsey_diemer shared a tip "It’s just such a beautiful movie"

Dragyn Phage's profile image

dragyn_phage shared a tip "I love this movie so much it was a huge part of my childhood: D"

Chalez Brown's profile image

chalez_brown shared a tip "It is very visually pleasing and the start and art work is beautiful."

grace_knight_6423 shared a tip "Lovely music, bright and engaging animation, endearing love story and a time parallel you’ll better understand your second watch"

ace ♡'s profile image

ace__3591 shared a tip "im not crying but boy do i want to"

Anahi 11's profile image

anahi_11 shared a tip "The plot"

Caitlin Naeyaert's profile image

caitlin_naeyaert shared a tip "Favorite from Studio Gibili!"

Samantha Orta's profile image

samantha_orta_6202 shared a tip "I love the part when Sophie is driving that little plane back to the castle. The animation is so cool! How about you?"

melanie_johnson_1308 shared a tip "Love ghibli movies"

Charity 's profile image

chaghetti shared a tip "The perfect magic movie."

Crista Hark's profile image

crista_hark shared a tip "One of my favorite innocent love storie"

Corei Helmer's profile image

corei_helmer shared a tip "Such a great movie! I discover something new every time. Such a calming beautiful movie."

blaze87 shared a tip "A romcom disguised as a kid's movie"

Shannon Campbell's profile image

stormyblueseas shared a tip "My absolute favorite ❤️ ghibli film."

Addy Mae's profile image

Addymae shared a tip "Loved this movie!!!"

Naya 's profile image

Kojacent shared a tip "personally, Wolf Children lol its the only movie i can watch and cry to the whole time 😅"

Sofia Verg's profile image

sofiaverg shared a tip "Mind Blowing!"

Sophie Helmer's profile image

sophie_helmer shared a tip "One of my favourite Ghibli movie/animated movies of all time"

sara_buchan shared a tip "Maybe my favourite of Miyazaki's movies. Love it start to finish."

Meema 🦴's profile image

fedolive shared a tip "me too!! it's the end mostly, when it all comes full circle! 💘🥺"

J u n e's profile image shared a tip "Iconic iconic iconic—absolutely love rewatching this for the vibes it emits~✨✨"

uniquely chic's profile image

uniquely_chic shared a tip "I loved the music and the movies complex plot."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1622814183402 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

c_s_8883 shared a tip "Different than the book, but still a great story"

Bailee LD's profile image

AudiBailee shared a tip "How can I choose? I love all of it!!"

Mike Mudrow's profile image

mike_mudrow shared a tip "It's beautifully put together, and the storytelling feels unique."

elizabeth walden's profile image

itsdizzz shared a tip "This movie was amazing. Had me hooked from the start. I absolutely fell in love with the characters"

Sara Vega's profile image

sara_vega shared a tip "❤❤❤ This movie like omg"

Chilled Glaas's profile image

chilled_glaas shared a tip "At the moment, my favorite movie is Submarine by Richard Ayoade"

Alus 's profile image

Ali-Chi shared a tip "My sister is down bad for Howl and as a lesbian it's pretty annoying lol"

Alonda Perkins's profile image

alonda_perkins shared a tip "It is so worth it!!"

mimochi shared a tip "my all time favorite movie 🥺 it makes me so nostalgic"

bailee_taylor_991 shared a tip "Magical and full of wonder"

Liv 's profile image

wolfmawz shared a tip "Classic Ghibli movie full of adventure and warmth! 💕"

Krissy Doodle's profile image

krissy_doodle shared a tip "I definitely recommend it! The book is very good as well :)"

Nadia Salazar's profile image

nadia_salazar_9883 shared a tip "You can watch it on HBO max"

Katie Sotelo's profile image

katie_sotelo shared a tip "Beautiful animation and a beautiful story"

ray 's profile image

ray-10 shared a tip "I don't have a favorite but one I love thee the studio ghibli movies"

Fils 's profile image

fils_ss shared a tip "It’s perfect when your bored and need something to watch."

Hannah Ruby's profile image

hannah_ruby shared a tip "This movie is amazing!"

Josephine 's profile image

josiefawkes shared a tip "My favorite Miyazaki film, hands down."

Katie Eastman's profile image

katie_eastman shared a tip "Funny. Serious. Lovely. Beautiful animation"

Nathalia Jimenez's profile image

nathalia_jimenez shared a tip "It’s one of my favorites. Cute story"

Eilidh 's profile image

eilidh_8810 shared a tip "need i say anymore?"

Margaret Aliffi's profile image

margaret_aliffi shared a tip "Such a whimsical movie, perfect for lifting your spirits and finding a little magic in the world"

Erin Hash's profile image

erin_hash shared a tip "This is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie. So good!"

Isabel Zúñiga 🐒🐴🕷🐬🐢🦥's profile image

Isamonkey shared a tip "This movie is soo romantic and perfect for a lovely date night... family friendly 10/10 #ghibli #fantasy #romance"

Anna Hencherick's profile image

miraclesnow shared a tip "Different from the book, but still amazing in it's own right."

Elise 's profile image

Elise.weirdo1212 shared a tip "My favorite anime it brings you on a long journey and the graphics are amazing."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1596441024768 shared a tip "An original that everyone needs to watch."

Rachael Behen's profile image

rachael_behen shared a tip "I adore this movie!"

Noel Brecto's profile image

noel_brecto shared a tip "Kiki's delivery service"

Rachael Sircy's profile image

rachael_sircy shared a tip "I love this movie with a burning passion. Very lighthearted and beautiful!"

Yanelie Corona's profile image

yanelie_corona shared a tip "I love the stiry and connection the characters had with eachother"

cana_murphy shared a tip "studio ghibli is so amazing"

liana murphy's profile image

liana_murphy shared a tip "Just recently seen it and I loved it."

bunny 's profile image

shoyaishida shared a tip "studio ghibli movies are always amazing and howl’s moving castle isn’t any different!"

Rebecca Lodespoto's profile image

Ilikemoviesalotapparently shared a tip "One of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies for its beauty and characters. Definitely a good movie to watch for all ages"

jay s's profile image

jay_s_1518 shared a tip "It was just so beautifully done and amazing"

Hannah Lee's profile image

hannah_lee_3508 shared a tip "It is amazing. I also seen Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro."

eli 's profile image

elibaka shared a tip "beautiful movie"

CloudsIn TheSky's profile image

cloudsin_thesky shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time"

Mariana De Oliveira Souza's profile image

mariana_de_oliveira shared a tip "Absolutely my favorite of all times! An extraordinary movie to watch at any age and fall in love with its simplicity and beauty."

Leah Gough's profile image

leah_gough shared a tip "It’s literally a bittersweet fairytale"

Sarah Gonzales's profile image

sarah_gonzales_3584 shared a tip "All Studio G movies are great"

Machie Ravers's profile image

machie_ravers shared a tip "Should have won an Oscar"

Alyssa 16's profile image

alyssa_16 shared a tip "Creative romantic inspiring encouraging."

Infinity Possible's profile image

infinity_possible shared a tip "my favorite"

Ashley Hudson's profile image

ashley_hudson_5992 shared a tip "Best movie ever hands down no questions"

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